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She crashed Life with a Broken Heart

Rated for a death. Charlie's death spins Bella out of control. She leaves everything behind.. but sometimes it's just not enough. "Sometimes a wolf runs and hides." R&R. The end will make you grip your seat in anticipation.

Oh! Before I forget... There’s this song that helped me with this fic… listen to it while you read, it’s so sad. You can let go – Crystal Shawanda

2. Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

From somewhere far off, the sound of sirens could be heard. There was no reason as to why there was so much fuss over one single girl’s life. Apparently she was well loved, because there were so many people that came to pay their respects.

A western girl, someone born in Washington—along the coast, was raised in Phoenix. Until she was sent to Forks. A small town that no one in Jacksonville have even heard of until they saw it all over the news. Well it was only shown on one channel, but everyone was talking about it. Especially at the hospital. Especially in the ward that kept Isabella Swan’s body alive. Because if it weren’t for the 21st centuries technology, this simple girl’s life would already be over.

It’s been two weeks and she hasn’t woken up, moved, or shown any signs of life. But everyone she knew, everyone who had come into contact with or holding on the single shred of hope that maybe. Maybe…

Glass shatters and falls in unequal pieces on the linoleum. Some one punched the mirror, but there is no blood.

Edward squats down on the floor and picks up one of the pieces. His reflection looks back at him. He can’t even recognize his own face. His eyes—black as coal. He hasn’t fed in a fortnight. The length of time his Bella has been in the hospital. Dropping the glass to the ground, he stands up. The scent of bleach cleaner dominates his senses. The normal smell that used to remind him of his father, Carlisle, is now just a plague of emotions holding him down. If he were able to breathe, he would be suffocating right now.

Closing his eyes for the briefest of seconds, Edward Cullen turns the cold metal door handle and leaves the bathroom. He glances up at his brother, Emmett, who is waiting for him. Squaring his shoulders, he walks past him, not even bothering to acknowledge the guilt and dread that Emmett has been thinking since that day. Edward hadn’t spoken a word to him at all. He hadn’t needed to; he heard everything he needed to know before Emmett even opened his mouth.

Emmett watches as Edward makes an effort to walk at a human pace down the long corridor. Curling his hands into fists, Emmett walks after him. A moment later he comes to the waiting room that so many people had called home over the past two weeks. Other people that loved Bella just as much. Emmett doesn’t sit, but stands behind one of the occupied chairs. He waits. With everyone else. With his wife; he rests his hands on her shoulders. With the rest of his family, including Edward. Bella means too much to everyone here.

Some of her friends from Forks had showed up. Angela and her boyfriend Ben. No one else came. But, after a week, they had to get back to start school. So between tears and hugs, they boarded the plane back to Washington. Angela wanted to stay.

Renee and her husband Phil sit on a couch in the far corner. She sits with her back straight, her hands in her lap. Waiting. Hoping maybe…

Two days later and nothing has changed. A new visitor arrives. He stands in the entrance watching, unable to tell if he is wanted here or not. Jacob’s eyes are pale. He is long down crying. He wanted to come here the moment he found out, which was only recently. He was angry that no one called him. Had they forgotten just like Bella had? Edward looks up at him. His eyes are completely black. He stands up and walks towards Jacob.

“I didn’t know if it was something you wanted to hear.” Edward whispers.

“Of course I wanted to know. I love her.” Jacob growls back.

“Yes. I know. Please forgive me.” Edward’s voice is sincere, but Jacob doesn’t know if he can trust him. He would die before he did. So low that Jacob barely catches it, Edward murmurs “Join the list of men claiming to be in love with her.”

Another guy with long blonde hair tied at the nap of his neck, sits with his head leaned back against the wall. His hands rest in his lap. He looks asleep, but he isn’t. How could he let her get in that car? There is no possible explanation. Yes he was angry at Matt and, at the time, the idea of beating him to a pulp felt more important. If anyone was stupid enough to cheat on a girl like Bella, they didn’t deserve to be alive. At the moment Justin had no idea where Matt, was but the moment that he saw him again, Matt would be begging for mercy.

Justin opened his eyes and his gaze met someone else’s. This other guy had bronze hair and pale skin, but he looked dominant. Clearly he had some personal tie with Bella. His skin was just as pale as his family. They had been here just as long as Bella had been in the hospital. Justin had only left at night, coming back early in the morning, and this family had been here when he left and when he came back. Only sometimes did they leave, and only sometimes. It was if they were forced to leave, they left with looks of despair—their black eyes staring into nothing.

“My name is Edward.” He had come and taken the seat next to his. Justin looked at him for only a moment. He realized now.

“Justin James.”

“Hello Justin.” He spoke as if he already knew his name. Justin glanced at him with mild interest, yet he couldn’t look away.

“You were her boyfriend weren’t you? From Washington.” Justin said. He looked away and into his hands. Edward sighed beside him.


Justin tried to suppress the anger that rose up his throat like bile. He knew exactly who this ass was, and he had the nerve to actually show up? Edward made a sound of pain beside him, as if he heard every word. Justin looked at him. Edward’s eyes were closed and he looked like he was about to combust.

“Technically this is your entire fault.” Justin whispered beneath his anger. He clenched his fist on the denim of his jeans. Edward didn’t answer, so Justin turned to look at him.

“It is amazing how the cards play, isn’t it? I had no idea it would turn out like this.” Justin was about to speak but Edward spoke again. “I wish I were dead… I wish I hadn’t have left. She wouldn’t have ended like this; she wouldn’t have moved here and met you people. She’d still be happy.” He took a deep breath. “My selfishness was the cause of her demise, and I am sick because of it.”

Justin looked away from him and caught the eye of another girl sitting across the room. Her eyes focused on him as if she knew. Her black hair, spiked around her pixie face, but she looked more fragile than she truly was. She showed no emotion at all. After a moment she got up and left, a tall muscular blonde man followed her out.

And because of all this… He will still be the one she chooses. Because that is how life works. It leaves the people like Justin in the shadows while the rich and beautiful prevail.

“I hope you feel very sorry, because it will never be fixed.” Justin stood up and walked out of the room. Edward watched him with a curious glare before closing his eyes again.

In another room… A few days later…

The nurse checked the vitals for not the first time that day. Her hair was tied back in a neat bun. Unlike the patient, she was aware of her looks. Aware of being able to do anything on her own. Especially breathe. The nurse stopped at the foot of the bed and frowned.

“Poor thing. You don’t even know how many people are here for you.” She smiled with sympathy. “Take your time.” At that, the nurse left the room. The girl by herself, within herself.

She could see it all happening around her, she could hear, feel them, but she had no idea what was going on. Where was she? Mom?

Who were these people that constantly came in and out, squeezing her hands, begging her to wake up.

She didn’t understand.

Didn’t know.

One hand stood out amongst all other, it’s cool touch did nothing to her now. She no longer felt anything.

Who am I? Who is this Bella?

Why are they calling me this?