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Evening Star

Gravity can not be held responsible for people falling in love. - Albert Einstien - A different kind of Quil & Claire story.


3. Morning Memories

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I had survived the past two days with Emily and Sam without a hitch. They were good people and left me to my own devices. I didn’t really feel like putting on a happy face constantly. I was much happier just to sit on the window sill and watch as the sun moved across the sky until disappeared and brought on the night. I thought of my mother often, I missed her. When Emily had come up to look after me in that week she had tried to distract me. But she soon realized that I neither wanted nor needed distractions. I didn’t want to distract myself from thoughts of my Mother. They where all I had now, my memory’s. Memory’s of her laugh, her smile, her smell.

I heard the front door bang shut. Sam was finally back. He worked very odd hours. In the past two days I had been here; he had come back for dinner and then left later in the night. I wasn’t sure if Emily worked or not, she hadn’t left at all, I figured that she didn’t want to leave me all by myself just yet. I could hear her bang around down stairs in the kitchen. She had asked some friends of Sam’s, The Clearwater’s if we could have my birthday party at their place as this cottage was way too small for such an event. I’d been dreading the party ever since Emily suggested it. I know Mum would have wanted me to enjoy today and make the most of it. I supposed the best I could do was give it ago.

I slid off the window sill, I decided now would be a good time for a shower, anything that lengthened the time before I had to begin the celebrations of my birthday was a good idea. I cracked the door open slowly, praying that it didn’t creak. I peaked out through the gap checking if it was clear so I could dash across the hall and into the bathroom. Luck was on my side; I snuck across the hall and turned the bathroom’s door knob slowly. It creaked loudly, damn it! I’d forgotten it did that.

‘Claire?’ Emily called from the kitchen. I stood very still maybe she would decide it was the wind. It took awhile but she eventually began to move around the kitchen. Phew, that was close, to close!

‘Claire? What are you doing?’ Sam asked. I jumped violently, he laughed slightly; I couldn’t even begin to what that had looked like. He must have forgotten what today was. I raised one of my fingers to my lips and quietly breathed,

‘Don’t tell Emily I’m up.’

‘No worries Kiddo, it is your birthday after all.’ He laughed pushing the bathroom door open for me and continuing along the hall. Kiddo? No one had called me that since I was 10. I climbed into the shower and let the hot water run over my body, relaxing my muscles, and releasing built up tension I didn’t realized I’d had. I twisted a towel around my hair, brushed my teeth and changed into the clothes I had chosen. I put on a red shirt that ruffled at the front, and my favorite pair of jeans.

Grudgingly I looked around the bathroom; there was nothing left for me to do. I’d brushed my teeth, brushed my hair and gotten dressed. As I walked down stairs I herd muffled arguing. I couldn’t make it out from here on the steps so quickly and quietly I tip toed from the stairs and stood in the hall way just outside the kitchen. I couldn’t help it, I was nosey and it was obviously about something they didn’t want me to hear. Why on earth they thought that I was still in the bathroom, I had no idea. I’d impressively managed to drag the whole process out over an hour.

‘She has a right to know.’ Emily whispered

‘No, she doesn’t not for another year at least.’ Sam answered back forcefully

‘How long do you think you can hide it? She’s not stupid Sam.’ she snapped.

‘Please, don’t be like that. It’s what’s best for her.’ He said softening his voice.

‘How can keeping her from love, be what’s best for her?’ Emily asked her voice barely audible.

‘Emily…’ Sam began

‘I’m going to check on Claire’ Emily said. I freaked, she was leaving the kitchen and heading straight for me. For the second time since coming here I was going to get found somewhere I wasn’t supposed to be. I put my hands into my hair and quickly messed it up. I realized my only escape was to pretend I had only caught the last part of the conversation, I began finger brushing my hair and yawned.

‘Claire,’ Emily said surprise ‘Happy Birthday.’ Looks like it worked, I wasn’t going to do that again, I knew I shouldn’t be nosey and I suppose this close call was a warning. As Emily gave me a hug I felt a twinge of sadness she reminded me of my mother in many ways. I looked at Sam as Emily hugged me, he gave me a sneaky thumb ups.

‘Morning,’ I said plastering on a smile and waving at Sam.

‘So birthday girl, what do you want for breakfast?’ she asked letting me go and pushing me into a seat. I shrugged my shoulders.

‘How about pancakes?’ She asked already pouring the flour into a large yellow bowl.

‘Sure.’ I answered. As Emily went about cooking, my mind drifted off. As I watched Sam reading the newspaper, like some old man. He looked to young to have been engaged to Emily when I was here last time as a baby. Sam and Emily for a matter of fact didn’t look a day over 25, and the last time I was here was 15 years ago. So what where they? 10?

‘Sam when is your birthday?’ I asked curious.

‘February, why?’ he answered not looking up from the paper.

‘Just wondering how old you’ll be.’ I said turning to look out the window, hiding my eyes, afraid they would give me away. I saw out of the corner of my eye Emily turn around and raise an eyebrow at Sam.

‘Thirty two.’

‘Wow, you must have really good genes; you don’t look a day over 25.’ I said. He nodded but didn’t look up to meet my eyes.

‘Mmm, they smell good Em.’ He sniffed at the air putting the paper aside. Did he really think I was so stupid that I wouldn’t notice he changed the topic? I noticed they both did it whenever a conversation got to pointed or specific.

Emily placed a plate of pancakes staked one on top of one another covered in maple syrup in front of me along with a knife and fork. It was kind of weird eating with both of them watching me as I ate.. They where delicious, Emily had a real talent, I was kind of glad that she might one day teach me how to cook. I was hopeless, so hopeless it was kind of pathetic.

‘You want more?’ Emily asked taking my empty plate and putting it in the sink. I shook my head and swallowed my mouthful.

‘Well if you’re done then, I Suppose we’d better head of to the Clearwater’s for your party. So many people can’t wait to meet you.’