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Baby love

Bella and Edward story, from the young age when they first met.


3. Chapter 3

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Age 6 – the beach.

“Bella, don’t run, you’ll trip and hurt yourself!” Renee yelled, while she tried to dig the beach chairs out of Esme’s car.

“Don’t worry, Edward’s after her.” Esme replied. Immediately Renee calmed down. It was a personally joke between the family, Bella is Edward’s princess, for he would never let anything harmful near her.

Esme carried the picnic basket, along with a few beach chairs, and began to set them out. Renee grabbed the rest of the chairs. Once all the set up was done, the mothers relaxed and sat down on the chairs.

“Aww they look so cute together.” Renee cooed, looking directly at her daughter, who was building a sandcastle a few feet away from them. Edward was helping her.

“Yes. Bella’s little blue swim suit is so pretty! It really sets nice contrast.” Esme complimented.



“We need one more thing to finish our castle!” Bella smiled; delighted that it is almost finished.

Smiling brightly, Edward handed Bella another shell. This one was special; its color was ivory and sparkles in the sun. Bella squealed in delight.

“Where can I puut it? It’s sooo pretty.” Bella said.

“Well, why don’t you put it next to the roof? It’ll sparkle.” Edward suggested.

“Ok!” Carefully, Bella placed the shell on the roof of the sand castle. Once it was secure, Bella cautiously took two steps back, taking in her and Edward’s work. Edward followed her example. Together, they admired their work.

“I like it. What do you want to call it?” Edward asked.

“It looks like my dreeam castle. I dreeamed about it last night. You’ll come and live with me and mommy, right?” Bella asked.

“Yes. Well, what about ‘Bella and Edward’s dream castle’?” Edward recommended.

“Yea. I like that. It’s our home.” Smiling happily, Bella grabbed Edward’s hand and pulled him towards the adults. She couldn’t wait to show them their work.