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Lonely Shadow

banner by me banner by me, eternitys_charm A soldier's daughter is left to fend for herself in the middle of a war. But when she gets turned into a vampire, her fight for survival gets tougher, until she meets a family that gives her hope.


3. Remarkable

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Chapter 3: Remarkable

By: Eternitys_Charm

I walked silently through the long dark halls of Marcus’ and Caius’ home. They told me they would explain everything to me as soon as we were out of sight from anyone. They told me I was special to them and I need not to worry because they would supply me with everything that I would ever need.

They seemed warm and hospitable; I couldn’t help but trust them. They had taken me out of the misery I was living in. I owed them much.

It seemed to take a long time to get to the destination we were meant to be. I trailed behind the men in the long black robes quietly, trying not to upset them; they seemed to have their own troubles already.

Once we got to the end of the hall I looked up at the massive door in front of me. It looked menacing, like the doors that a princess would get locked behind in fairytales.

Caius opened the door swiftly and gestured me to walk in.

I gulped before stepping inside the warm dark room. I peered through the darkness, unable to see in front of me.

I felt a hand placed on my shoulder and I resisted the urge to scream. The hand guided me through the room. I wanted to ask how he could se through the pitch black but I kept my mouth shut.

The hand removed from my shoulder and I stood there motionless in the dark room.

I sighed with relief when I saw candles being lit around the room.

Once Caius and Marcus had lit the candles they came to stand by my side. I looked up at them, terrified about what was going to happen.

Marcus peered down at me, his face solid, and then turned to stare back in front of him.

Both men straightened up when they saw something approaching the room. I focused my eyes at the figure. He was tall, pale, and had long black hair. His face held a soft smile as he stared at me.

“Welcome.” He said spreading his arms wide. “I am so pleased to finally meet you, Helen, you have no idea how long your arrival has been waited for in this home.”

“Thank you,” I said without a clue of what the man was talking about.

“Where are my manners?” He asked to me, “my name is Aro.” He said giving me a bow.

“Hello.” I said shyly. “Why have you been waiting for my arrival so greatly?” I asked him with the curiosity that dawned to me the moment he said that.

He chuckled, his laugh echoed around the immense room. He waved his hand, mentioning me forward.

I walked toward him, his translucent skin scared me and I kept my distance as I closed the space between us like he asked.

“You have great power hidden within you, child.” He said in a mysterious tone.

I looked at the man questioningly. His dark eyes were serious as he intently looked at me. He casually wrapped his arm around my shoulder; I noticed the expression on his face changed. It was now grave and his eyes were closed, as if he were focusing hard on something.

“Remarkable,” he whispered to himself after a moment of silence.

I stared at him puzzled by his comment. “W-what is, sir?”

He smiled kindly at me, releasing his hand off my shoulder. “You’re life. It’s enchanting. Everything you have gone through to get here. All the battles you’ve fought. Such a strong person you are, Helen, you’ll be great!” He exclaimed, clapping his hands together.

I still stared at the man with utter confusion, what did he mean by my life? He knew nothing of me.

“I can’t wait to see what you’ll become.” He added, speaking now more to himself than to me.

What I’ll become?

I couldn’t think through it, suddenly I felt more tired than ever before. All the weight of everything that had passed between a month ago and then had been placed on me. I felt my muscles collapsed on me, my stomach churned, and my eyesight faded.

“There’s not much time,” Aro explained to Marcus and Caius. “She’s weak, too weak, won’t be soon until she’s dead. We have to act now.”

His last sentence slurred in my head, I wasn’t sure what he meant by ‘act now’ and I didn’t care much. If I was truly dying now, it was peaceful and calm.