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Eight Days

Its eight days before the wedding, and not only is Bella coninually loosing her balance, but she has found out about Edward giving Jacob the invitation... continueing on, when a strange apperance from more than one character arrives in Forks. For the right or wrong reasons?

err, this was done on the spot, so excuse the fact that its rushed also, this was really done just so i ould have something up on my account I supose that i have some more ideas for this, but it could take a while for moe to actually put pen to paper...

1. Invitations

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"Hey Bella." came a booming voice from inside, and then followed by its owner.

"Hey Emmett." I called back, stumbling up from falling out of my truck. A chuckling followed my blunder.

"Shut up Emmett." I yelled to him and started to walk inside.

"If you're looking for Edward, he's up in his room." he managed to say between laughing. I stormed past him, only making him laugh harder. Slowly, finding my way up the flight of stairs, and along the corridors, I came to the room I wanted. This time it wasn't Edward's.

I knocked once.

"Come on in Bella!" called an excited voice from inside the room.

"Alice, you said you wanted me?" I was having second thoughts about coming over now. At least Edward would be here afterwards...

"Yes, I have something for you." she reappeared from her almost endless closet, carrying a box. She handed it to me, and then disappeared back into her wardrobe.

"Err, thanks?" I said to her and backed out the room. I didn't like the look of the neat box, with a fancy scrawl. In French. Tucking it under my arm, I carried it back along the passage way. A second later, what felt like a gust of air had ran past me. Something with spiky Black hair.

I ran down, nearly at his door, until the spikes reappeared to show a solid Alice. She wore a frown on her angelic face.

"Bella, at least try it on." he hung her shoulders at me.

"I really have to see your brother." Damn it Edward, come and save me now.

"I'm sure he can live with out you for a minute."

"No, it's about the wedding." Anytime soon Edward.

"Ooh, you have to tell me that. I can't plan it if you won't tell me anything." she stomped her foot lightly on the thick carpet.

"It's nothing like that, I meant, about..." My hand moved behind me, searching for the door knob. I had to think of a lie quickly. "About Emmett."

"Emmett?" she was surprised at this.

"Yes, Emmett." I could feel myself almost giving it away. Alice's face was now inquisitive, until... Her frame became rigid, and her eyes frosted over, making them glassy, and unreadable. I did the first thing I could think of, and grabbed her shoulders. I shook her firmly. She stayed still for a moment and then came back down to earth.

"Bella..." she warned.

"What?" I pulled my hands away sharply.

"Don't you even think off..." I grabbed the door and pushed it open behind me. She was too busy stomping her foot for another time to realise.

"Leaving me..."I ran into the room and as quickly as I could, shut it in her pretty face.

"Bella!" I heard her whine. I gave a small laugh-she'd always get me back.

"Sorry Alice." I apologised. "I've got to talk to your brother." I heard her sigh on the other side of the door, but nothing else. Someone's arms snaked their way to my waist, and a soft breathe whispered on my face.

"Hello. Any reason you bring your company around here?"

"I take it you don't want me then." I was still looking at the door. Then added in an undertone. "Is she gone?"

"Yes." he gave a small laugh. "Now what is it you wanted, or did you just want to see me?" he held me tightly to him and I could feel my pulse giving me away, and not for the first time.

"I wanted to see you, about the wedding." it was so hard to keep thinking about how angry I was with him when he held me so close.

"Do you want to stay like this, or is the bed more appropriate?" I had little time to refuse as a second later; I had been spun down to sit on the bed, with Edward sitting behind me, his arms wrapped around my shoulders.

"It’s about what you did." he didn't show that he knew anything I was on about.

"I did what?" his voice was level, and I was glad I was facing the CD lined bookcase of his wall. I knew his eyes would have been scorching. An unfair advantage, which he used much too often, knowing my unable to resist.

"About the invitation."

"To?" he muttered, his breathe was making me slightly dizzy.

"To...to..." it was hard to say his name, and I felt my stomach lurch as I managed to splutter it out.”Jacob." it was less than a whisper, and felt more like I mouthed it.

He didn't say anything and let go of me.

“Billy told me.” I explained. “He hasn’t seen Jacob since, and Sam says that he just wants to be alone. He phoned me. Nothing to worry about, but he told me about the invite. Why did you do it Edward?”

Still he didn’t reply.

“Edward?” I was unsure whether he was even here anymore, being able to make almost no noise with his incredible speed. I turned around and saw him now with his back to me. He was looking down at his hands, and he looked upset. His body, much the same as a model, leaned over as he tried to keep himself from starting.

“Edward-don’t…don’t be upset. I know you did it for the right reasons. Jacob and I.” his name hurt on the way out. “It’s not the same as I feel about you, and why I didn’t want to hurt him.” I waited, and he sat still and motionless. Still waiting, I leaned forwards, about to tap him on the back. When my balance-which was never perfect, over powered me. Instead of reaching his back like a normal person, I managed to fall forwards, past Edward and land on my side, sprawled on the floor. Edward’s face quickly looked down at me, and he was so close that I could count his eyelashes.

“Bella, are you ok?” pain was written all over his face, and a hardness shone from his eyes.

“Fine.” I managed to splutter, but didn’t move. I reached up and tangled my fingers in his bronze, wind-swept hair. “Edward, I don’t want o hurt him.”

“I know.” The two words hurt him. “I didn’t do it for that. I care too much about you being happy to ever do that. It was for him…to have the choice.” He had chosen his last words carefully, and he studied my expression.

“Edward. I love you.” It was a hopeless reply. I wanted to get rid of the pain in his face.

“I know.” He repeated.

I kissed his cheek carefully and changed my hands to twist about his neck. He picked me up gently in his arms and settled back down on the bed, seating me on his knees.

“Thank you.” I said and hugged him tighter, and decided to change the subject. “So what’s this?” I managed to reach for the package still perfectly wrapped up on his bed. I shock it gingerly.

“I don’t know. Alice always likes too surprise.” He grinned, but his eyes told a different view.

“Let’s get it over with then.” I started to open it, hooking my finger under the packages.

“Let me. We know what happened last time.” I doubted if anyone had forgotten what’d happened with the last boxes I’d opened at the Cullen’s.

He prized open the box in a quick, fluid motion and tissue paper lined the box, hiding the clothes from my view.

“Hang on! If it’s for the wedding, your not seeing yet.” I pulled the box out from his grasp, and peeked under the white paper. I gasped.

“What?” he flicked his head at me, and reached out to take the parcel. I pushed the paper to the sides and showed him the garments. It was a thin top, obviously to show of the few curves I didn’t want to show. A ruby red and long sleeved, covering it down to my fingers perhaps. I pulled it out from the paper and spread it on my lap.

“Alice.” I cursed under my breathe, no doubt she could here me none the less. “Why? Why do you torture me?”

“Torture?” Edward questioned. He was gazing down at the top, something new in his eyes. “She doesn’t torture you.”

“No, your right. She spends vast amounts of money on clothes I won’t ware.” I pushed the top into his hands and stood up, storming to the door. “I’m going before I turn into Princess Barbie for your sister.”

“Try it on.” He said in a quiet voice. I didn’t move. Damn it! Why wouldn’t my feet listen to my brain now!

“Please.” He whispered now right behind me.

“Fine.” I said through gritted teeth. “But I swear, if she does this again…” I trailed off, trying to think of how to get back at a vampire who could do basically anything, as well as reading the future. The outcomes weren’t in my favour.

I held out my hand for the top, and he handed it to me. Quickly I pulled off my jumper, and the look in his eyes was now stunned.

“Bella-what are you-”

“Hold.” I instructed him and dumped the long woollen coat in his hands. Despite it being in Forks, the summer wasn’t far off and already the weather could be afforded to wear a coat or jumper, instead of both.

“Bella, don’t you think that-”

“Look, you won’t see anything, turn around a second.” I pushed his almost stupefied body to face the opposite wall. Quickly, I swapped the top around. The red shirt fitted me perfectly, showing all my curves, and with out complaint, I turned to face him.

“Ehem.” I coughed and spread my arms open, so he could look at it. He turned around and his eyes rolled down me, approvingly. “Now, if you don’t mind, it’s being returned to Alice.” Before I could continue to roll up the sleeve, he caught up my arm, and held me close to him. After a second, I lifted his head. His eyes were topaz, and drew me in, his angelic features which were always to perfect came nearer to mine.

“Bella” he whispered, but then was interrupted.

“Bella, good. I needed to talk to you, after you managed to escape.” Alice was looking at us from sitting on the bed. Instantly I jumped a mile, springing away from Edward, but loosing my balance again. Edward’s strong, marble arms caught me before I hit the floor, and pulled me back to his cold hard chest.

“Bella’s busy.” He said to her, politely.

“Very.” Alice nodded as an intrigued expression spread across her face. “She needs to check the dress again. Its only a few days remember!”

“Don’t remind me.” I groaned. Charlie was getting his suit as we spoke. Even now he was having second thoughts, trying to change my mind still. But it was Edward I really did want, to stay with him, and not just for the length of Charlie’s life span.

Edward looked down at me, raising his eyebrows the slightest bit higher. I had forgotten about that.

“I can’t wait.” I grinned up at him. He was the one who had wanted the whole marriage first, but now, he was unsure about whether it was my happiness I was doing it for. I really did want to tie myself to him, in every possible way before I changed. Changed into what he called a monster, but what I thought of was incredible. To run and be so graceful and to be impossible beautiful, and to be with Edward forever at the top of the list-obviously.

“Come on then.” Said Alice, pressing a strong, cold hand on my arm.

“Alice, I won’t be long.” I wanted to stay with Edward, even if he was going to be back at my house a few hours later.

“I can wait.” She flew back over to the bed and waited, looking up at us, tapping her foot impatiently.

“Not the type of waiting I was hoping for.” I pointed out to her.

“Bella, you can kiss him now, or you can go with out.” Her foot continued to move, almost as a blur.

“Alice.” Edward warned her, gritting his teeth slightly.

She shrugged and got up, placing a hand back on my arm. In response he held on to me a little tighter. I rolled my eyes.

“Ok Alice.” I reached up around Edward and kissed his lips lightly. He twisted his arms around my waist, and held me there, holding me above the ground by about a foot, not letting me go. I could feel his lips pressing against mine, and I opened my mouth a little, breathing in his heavenly scent. My heart was already giving me away, like whenever he touched me. I pulled back for a second, trying to focus on keeping my breathing steady.

“Come on Bella.” I could hear the smile in Alice’s voice already. I turned around, and almost screamed in surprise. Jasper and Emmett were looking in at us, and Emmett was trying to keep a smooth face.

“Japer, Emmett!”

“What?” Emmett said guiltily, almost cracking as he tried to keep his ‘composed’ face straight.

“Alice-why’d you let them in.” I was back on the floor, able to stand on my own too feet again.

“Edward could have told you.” She said in reply and a smile was glued to her face.

“Only if he could stop kissing her.” Muttered Emmett, loud enough for all ears to hear.

“Emmett- I think you touched a nerve.” Sang Alice, looking over my shoulder.

“He does talk about her a lot.” Agreed Jasper. A ripple of laughter washed over me, and I knew that Jasper was using his unusual talent to his advantage.

I glanced at my watch. “Oh Alice-I’ve got to go!”

“Why?” she called, the smile slipping of her face.

“Charlie will be back in half an hour, I’ve got to start the meal. Plus, Renée will be arriving tomorrow-I have to get the spare bed out.” The list kept going. “And then I better check that some of Charlie’s friends are coming. And if Phil’s going to make it if he is calling in the day later. And that’s not including-”

“We get the point Bella. But it is Alice’s job for all of that.” Emmett laughed again. “Don’t worry; she’s got enough energy for it.” Jasper moved his arms around her waist.

“I really have to go.” I scooped my top off the floor, and started out the room.

“Come on then.” I was whipped up into Edward’s arms and he quickly sped me out the hallway to my car in less than a few seconds.

“Well, warn me then.” I instructed him. “You know what happens to me.” He brushed his lips down my jaw, before kissing my nose lightly.

“Yes, I do know. It’s intriguing to watch.” He smiled one of my favourite, crooked smiles at me, setting me on my feet again, before pressing me up against my truck.

“Glad to know you thought it was funny.” I stroked the tip of his nose with my finger. Slowly he brought his lips back down to meet mine. For a few seconds, we kissed in silence, before he pulled away from me.

“I should be going.” I waited for him to let me go from the truck.

“You should?” he was trying to trick my mind again. His lips trailed up my neck.

“Yes.” I said firmly, shaking my head to try and stop letting this happen.

“You don’t have to…”

“Yes I do.”

“You’re no fun at this.” He freed me from himself to let me scramble around the truck. I jumped inside and heard his side open and close too.

I rolled my eyes as I looked across to look at him. He saw the gesture.

“What? Can’t I see my love get home safely?” he pleaded, but not with out another grin. I looked back in front of me and turned on the engine.

“Prepare for slow mode.” I warned him and slowly left his house. We travelled up his extensively long drive, and turned the corner back to Forks.

Charlie wasn’t at the house yet, as I didn’t expect him to be. I undid my seat bet and hopped out-if I could hurry, I could de-freeze the fish in the freezer…

I scrambled around inside of the freezer, and found the fish in question. Leaving out on the surface, I turned for a moment. No one was behind me but…

“Edward?” I called out. It sounded silly even to my own ears, but a laugh could be heard from upstairs, in my room probably.

“Edward.” I stormed up the stairs. “What are you doing?” I opened the door and he was lying on my bed, the picture of innocence. But like I could trust him with his face tilted to one side.

“What were you doing?” I repeated, looking anywhere but at his eyes.


“That’s what you said when you weren’t going to give me a birthday present, when you weren’t going to buy me that top (from a few days ago) and when I enquired about what you were pinning on Emmett’s jacket yesterday.”

“I only got you that top because Alice told me it looked good on you.” His eyes were smouldering again, and they finally burned into mine. He knew he had me, and I, sadly, knew it too.

“Edward.” The warning came out more of a whisper. “That’s cheating.”

He laughed quickly at this, and he patted the bed space next to. Slowly I sank down on the mattress, and he pressed his arm around me.

“Cheating.” I warned him, but I really couldn’t quite take it on myself to hit his hand away. It was so cool, and calming and gentle against my back.

“Only eight days to go.” He whispered in my ear. I felt a shiver ripple down my back and he pulled me tighter to him.

“Eight days.” I said, nodding.

“Bella, you can always change your mind.”

“It makes you happy. I want you to be with me all the time, and if this is what it takes, I’ll do it.” It really was easy to let out how much I needed him. “Even if I have to stand up their, in front of Emmett and Jasper and Rosalie, and my mom, and Charlie and…” the list kept spewing from my mouth.

“And me.” He completed.

“Yes. You.” I kissed him lightly on the cheek, and stood up again. “I have to get his fish ready. He’ll be here in another hour.”

“Hour?” Edward asked as we walked at human pace down the stairs.

“Oh, sorry. I said to Alice that it was in half. All well.” I shrugged.

“What’s wrong with getting you things Bella? I mean, you get so…so upset when I do, but with Alice, you are reasonable.”

“If I wasn’t reasonable, Mr Cullen, then I wouldn’t be marrying you.” I hoped that this would put an end to the matter.

“No, if you were reasonable, you would let me do the work.” He pulled me up to sit on the work surface, facing him. After a pause he added “Miss Swan.”

“Not for long.” I closed my eyes and sighed heavily. He brushed my hand along his cheek, and I peeked in time to see him kiss it lightly.

“Why the sudden romance?” I asked, and it was true. We were never like this before…but before we hadn’t been engaged, and it wasn’t getting so near too.

“Why, you don’t want me to?” he let go of my hand gently, but I kept it pressed against the cold skin of his cheek.

“No.” I said. “Curious.” I jumped down from the counter, and stood in front of him, pulling my other hand to the top of his shirt.

“Bella.” He whispered and his breathe flicked some of my hair. I undid the top button, wondering about his response. He stayed very still.

“Curious.” I said again and stopped as he tensed again. “What’s wrong?”

“Charlie.” Said Edward and moved up to redo the top button of his shirt.

“Its fine leave it.” I moved his hands away and kissed him hard on the lips. He didn’t move again, and pulled me away easily.

“Should I be here?” he questioned.

“Edward, stop asking-he is fine with it. Or he should be.” I hugged him to me again. “Oh crap, his dinner” I turned and the fish was still covered in ice. I pushed it back inside of the freezer as it hadn’t had anytime to melt anyway.

The car engine stopped outside and Charlie could be heard stumbling to open the door, and then moving up to enter the front door.

“Bells?” came a voice from the door as it opened.

“Charlie. We’re in the kitchen.” This was going to be awkward.