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Evening Star

Gravity can not be held responsible for people falling in love. - Albert Einstien - A different kind of Quil & Claire story.


2. Embry and Collin

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‘Mmm, Emily’s cooking steak, my favorite!’ A deep husky voice chortled. There was a general grunt of agreement.

‘Hey Sam!’ another deeper voice called ‘Emily’s back.’

I pushed myself off the counter I was leaning on and began to walk forwards to get a better view of the owners of the voices, but Emily held out her hand and shaking her head pushed me into the corner farthest from the entrance to the kitchen, hidden from the view of the voices.

‘Stay here.’ she ordered in a soft whisper and disappeared into the front room. I stood still and listened. The front door opened again and someone entered

‘Emily, I’ve missed you so much, I gather you had a fun time with your sister?’ I realized it must be Sam who was speaking. I was about to move forward and peak around the corner to get a glimpse of my uncle, but I stiffed as I herd footsteps heading towards the kitchen. I searched around frantically for a place to hide. I had figured out that Emily didn’t want to introduce me to Sam with company here.

‘Embry, don’t you dare go in there?’ Emily gasped. The footsteps slowed but didn’t stop, ‘Sure sure?’ he said coming closer. I looked around for an escape or a place to hide. There was no back door, I spotted a window over the sink but there was no way I could get out of it quick enough.

‘Embry, stop!’ She commanded. I searched frantically, I was going to be found very soon and I had no way to escape.

‘Emily?’ Sam asked ‘What’s in the kitchen?’

I was doomed, I watched as a very tall man with skin as copper as my own walked into the kitchen. He was impossibly tall, taller than most men I had ever seen. He had an impish grin on his face, which fell to surprise when he saw me. I tried to smile but my face froze mirroring his surprise when I noticed he was half naked. The only piece of clothing he wore was a pair of faded jeans. I had never seen so much of a man before, I was glad I didn’t blush at the drop of a hat; this situation was already weird enough.

‘Hey Sam.’ he said glancing at the front room before looking back at me ‘I think you need to see this.’

Now I’d done it. So much for making things easier on Emily, oh well better to get it over and done with. Embry moved aside and let the two new faces enter the kitchen. One of the men was slightly shorter than the other; he appeared to be slightly younger as well. The other was the tallest of them all; he was very muscular in comparison. I realized this must be Sam as Emily was at his side, watching him warily. He was surprised at first, but he managed to cover up his surprise with a smile.

‘How nice of you to visit.’ He said walking forward and putting out his right hand for me to shake. I hesitated. He had it so wrong.

‘She’s not visiting.’ Emily answered quickly. Sam turned to Emily.

‘Anna, was in an accident,’ she began; I could feel all of the eyes turn to me. ‘She didn’t make it. Anna never changed her will, we are still Claire’s guardians.’ I shook back my tears. I didn’t want to break down in front of everyone.

‘Is it ok if I stay with you?’ I whispered looking at the floor in an attempt to hide my watery eyes. In a quick movement Sam scooped me up into bone crushing hug

‘Yes you most definitely can. Is there anything you need.’ I hugged Sam for along time, waiting until the water left my eyes. I let go of him and took a step back, I was amazed at how cold I now was, I hadn’t realized Sam was so warm, so warm in fact that I had started to sweat.

‘Claire I’d like you to meet a few people. This is Embry’ she pointed to the Man who had discovered me. He waved at me, I smiled back. ‘and this is Collin.’ She said pointing to the smallest.

‘Nice to finally meet you.’ He said and held out his hand. “Finally meet me,” how did he know that I even existed? Let alone be glad to finally meet me. As I took his hand Embry let out a deep rumbling laugh. We all turned to look at him confused.

‘Man, is Quill gunna be pissed he missed this!’ he said through his laughter. Emily shook her head at his comment laughing to her self. Obviously this was an inside joke, If Quill missed what? I didn’t even know who Quill was; maybe he was referring to Emily’s cooking. It did smell delicious

‘All right Embry and Collin, its time for you to leave.’ Sam said pointing towards the door. I couldn’t help but laugh as Embry’s mouth dropped open in horror.

‘Good bye Embry.’ He said pushing him towards the door.

‘But the food.’ He stammered, looking as if he was about to burst into tears.

‘If you go now, I’ll let you tell Quill.’ Sam said bargaining. I couldn’t help but smile as Embry’s face lit back up. He took one last longing look at the food, bowed down low to Sam and in three long strides was out of the house with Collin close behind.

I was a little hesitant about them leaving. Having other people in the house meant I wouldn’t have to go through a weird bonding experience. Even though he was very good at covering it up I knew Sam was a little weirded out by this whole experience.

Sam gestured for me to sit down at the table next to him, I looked at Emily hopefully. But she gestured for me to sit down as well. So no matter how much I was dreading this I was going to have to do it. I might as well get it over and done with. I sat down and immediately Sam started with the questions.

‘So how old are you anyway?’ he asked a little more interested than I expected

‘I’m 17 in 3 days.’ I answered.

‘3 days?’ He asked shocked turning to Emily.

‘Well then.’ Emily said smiling ‘I Guess we had better hold you a birthday party.’