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Baby love

Bella and Edward story, from the young age when they first met.


2. B

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Age 7: Esme’s troubles.

“Carlisle and I can’t have any more kids.” Esme sighed as she put down her cup of tea.

Immediately Renee gave her friend a long hug, and let her sob into her shoulders. She knew the importance of a big family meant to Esme. Renee could still remember the first time when Esme told her the plans for a big family. Her brown motherly eyes were sparkling with joy and love. At the time Renee thought she deserves this more than anyone she knew, and she still does.

Once Esme had calmed down, Renee stood up to check on the children, who were playing in the backyard.

“Do you kids want anything to eat?” She asked.

“No thank you, Mrs. Swan.” Came from Edward. Renee almost laughed; the gentleman in Edward was something given to him by God. Esme never had to worry about teaching her son manners.

“No thanks mom.” Bella said. Renee smiled at both of them before she went inside to suggest an idea to Esme.

“Sorry to bother you with my troubles.” Esme said as soon as Renee sat down.

Renee frowned at her friend. “You are no trouble at all. Esme don’t ever feel you’re intruding because we’re almost family.”

“Thanks.” Esme gave Renee a hug before she grabbed a tissue to wipe the tears away.

“Well, why don’t you adopt?” Renee suggested.

Esme froze. The idea had never occurred to her before. And then another thought came; would she be able to love someone as much as she loves her own child, who was her own blood and flesh?

Renee, not understanding Esme’s reaction, began to apologize. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have suggested that. I just thought, that you are the most caring and loving woman I’ve ever met. I thought you would be able to love any children as if it’s your own.”

“No no, don’t apologize. I-I, um, I don’t know. I’ll think about it. So are you going to Karen Newton’s son Mike’s eighth birthday party? I heard Bella was invited.” Esme said, changing the topic quickly.

To Esme’s relief, Renee sensed her discomfort. “I don’t know, that boy had shown too much affection for Bella ever since Edward introduced Bella to his friends.” Renee laughed.

“I don’t blame Mike. I swear Bella is getting prettier and prettier every time I see her.” Esme smiled.

“If Bella wants to go, then I’ll let her. Is Edward coming?” Renee asked, knowing Bella’s decision will depend on Edward’s.

“No. Apparently Mike was being rather ‘absurd’ lately.” Esme quoted. The two women glanced at each other before bursting into laughter.

“Where does he learn words like that?” Renee said as she gasped.

“I don’t know, I think it’s because he reads so much.” Esme answered, still laughing.

Age 9 – homework

Renee walked into the house, holding Bella’s hand. Esme smiled in welcome. For some reason, Renee thought Esme seemed to be in very high spirits.

“Hi Renee! How are you today?” Esme greeted, smiling broader.

“Oh fine, thanks. Can Edward help Bella with her homework today?” Renee asked, letting go of Bella’s hand.

“Oh you know Edward would do anything to help Bella.” Esme joked.

Laughing, Renee agreed. “True.”

Edward was already standing next to Bella, smiling at her. He offered her his hand. Hesitating, Bella took it. Smiling happily, he led her to the lounge. Renee followed behind, digging Bella’s homework out of her bag.

“Now Edward, first of all, thank you for helping Bella with her homework. Secondly, I want you to help her, not do it for her. Okay?” Renee said.

“Of course Mrs. Swan. And it’s no trouble at all, I’m very happy to be able to help Bella.” Edward replied.

“Oh good. Bella, work hard.” Renee said as she walked back into the kitchen. Smiling, Esme gave her a cup of coffee. Muttering her thanks, Renee sat down on one of the kitchen chairs, fiddling with her mug. Esme soon joined her.

“How are you?” Renee asked.

“Good. I’ve got some good news!” Esme announced, happiness obvious on her gentle face.

“Oh what is it?” Renee pressed, eager to hear the good news.

“Carlisle and I are adopting!” Carelessly, Esme put her mug on the kitchen bench, then gave Renee a hug.

“That’s WONDERFUL!” Renee replied, joyful for her friend.

“Oh, thank you so much for suggesting the idea in the first place!”

“Absolutely my pleasure. So, who is your future child? Boy or girl? Have you seen h-” Esme cut her off.

“Oh we’ve only just decided last night. We haven’t gone that far yet. But it won’t matter, boy or girl, I’m happy.” And Renee could tell by the look on Esme’s face, that everything she said was true.


Before Edward closed Bella’s now completed homework notebook, he glanced one last time at Bella’s writing. Shaking his head slightly, he smiled at the ‘neatness’ of it.

Putting that aside, he took her hand, leading her gently upstairs to his room. He grinned at the thought of hanging out with Bella for the next three hours. It wouldn’t be enough – time was never enough when Bella’s is around – but it’ll have to do.


“Let’s go and see what the kids are doing.” Renee suggested. Nodding, Esme began to tip-toe with Renee to the living room. They weren’t there.

“Let’s check up stairs,” Esme suggested. Renee nodded, and then walked quietly upstairs to Edward’s room. The door was already open. Carefully, they peaked inside.

Both children were asleep; Bella rested her head on Edward’s shoulder and vice versa. Some of Bella’s long hair was spread on Edward’s face. However, he didn’t seem to mind. Beaming, the mothers quickly went downstairs.

“Aren’t they getting a bit old for sleepovers?” Esme asked.

“Yes. But, you know we can’t do anything about it.” Renee replied. It’s true; both mothers could see how much their children couldn’t be without each other.