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She crashed Life with a Broken Heart

Rated for a death. Charlie's death spins Bella out of control. She leaves everything behind.. but sometimes it's just not enough. "Sometimes a wolf runs and hides." R&R. The end will make you grip your seat in anticipation.

Oh! Before I forget... There’s this song that helped me with this fic… listen to it while you read, it’s so sad. You can let go – Crystal Shawanda

7. Chapter 7

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Bella sat cross legged in the Cullen’s backyard. She was suddenly anxious and couldn’t keep from picking the grass from its roots around her. She had her eyes closed and waited patiently. For what, she was not so sure of. The sun was just setting in the forest behind her, leaving an orange-purple haze across the clear sky. Bella didn’t notice any of it. She could feel a warm breeze, sent up from the mountains. It tickled the hair at her neck, relaxing her slightly. A little too quickly, actually. Bella opened her eyes and looked around.

Jasper was standing by the back door, reclining as human as he could, against the porch. His arms we crossed and he had a melancholy look on his face. He smiled slightly when she looked at him. She took in a slow breath. Not because she was in pain. Physically, she was healed. But on the inside she would always have the part of her that ached for her father. She only could wait until it turned into a dull throb.

“Thank You, Jasper.” Bella whispered. Jasper closed his eyes and nodded. Edward came out from the door and stood beside his brother. The exchanged a few words, mostly on Edward’s side, and then Edward began to walk across the yard. The moment Edward arrived beside his Bella and took her in his arms, was when Jasper turned and went back inside. Alice waited for him in the living room. They didn’t even speak to each other, didn’t smile or move to embrace each other. Jasper stepped closer until he was only a couple feet away. They stared into each other’s eyes for a long moment. When Jasper finally looked away, it was completely dark.

“Let’s go for a walk.” He whispered.

“I knew you were going to say that.” Was Alice’s only answer. They held hands and walked out into the night. Unsure when they would ever return.


So life continued to go on, although there were parts of it that some wished had never occurred. Of course Edward felt awful, worse than anyone could fathom, because he somehow felt that Charlie’s death was his fault. That if he hadn’t been stupid and left Bella alone, he could have saved him. Alice should have seen it. And she most likely would have if Edward hadn’t told Alice not to go “looking” for future happenings of the Swans.

And Bella, selfless as she was, didn’t blame anyone for Charlie’s death. She loved the Cullens, and with a love like that, there is no way in hell that you could hate, let alone blame any of them for something that was out of their power. And if they had been human, it would have been a smart assumption to make.


"Justin" I heard Bella's voice from behind me. Slowly, I turned around and took in her beautiful face. I couldn't help but smile. "Hi." She whispered to me. We were standing in the hall at school and I knew that this was her last day, that she was leaving. She had enough credits to graduate, and she wished to do so back in Washington. I could do nothing but respect her wishes. I sighed.

"Hello." I said, I'm sure she heard me over the students rushing by. She had her backpack thrown over her shoulder, packed full of the books that had once inhabited her locker. She looked as if she didn't know what to say, and I didn't have a clue either.

"Walk me out?" She asked. I nodded and walked up to her. She almost blushed with uncertainty. I took her backpack and we walked side by side out of the school.

"So you're leaving Florida behind?" I asked. She nodded, not meeting my gaze, but looking straight down the hall. She stopped before we could reach the doors and she seemed nervous about being seen. It made me rigid.

"Yes. It's for the best, I think." She bit her lip.

"And your mother?"

"She understands. She always does. I just think that.. I need to be home. My real home. Back in Forks."

"With Edward." I stated. She blushed and nodded.

"With my family."

"And what am I?" I asked, making sure she looked me in the eye.

"You're the distraction." She whispered. My jaw dropped open. She almost smiled. "Not like that, Justin. It's a good thing. You distracted me from the pain, from the hurt, from all I left behind. And I thank you for that. More than you can think." She touched my hand.

"I'm going to tell you this now, before you leave." I said, grabbing hold of her hand. Just then Matt walked by, a look of disgust on his face. He didn't stop, but he did meet my eyes, and mouth two special words to me. I couldn't help but laugh. Bella acted as if she didn't notice. "I do love you." I whispered. Bella sighed.

"I always knew that." She smiled sheepishly. "Give me a hug before I leave." I embraced her, and she kissed my cheek. When we pulled back, she was still blushing. "Here." She held out the wolf to me. I didn't take it.

"Keep it."

"Justin -- I can't."

"Please?" I asked. She bit her lip and darted her eyes to the front doors. After a moment she nodded and shoved it back inside her purse. She took the backpack away from me, readjusting it on her shoulder. She didn't strain under the weight.

"I'll email you, kay?" She asked.


She laughed. "Everyone's making promises, but I'll keep this one."


“Sometimes I’m afraid.” Bella whispered into Edward’s neck as they lay motionless in the centre of a sun setting meadow. Edward slid his hand up her back and held her tighter against his body.

“I’m afraid too.” Edward answered, kissing the top of her head. “Can I ask your fears?”

“Pain. Of forgetting things... the good things... Also I’m afraid of death.”

“First off, you won`t forget. Even I, after decades, have remembered the good things about my life. And second, I wouldn`t blame you for being afraid to die. It`s a tough burden, and you will not suffer it for a very long time. “ He let in a sharp, unneeded breath. Bella sighed as well.

“I am not afraid to die. I`m afraid of the things I will leave behind when I die, because Edward I will die and be with you until you choose to leave this world. “

Edward didn`t answer her, not that he didn`t want to. There were many emotions swimming through his head at that moment. But he chose to wait, because he knew it would happen soon enough. Instead he curled around Bella and held her until he knew she had fallen asleep. It was going to be a long, wonderful night.