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Eight Days

Its eight days before the wedding, and not only is Bella coninually loosing her balance, but she has found out about Edward giving Jacob the invitation... continueing on, when a strange apperance from more than one character arrives in Forks. For the right or wrong reasons?

err, this was done on the spot, so excuse the fact that its rushed also, this was really done just so i ould have something up on my account I supose that i have some more ideas for this, but it could take a while for moe to actually put pen to paper...

4. Crashing

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“Done!” Alice said proudly, studying her work. “Although, your hair could do with another grip at the back.”

“Alice, hold it a second, look at the time.”-please say that it was time for her to go with Jasper. I doubt there was anything she hadn’t smothered, whipped, powdered, pampered or dried on me. Her huge bathroom still tidy, but most of the products now a little less full in the jars, bottles or packets.

“I’ve got ten minutes.” She said calmly. “But you have to admit it Bella, I can do wonders.” She sighed happily.

“What ten minutes!” I exclaimed. I had to think of a way to get rid of her. I just hoped my acting wasn’t so easy to read. “Are you kidding me?”

“No...” She asked, unable to get rid of the questioning of her voice.

“Well, you have to decide what to wear. I mean, you want something that says ‘Alice’. You don’t want to wear something he’s already seen you in. But you want something that shows how much he means to you.”

“I have my outfit.” She said, but still curious. There could be a chance I could win her over.

“Well, you have to check again and again. Plus, you need to make him wait, just a minute or so. So he gets expectant.” I was trying to remember the last magazine I had read at Renée’s.

“Good idea.”

“Plus, you might want it to look like it was casually put on. I can help you.” I started to get up.

“I thought that you didn’t like clothes?” she asked. Damn.

“Are you kidding, you’ve made me see the light.” I had a feeling I’d have to pay for that later. I managed to get out of the chair she’d help me prisoner in and marched back into her room. She came behind me, and then reached under her bed for yet another of her thousands of boxes. She unwrapped it proudly, and flung it back dramatically to reveal both a skirt, patterned and a light turquoise top. It was a floating material and at the edges it created a wave. I gasped at it.

“Alice-put it on now.” She reached for it and sped away in a second, returning in a couple of seconds later. “Alice-wow. Maybe my help wouldn’t be necessary.”

“Thanks.” She glowed at me. “You know Bella; you’re like the sister that I wanted; Rose being the other older, and slightly moodier, sister.”

“You’ve always been like a sister to me.” I said back to her. “I would hug you, but I think that the material might tear up or something if I went near it knowing my luck.”

She laughed, but came and hugged me anyway. “And thank you for the tip-I’ll go and see Jasper now.” She danced from the room, in her new, and I was expecting exceptionally expensive outfit. I waited for a good minute for her to leave.

I guessed she had after a while and went into the bathroom again. Slowly, I managed to pluck every hairpin out of my hair and let it fall back down around my shoulders.

Once de-pinned, I managed to get out of the clothes without destroying them, and I walked to the shower. As the water splashed over my face, I felt for the soap. I was pretty sure I needed it to get off all the dust and liquids stirred into my face. Slowly the chemicals left my skin clean again, and I went back to enjoying the warm water, rinsing down my arms and back. Once relaxed, I stepped out of the steady rush. I dried myself with the towels, and then went on the search for my original clothes. Once found and dressed, I hung up the towels again, to find Edward in the doorway.

I shrieked at his sudden appearance, subsequently clapping a hand to my mouth. “Edward!” I breathed.

“Sorry.” He smiled, amused and apologetic.

“I’m fine.” I said and continued to put the towel back. “Why the sudden appearance?”

“I thought you’d had enough time.” He grinned again. Then added. “Carlisle already left. By the way, nice going with Alice.”

I pulled my shoulders down and cocked my head to the side. He laughed quietly, then coming up and hugging me. I felt him breathe in my scent in my hair, and, if it were possible, calmed even more in his arms.

“You’re dead on your feet.” He assumed, pulling me up into his arms in one swift movement.

“No, just enjoying the moment-which just went.” I told him. He ignored me and sped from the bathroom, the walls blurring together for a moment before I was pushed passed a door and lightly lain on the bed. Looking around, the familiar room of Edward’s surrounded me. Glass running down a whole wall on one side and another lined with CD’s, and where the sofa and stereo were pushed to make room for the huge bed. His brown carpet matching what was left of the walls and the cover of the bed. This time I couldn’t help myself, and I yawned involuntary.

“Here.” He put a bag of clothes on the bed helpfully. “I didn’t burn all off them.” I picked it up quickly, rummaging around and finding the pyjamas. I then looked pointedly at him. He took the hint, but didn’t follow. He waited at the foot of the bed.

“Edward.” I warned him. He chuckled and walked out the room at a humans pace, carefully shutting the door.

I quickly changed, without to much bother about how noisy I was being. Eventually I stuffed the old clothes back inside the bag, and proceeded to crawl under the covers.

“Come on in then.” I instructed him. He came in at the same speed, taking his time. He came next to me, lying on the covers to try to stop me from getting overly cold.

We sat there in silence for a several minutes, thinking our own thoughts, although Edward would probably hear the last glimpses of Jasper and Alice’s as they slowly got out of his mind-reading range. I tried to conjure up something to say, and there was only one major thing that was on my mind.

“So tell me, you excited?” I asked him.

“About what?”

“About how in eight days we are going to be married.” I held his hands in mine.

“Yes.” He breathed, reaching up with one of his hands to brush hair out of my face. “And you?”

“Of course.” I muttered with a breathed laugh. He quickly kissed my cheek, and then moved so that his mouth was at the hollow of my neck. I breathed deeply, smelling his scent from his hair. I really couldn’t resist him. I reached up with my hands and caught his shoulders in them, bringing his head back to look at my eyes.

“I’m sorry.” He muttered. “You look tired.” His cool fingers lightly traced the rings under my eyes gently, so soft that it felt more like butterflies wings fanning my face. I sighed at him again in response, which immediately turned into a yawn.

“A little.” I confessed.

“Sleep then.” He drew away, giving me more space to sleep. I touched his hand quickly, freezing him into the statue of immobility.

“Edward?” I whispered. “Are you ok?” he broke through the mould of stone he was set in.

“Yes.” He said certainly. He took my hand again, and let me squirm into his chest. It was cooling resting against him, and I was slowly drifting off. If it wasn’t for the fact that in a few seconds the light, which Edward had turned off as he had re-entered the room flashed on.

I jumped, squeezing my eyes tight shut against the sudden bright glare.

“Edward, Jasper wants you. We didn’t even make it out of Forks.” Sang Alice. She was waiting by the door.

“Okay.” He tore himself away from me easily. “I’ll be right back Bella.”

Alice stayed where she was as Edward ran from the room, too gracefully to be human. Quickly, with a snap, she closed the door and the light in one swift movement and reappeared sitting on the bed. Her relaxed face no longer was calm. Her eyes were wide and staring down at me.

I was still too tired to do anything but blink a few times, taking her in. That’s when I realised her clothes were different. The turquoise was gone and she wore the same as she had before she had left the house.

“Jasper will keep him occupied.” She half-muttered to herself.

“I’m sorry, Alice what are you doing back here? What about you and Jasper?” I managed to haul myself up with my arms so I was sitting up. The look in her eyes was worrying.

“Bella” Her voice was hushed, as if she was going to tell me grave news.

“What?” I asked suddenly more awake. “What’s happening?”

“Wait. Edward isn’t going to hear this. I have to talk in short goes; or he’ll read my mind. He still thinks I’m hyper over my date with Jasper. Jasper went and wrecked the car as soon as he knew.”

“Crashed the car!”

“Bella-I’m fine-both us are. I need to tell you off all people this.”

“Yes, knew what? Alice-what’s happening that Edward isn’t going to know?”

She took a deep steadying breathe, looking deep into my face. Alice wasn’t one for keeping secrets, or saying news that her brother didn’t need to know. She wouldn’t do anything to hurt them, so what was the worried look for. She would be crying if she could. My head was getting light, and I had to breathe a couple of times before I could be sufficient enough to talk.

“Alice.” I whispered. “Tell me now.”

“In eight days…” she swallowed, whispering so I could hardly hear her.

“It’s the wedding. He’s cancelling isn’t he.” I breathed. I could cope with that. A small part of me was breaking. He was rethinking things. Maybe he didn’t want me anymore. No, I was being silly again. Edward loved me, and still does, as he would continue to. He was having second thoughts about my happiness. He didn’t think it was what I wanted. How was I going to prove to him that I wanted this, wanted it more now than ever? The addresses were out, Charlie and Renée knew, and so did my friends. He had wanted this, so why the…

I studied Alice’s face, still tense. Why wasn’t she okay, didn’t she realise that I was okay with it? I would have to battle it out with him that was all.

“He won’t cancel Bella. He’s…h-he’s.” she was struggling for words.

“Alice.” I said sharply, shaking her shoulders, where my hands had placed themselves when I hadn’t realised.

“Alice?” Came a knock on the door. Emmett came into the room. “I wondered where you were. Japer said you crashed the car! I knew you were alright, but-the car. Edward gave you that. How could you crash a car?” I realised if anyone from outside of the Cullen’s family would have thought it to be understandable to crash a car, but for vampires and there ‘extra-terrestrial’ senses, it was expected that you couldn’t crash a car.

“Emmett, go away.” Alice growled. She was menacing, letting out a snarl that, if it wasn’t for the fact that I was worried about Edward, would have made me cower under the sheets.

“Calm down.” He said immediately. “I’ll go.”

“Emmett’s here too!” I yelped.

“He and Rosalie got back after hearing our crash. Carlisle and Esme don’t know yet.” Again she took in my face, and panic was distraught on it. Her pale features anxious. “Bella, in eight days, I saw something.”

Yes. I wanted her to go one, but the word stuck in my throat.

She waited.

“At the wedding. Edward’s running; running away.”

A ringing sounded in my ears, as if the world was crashing down around me. Her face scanned mine, looking for the pain I was sure was now plastered to it. Before I could say much more, she stiffened. The door flew open not a few seconds after, and Edward flew back into the room.

“Alice, you crashed the car!” his eyes looked down at me. “Bella, what’s wrong.”

“Alice-a-Alice…” I stuttered.

“I was telling her a scary story. She’s so easy to scare.” Alice gave an attempt at her usual lightness, ruffling my hair and rising to her feet. “And Edward, talk about the car in the morning. I think Bella wants to go to sleep.” On the last word, she subtly hinted. I wasn’t mean to tell him. She pranced from the room again.

“I’m sorry.” Said Edward, coming down to lie on the bed next to me. “Alice doesn’t know when to quit.”

“Don’t apologise. S-she gets her way. I’m scared half to death.” I pulled the covers up to my chin. This wasn’t a lie either. If he left me, it would be the end.