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Baby love

Bella and Edward story, from the young age when they first met.


4. Chapter 4

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Age 14: the first date

"Esme, have you heard? Edward asked Bella out!" Renee exclaimed as she walked into the room.

"Oh really?" Esme said, no tone of surprise in her voice. "Had she said yes?"

"She did, but I think it took Edward a while to understand what she was saying." Both women laughed at that, imagining a blushing and stuttering Bella.

"So how do you feel about the news, my future in-law?" Esme teased.

"Quite happy. I was starting to get worried about Bella. She couldn't seem to say 'yes' to the other boys who asked her, and she never talks about boys. I was starting to think that she's, well, gay." They laughed at the thought. "Hey Esme, you didn't seem to be surprised when I told you about the happy news." Renee noticed.

Esme smiled a sheepish smile at her friend. "Well, I noticed Edward was getting a little… down lately. I talked to him, and it appears to be lady trouble. A little further into the investigation made me realize that it's Bella-getting-asked-out-too-much-trouble." They laughed again. "So I told him to ask out Bella – he'd never know the answer unless he asks."

"Do you think, um, they will be responsible?" Renee asked, looking slightly worried.

"Relax Renee, they're both responsible teenagers." Esme answered. But then she added "But maybe, just in case, we should talk to them. They may be responsible, but they're still young."

Silence filled the room as both mothers fell into deep thoughts. After a minute, Renee said "Let's wait until their new relationship is a bit stronger. We don't want to scare them off…"

Age 15: before the talk

"Well, I think ten months is enough time for their bonds to strengthen." Esme declared. The past ten months had been torture to both mothers; they wanted their children to bond with responsibility, yet they were careful to leave them enough space. Getting the right balance was hard.

"I agree." Renee said. Then in a louder tone, she called loudly "Bella! Edward! Can you come down to the living room please?"

"Okay!" They called back. A minute later, they appeared, holding hands as they sat down on the sofa.

"Kids, as much as we're happy about you enjoying each other company, we're concerned about your, uh, boundaries." Renee spoke, speaking for both her and Esme.

Bella's features turned from confusion, into an expression that clearly said "hell-eat-me". "Oh mom, you don't need to, uh, worry about that. Edward and I, we're, still virgins." Her face was turning darker by the minute.

Edward was also uncomfortable. "And we have no upcoming plans to change that fact any time soon." He added.

"So there really isn't any need to have this conversation." Bella said in a louder tone.

"We are just as uncomfortable about this as you are, but we have a responsibility to look after you two. We need to go over the basics. So, sometimes people can't control our hormones. If you two do end up, um, unable to control yourselves, I don't want to be a grandmother yet. I put a box of condoms in the bathroom cabinet. Are we clear?" Renee rushed.

"Yes." Edward and Bella mumbled.

"I'm sure you kids have both heard about unwanted pregnancies and consequences on TV, so I don't need to explain what will happen." Esme asked.

"No." They both said quickly.

"Good. Now you two may go back."

As soon as the magic words – to Bella at that moment – were said, she ran upstairs. Edward followed her example, muttering about over concerning parents.

"I think they're alright." Esme muttered.

Absentmindly, Renee answered "Yeah. Until next year..."