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She crashed Life with a Broken Heart

Rated for a death. Charlie's death spins Bella out of control. She leaves everything behind.. but sometimes it's just not enough. "Sometimes a wolf runs and hides." R&R. The end will make you grip your seat in anticipation.

Oh! Before I forget... There’s this song that helped me with this fic… listen to it while you read, it’s so sad. You can let go – Crystal Shawanda

4. Chapter 4

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There are only two things that are more important than life. Love and power. At the present moment, there was not enough power in the room, in the world, to make Bella the same again. She wasn’t different, no. But, as Edward stood in the open doorway, she was just different.

Bella opened her eyes and turned to look at him. No emotion what-so-ever crossed her face. Just total blank. Did she even know who he was? Would he keep trying?

Carlisle turned from the machines and walked over to where Bella lay.

“Hello, Bella.” His beautiful voice sang. “I’d like to ask you some questions if you do not mind?”

Bella moaned and squeezed her mother’s hand.

“Its okay, Bella. He’s a nice man. You know him, his whole family. He wants to help.” Renee whispered in her ear. Bella cringed for a moment and then turned to Carlisle again and nodded. It was only the four of them in the room. Renee helped her sit up.

“Okay, Bella. What’s your last name?”

“Swan” Bella choked. Edward smiled at the sound of her voice.

“Where were you born?”


“Good. In what year?”

“1989.” Bella was starting to look at Carlisle as if he was stupid. Obviously she knew the answers to his questions. Carlisle smiled.

“What year is it now, Bella?”


“How long have you lived in Florida?”

“Since I left Forks.”

“Did you have any friends there?”

“A couple.”

“A boyfriend?” Carlisle’s voice grew faintly more curious. Renee looked at Edward.


“Do you have one here?” Carlisle asked, continuing with his questions. Bella took in a breath and closed her eyes.

“I think so. I don’t remember.” A tear slipped down her cheek.

“Renee, I think it would be wise if we didn’t leave her alone for a while.” Carlisle stated, moving away from the bed and towards his son. “Just in case.” Renee nodded, standing up.

“Dr..Cullen.” Bella whispered from behind them. Carlisle turned around.

“Carlisle, Bella.” He smiled. Edward watched intently. Bella nodded, looking embarrassed.

“Could you send in… Justin. Please?” Bella smiled sheepishly, lifting her hand to push back her hair. Carlisle watched her for a long moment.

“Of course.”

Bella lay on her side, one arm cradling her head against her pillow, and the other holding the wolf tight against her chest. She smiled warmly at her visitor.

“Will you tell me everything that happened before I got here?” She asked.

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea.” Justin tilted his head. Bella rolled her lips into a pout. “Okay.” He smiled. Pulling closer to the bed, and resting his arms on it. He told her everything. Even about Matt. It was okay for her to be mad at him.

“That’s it?” Bella asked.


“Well that seems like a rubbish reason as to drive off a cliff, don’t you think?” She giggled. Justin smiled at her. “I mean it’s not like I couldn’t find anyone else right?” Bella laughed even harder, coughing. Justin was shocked by that last part; he pulled back away from the bed.

“I guess.” He whispered. Bella smiled. “I have to go.” Justin whispered again.

“Why?” Bella whispered back, joking. She was smiling like crazy.

“My shift is up.”

“Shift? That doesn’t mean you have to leave.”

“This guy is next to look after ya’.”

Bella looked up at the door and her smile faded. She grabbed a hold of Justin’s sleeve.

“Don’t leave. Please..” She moaned. “Don’t leave me with him.” She whispered. Justin gave Edward a sympathetic look. Edward just stood in the doorway again, betraying no emotion. Justin leaned down so that Bella could whisper in his ear. “He’s different.” She whispered.

“Because his hair is a weird colour?”

Bella turned her head and started crawling back on her hands. A little farther and she would fall off the bed. “No. ‘cause he’s a vampire.” Fear trickled down her face.