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She crashed Life with a Broken Heart

Rated for a death. Charlie's death spins Bella out of control. She leaves everything behind.. but sometimes it's just not enough. "Sometimes a wolf runs and hides." R&R. The end will make you grip your seat in anticipation.

Oh! Before I forget... There’s this song that helped me with this fic… listen to it while you read, it’s so sad. You can let go – Crystal Shawanda

5. Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Bella lifted her hand, the one with the I.V., and pushed back her hair. She slid her arm over her eyes to block the light. Edward noticed how pale she had become. If it was from the accident or the moment back in Forks, he didn't know. All he knew was that he would not leave her side again. No matter what.

Renee had come and calmed her down after the outbreak she had started after seeing Edward. He didn't know what to think. If he could only read her mind, he would be able to really find out how he can help her... if he could at all. Maybe it was not him who was meant to fix Bella. Maybe she had been hurt so badly by what he had done.. leaving her in the first place.. that there was no way that her conscious would truly forgive him. Maybe if she remembered, she could try.

Edward blamed himself of course. There was no one else he could blame. Yes, he could be mad at Emmett for not watching her with every facet in his body, but he could never be angry with him. He was his brother, whether by blood or not, he loved him. With a sigh of frustration, Edward shifted his chair closer to Bella's hospital bed. Renee had left her alone with him after getting Bella induced and calm again. The drugs being pumped into her right now, would keep her sedated. The down fall of that could only be that she did not smell entirely the same. But it was still Bella, somewhere deep down inside her, and Edward knew this.

And he was going to try and find her again.

"Bella?" Edward whispered lightly. Bella stirred, but didn't move her arm. Edward reached out and grazed her elbow. She jerked her arm back, her eyes closed. Edward reached out again, rubbing his thumb along her arm and to her hand. She didn't move her arm back this time. Edward looked at Bella's face. Her eyes were open now, and she was staring at him. There was no emotion on her face that Edward could define. He smiled and pulled his chair closer. Bella let out a breath the moment Edward placed his hand on her cheek. And when Edward leaned forward to graze his lips along her forehead, she closed her eyes and let out an audible moan that only a vampire could hear.

Edward pulled back and looked her in the eyes. Her warm brown eyes. " I knew you remembered me." He whispered. Bella sniffed, her eyes clouding over, she closes them and Edward sees a tear fall down. Edward licks his lips and then leaned his head on the uncomfortable bed sheets. He kept his hand on Bella's neck, just to let her know that he was there. That he was not leaving.

A few hours later, after Edward knew Bella was asleep, Alice came in and stood at the foot of the bed.

"She's okay?" Alice asked, just loud enough for Edward to hear. Edward lifted his head and nodded. Alice tilted her head.

And has she showed any signs of remember who you are?

Alice look at Bella closely.

"No." Edward murmured after a moment.

" Want to know what I think?" Alice asked. Edward looked at her and smiled. Alice finally caught on and then laughed.

"Tell me."

"I think she knows. She's just afraid to admit it, to come to terms with herself." Alice sighed and then walked over and stood beside her brother. Edward nodded.

"I thought about that as well."

They stood there for a moment. Alice turned after a moment.

" I had a vision a couple hours ago.."

"Did you?" Edward asked curiously. "Is it bad?"

"I suppose it depends. Her boyfriend from before the accident is planning on coming here tonight."