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Lonely Shadow

banner by me banner by me, eternitys_charm A soldier's daughter is left to fend for herself in the middle of a war. But when she gets turned into a vampire, her fight for survival gets tougher, until she meets a family that gives her hope.


2. Saved

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I tried to scoot deep into the snow, deep enough for the oncoming people to not find me. But it was no use. My struggle to hide made me even noisier than before, as the hardened snow landed on the ground around me, it created an echo down the formerly lonely alleyway.

I felt cold hands grab hold of my shoulder, spinning me around.

I gasped aloud, then, coughed as the cold air made it’s way into my lungs.

The man, whom I noticed had unusually red eyes, just watched me with pity as I coughed and groaned. His patience started to grow thin as soon as I didn’t get up when he tried to pull me up from the ground.

I maintained on the floor, unable to move away from my sister’s body.

The man noticed the reason for my stubbornness. He looked over at the small bundle next to the tires of the car. His pity for me seemed to grow. But he didn’t speak a word, he maintained silent.

I crawled over to my sister’s body, tears falling from my eyes with every second as I laid next her motionless body.

The man with the red eyes continued to look at me. A second later he outstretched his hand to me. I took it. I trusted him. After all, if he wanted to hurt me, he could have done it by now.

I, with shaking hands, took his hand. He helped me up to my feet. Still not speaking a single word to me.

I took one last glace at the body of my sister, but it was being picked up by another male. Pale skinned and red eyed as the man standing next to me only with long black hair.

I wanted to ask him what he was going to do with my sister, but something in the way he handled her told me he would take her some where peaceful, where my sister’s body would finally be at peace.

That information made me relax a bit, and made me take in more of these mysterious men, who, for now, had saved my life.

I noticed the man standing next to me was extremely pale, almost as white as the snow beneath my feet. His hair was also white but shoulder length, almost as white as his skin and snow.

I didn’t mean to stare but they were attracting and it was very difficult to not stare at him.

I looked away and tried to think of why these men would want to help me. Why would they be out here? They were noticeable, not just because of their skin and eyes but because they were wearing long black robes.

I raised my head and opened my mouth, but before I could utter a word the man standing next to me interjected. “All your questions will be answered soon. Be patient. This is not the right time or place to speak.” He said simply.

It was a good thing I was fluent with English. “Could you at least tell me your name?” I asked the man.

“Caius.” He said and once again shut his mouth.

The other man approached us, he had my sister wrapped in an expensive looking cloth. He nodded to Caius and they began walking back up the alleyway.

I followed silently behind them. Gaping at the two men in front of me.

“I’m Marcus.” The other one called over his shoulder.

“Helen.” I whispered my name. I didn’t think they would be able to hear it, since it was dry and rough, but it seemed like they understood perfectly.

Caius turned around and took out something from his robe. He unfolded it and rapped it around me. It felt so warm I couldn’t resist but to close my eyes. Once I opened them I noticed it was a robe, identical to the one the two men were wearing.

I looked at them but didn’t object, it was warm in the robe. I guessed me he knew how cold I was.

The men walked out of the alley, in the mouth of the alley I noticed a car parked. Both men walked towards it, Caius opened the passenger door for Marcus. Marcus sat on the back seat with my sister’s body. Caius waited for me to get in the car. When I didn’t he smiled warmly, “do not worry, child. No harm will come to you. Please, enter the vehicle.”

I stared at him for a long second and I realized he really meant no harm. I climbed into the car and sat in the front seat. Caius walked around and got into the driver’s seat. He turned on the engine of the car and made his way down the lonely cold street.