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She crashed Life with a Broken Heart

Rated for a death. Charlie's death spins Bella out of control. She leaves everything behind.. but sometimes it's just not enough. "Sometimes a wolf runs and hides." R&R. The end will make you grip your seat in anticipation.

Oh! Before I forget... There’s this song that helped me with this fic… listen to it while you read, it’s so sad. You can let go – Crystal Shawanda

3. Chapter 3

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The pretty nurse tapped her pen on the side of a clipboard. Slowly, she let her breath out, and then in again. She stood there staring for what seemed like an hour. Looking at the stopwatch, she relaxed and pressed a button, and began writing quickly. A few moments later she smiled, letting the hand with the clipboard fall to her side.

“Thank you for taking the time to participate your part.” She said kindly. “Maybe next time we’ll get a little bit more of a reaction.” Frowning slightly, she turned around. A man was standing there watching. Not letting his presence surprise her, she smiled and nodded at him, before slipping out into the hall.

Edward watched as she walked past him, and then he took his place in the room. His heart broke –again- when he saw her there. Lifeless. He had no idea when or if she would wake up. God, he wanted to see her smile again; to hear her laugh. He sat down in the chair next to her and in no time, crawled up into her bed. This was the first time he had been close to her in a very long time. He lay next to her, and slowly slid his arms around her. She was so fragile, yet beautiful. She had lost a lot of weight. All the bruises that had marred her body recently were gone. Carlisle had done a fair job. He was grateful.

Taking in a sharp unneeded breath, Edward grazed his fingers along her cheek. He leaned his forehead against hers and let his breath envelope her face. Closing his eyes, he winced in pain.

“Wake up, my Bella.” He whispered. “Please. Just wake up and everything will be alright. I just need you here with me now, okay?” Edward surprised himself when he smiled. “I’m sorry, Hun. I am so sorry.” He whispered these words to her as he rubbed her back. Praying.

Justin sat cross-legged on the floor outside the hospital cafeteria, browsing through his iPod library. He hadn’t stopped it on a song in over 15 minutes. He just couldn’t find a song that wouldn’t make him jump or cry. Letting out a deep breath, he stood up and headed into the gift store, shifting through the t-shirts and stuffed animals. Smiling, he found the perfect animal. He brought it to the cashier and processed the pay. He held it close to himself as he left the store. The little wolf head poked its head through his hands. Of course he had no idea how ironic it was when he sat down next to the muscled, agitated Indian teenager in the waiting area. Jacob couldn’t help but smile when he saw the stuffed animal.

“Hey, come on. We’re going for a walk.” Alice nudged Edward’s shoulder. He rolled over and stood up, leaving Bella in the bed.

“I can’t.”

“Edward, you’re eyes. I haven’t seen them so black since we left. Please.” She said. You’re not going to last much longer. Edward tensed his jaw, but he nodded. He turned around one more time and kissed Bella’s hand.

“I’ll be back, my darling.” He whispered. And then Edward followed his family out into the night. It didn’t take Jacob too long before he was standing in the doorway watching Bella. He took a few steps in and then stopped.

“I meant to come visit. I just didn’t know if you wanted me to.” He said. He let out a deep breath, and then came forward and took a seat in the chair. “Actually, I’m lying. I came. I saw. I left. There’s not much else to it. I saw how happy you looked. I didn’t want to.. Taint.. it. I suppose I was wrong. I’m sorry.”

Why does everyone keep saying that?

Jacob took Bella’s hand and gave it a light squeeze. “Whenever you’re ready, I’ll be here.” Jacob left a few hours later. No one took his place. The room stayed empty. Silent. Nothing moved except for the machines that kept her alive. Everything can change in a heartbeat. Literally. The ECG skipped a beat. A flutter of eye lids, and a twitch of the leg.

Bella tried to open her mouth but something stopped her. Spasms took over her body.