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Eight Days

Its eight days before the wedding, and not only is Bella coninually loosing her balance, but she has found out about Edward giving Jacob the invitation... continueing on, when a strange apperance from more than one character arrives in Forks. For the right or wrong reasons?

err, this was done on the spot, so excuse the fact that its rushed also, this was really done just so i ould have something up on my account I supose that i have some more ideas for this, but it could take a while for moe to actually put pen to paper...

5. Falling

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I couldn’t get to sleep, and in the early hours of the morning, when sleep did find me, my dreams were peppered with being left at the alter. Everyone looking expectant. Charlie smiling at me, Renée crying, even a huge, russet coloured wolf, with a tie hung around its neck snaked its way into the chapel. Then it was like I was the only one looking for the radiance of Edward. I could see his skin shinning at the doors, open to the white light. Like I was blind to the outside, blind to Edward.

My dreams shattered as my eyes flickered open. I had just said something aloud; something so loud that I had managed to wake myself up. I looked around the room using my eyes, only slits as I tried not to show I was awake.

The early morning sun light fell in through the great glass wall, the feeble rays trying to pry through the clouds. Looking to the sides of me, I could see little but quilt. I had to see if Edward had heard me. I stumbled to a sitting position, and cold arms wrapped around me.

“Good morning.” His soft voice whispered in my ear. I didn’t jump like I would have normally, but stayed as still as I could.

“You were saying something in your sleep.” He told me, still nuzzling my hair. “Something about ‘don’t go?’”

“I can’t remember.” That was a lie. I could remember exactly what I had been thinking off. I had seen Edward running at an inhuman pace.

“Bella.” He muttered in my ear. “Will you tell me?”

“No.” I said flatly. He brushed his lips along my cheek, kissing me softly on the lips.

“Please?” he asked.

“I can’t honestly remember. And I need to go, Charlie will want me to help set up for Renée.”

“Bella, what’s the matter.” His arms tightened over me protectively, stopping from me from moving away from him.

“Nothing Edward. I’m fine.” I was hiding the panic in my voice well. I had to keep on the natural flow. I twisted to kiss his cheek quickly, pretending to strain to reach his lips.

“Bella.” His voice was still gentle, and I noticed it didn’t have the anxious feeling like before. I kissed him on the lips, even while distracted, my breathing becoming irregular. “Bella. I love you, you can tell me anything.”

“I love you too.” I told him, managing to tear myself away from him with difficulty. “But Charlie will be waiting.” I had to bat away his hands as I stood up. He straightened too, walking out the door to let me get ready in peace. I dressed in a daze, unsure to how much time was going. I walked out the door, swinging my bag over my shoulders. Edward drove me home, always keeping an arm around me. He parked the truck for me quickly, but not before someone tapped on the window.

“Hello Bella!” chirped an enthusiastic Alice, scaring me as I tore away from Edward. She had opened my door, and was looking inside happily.

“Alice!” I complained. I didn’t like her when she caught me with Edward like that…Instantly; my feelings went from embarrassed and shocked to a tranquil, relaxed state. “Jasper?” I asked, just as he opened the door on the other side.

“I’m taking you shopping!” grinned Alice.

“And you’re stuck with me. Alice insists that I get you to try on your stuff for the wedding again.” Alice sprang form her perch next to me to where Jasper was, elbowing him in his ribs. “Ow. I mean ‘formal wedding clothes’.”

“How are you going to get there with a wrecked car?” Edward asked Alice.

“Well…” she looked around slyly, a shiny silver Volvo parked in the road.

“Alice. You are not driving Bella if you managed to crash your own car.” Edward snapped at her.

“I had a vision. You can’t expect me to drive while I can’t see the road. Rosalie is fixing it as we speak.”

“Bella, you are not going.” Edward told me sternly. All I wanted to do was crawl into bed and talk it through my brain.

“Fine, Bella, you can drive. Come on.” I didn’t have a choice in the matter by the look of things. Alice was back at my side in a second, flying to drag me out of the truck. I was already in the Volvo by the time my brain had caught up with me. Or rather outside the Volvo. Edward was blocking Alice, standing rooted in place.

“What are you hiding from me Alice? Thinking how to rewrite how to make a light-bulb in German is not what you and Bella are going to be doing.”

“Edward. We are going to go shopping. Now, if you don’t believe your poor innocent sister, then how is Bella going to walk down the isle in a less than adequate style.” Before I could comprehend much more, the door to the Volvo opened and I was hurried inside.

Alice seemed to appear on my other side excitedly. “Oh and Edward?” she called through the open window. “Don’t follow us. We have to keep something secret for the wedding.”

Edward wasn’t looking at her however, and was around my side of the car, looking at me expectantly.

“Let’s go shopping then!” called Alice, her enthusiasm almost contagious.


I turned the key in the ignition and the smooth engine came to life. Different entirely from my old truck. I turned to Edward quickly, still searching me. I tried to keep a tranquil enough expression on my face. We slowly moved off from my house off to, I guessed the biggest shopping centre Alice had found yet.

Some time later…

“Come on Bella, hurry up already!” Alice whined from beside me. After returning from the last store that was still open, I had finally forced Alice to let me go home. I had tried on, everything that she could have possible laid eyes upon. Bags that I had told her not to buy, we loaded in the back seat of Edward’s car as I drove back. Alice being Alice was particularly annoyed at my human slowness.

“Alice, we can’t all drive as fast as we want.” I gripped the steering wheel tighter as we stopped to allow another set of cars to pass us. “And I wish you hadn’t been keeping Edward away from me today.”

“Bella. Can you please try not to go so slow.” She whined again, evading any complicated questions.

“Is he still running away?” I asked quietly in the silence that followed.

“Yes.” She whispered back.

“Oh.” We didn’t talk on the way back to my house, even when she pulled out the mountainous bags form the back seat. I didn’t think we had brought that much.

I walked inside the house, expecting for Charlie to be home, and greeted by the TV blaring from the living room. I hurried around the place, cooking a meal, with out actually concentrating on what I was making. All the time Alice was with us, talking animatedly to Charlie.

“Hang on Charlie. I just need to go and check if I left something in Bella’s bag upstairs.” She said suddenly. I turned my head from chopping the peppers on the chopping board to look at her as she gracefully danced from her space on a chair. I narrowed my eyes.

“Need any help with that Alice?” I asked her before she disappeared up the stairs.

“No, you carry on.” She waved at me to carry on cooking.

“I think I’ll help anyway.”

I started up the stairs after her, but of course out of Charlie’s sight, she had run with her incredible speed to the room. I hurried up the stairs two at a time, and dragged open the door sharply.

I hadn’t seen Edward since the particularly rushed morning goodbyes. Seeing him now sent waves of calmness over me, almost like Jasper was in the room with us. That’s when I noticed, Jasper was in the room with us. Along with Alice.

“Bella” Edward was hugging me before I could question much more. I reached up and hugged him to. It felt like I couldn’t be parted from him for less than a day any more.

“It was terrible; he wouldn’t let me breathe for the times he made me put on that penguin suit.” He whispered in my ear. I smiled with him, before Alice coughed at us.

“Something about your wedding suit that is inappropriate Edward?” she glared at him, and I was slightly scared at the look in her eyes. She was taking this more seriously than I thought. He grimaced at her.

“Alice, did you find that thing you were looking for?” called Charlie from down the stairs.

“Not yet.” She called back and then went back to glaring at her brother. I looked at Jasper pointedly, but he didn’t take the hint.

“So, anyone want to stay for diner?” I asked hopefully. Before realising how silly that was.

“Alice?” Charlie was moving up the stairs, probably wondering why it was taking so long. With only a slight rustle as they ran from the room, Jasper and Edward jumped out the window again.

“Yes?” she called sweetly to him, reopening the door and walking back down the stairs. “I guess I must have left it in the car.”

Alice stayed all the way through dinner, and it must have been eleven before she left. I sighed. She had been purposefully keeping me away from Edward. That much was easy to see.

As I finally removed myself from Charlie’s company for the night, I didn’t know if it the fact that I hadn’t spent so long with Edward was for better or worse. Then I grimaced at the words; being reminded of the wedding. Still Alice had said we could prevent it, hadn’t she? Or was that my mind already trying to deny the truth.

I didn’t have much more of a chance to think, as an incredibly beautiful vampire stood by my window as I entered and shut the door to my room.

Not surprisingly, it took me a long to get to sleep. Even in the secure feeling of him next to me, or his scent that was wrapped in the sheets. It felt like one blink and he wouldn’t be there anymore; the lifeless Bella returning instead.

I’m sure he realised that I was having trouble getting to sleep, and gently rubbed small, comforting circles over my back. It didn’t help in anyway.

Maybe he’d stay. Maybe Alice was wrong.

His own words echoed back at me. ‘No one bets against Alice

The tears that had threatened me earlier we making a come back but not before there was a crash of thunder overhead. The soft rain from late this afternoon had turned to a storm; totally mimicking my mood.

A flash of lightening ran around the room, and I managed to cover a wince of pain of him leaving into me, into a wince of shock from it. Or I hoped I had.

“Bella are you okay? You’re shaking?” his crystal voice, so velvet and smooth ran around me, and I tried to collect the words, make them stay inside my head so I would never forget them.

“I’m fine.” I whispered; barely heard over the thundering patter of rain drops on the roof.

“Bella, are you-” he stopped, tensing next to me. I craned my head up to him, trying to see what was wrong.

The window answered instead of Edward though; and it swung open lightly, my eyes widening as a shadow of long hair and a definite female stature was cast into the room.

I froze.

The women entered the room lightly, shadows still covering her from head to toe in inky blackness. Until the lightning flashed over head.

At the same time I saw her, Edward had leapt from the bed.

Her long flowing hair was a beautiful strawberry-blonde, and her figure was elegant, as still as if she was an ice-figure.

Her long arched neck looked to Edward, and a smile appeared under her perfect lips.

Her topaz eyes glittered.

“Hello Edward. What a nice surprise to see you here.”