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Eight Days

Its eight days before the wedding, and not only is Bella coninually loosing her balance, but she has found out about Edward giving Jacob the invitation... continueing on, when a strange apperance from more than one character arrives in Forks. For the right or wrong reasons?

err, this was done on the spot, so excuse the fact that its rushed also, this was really done just so i ould have something up on my account I supose that i have some more ideas for this, but it could take a while for moe to actually put pen to paper...

6. Lonely

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Slowly I raised myself form the bed, my breath coming less raged as the shock of Victoria entering my room disappeared, changing to one of surprise. What was Tanya doing here?

“Edward.” She said again, and I didn’t fail to notice the fact that she had ignored me through out the whole procedure of breaking into my room, and that she was looking at him as if he was the most interesting thing on earth. Which he was but-

It was like she needed him.

“What are you doing in a human’s house?” she asked breathily, but still loud enough that it would undoubtedly wake Charlie up, even over all this thunder. “You’re not cheating on your diet are you?” she took advantage and peered into his eyes.

I snapped.

Maybe it was because the adrenalin rush of fear that had shocked through me seconds before; or more to the fact that she could be the very reason why Edward was going to be running from me; but either way, I was not going to go down with out a fight.

“Edward; perhaps you would care to explain what she is doing here?” I asked him, standing up. Sadly, I was still shorter than Tanya, and she took the benefit of it; looming over me.

“This is Bella, my soon-to-be wife.” Edward was staying calm, but I noticed the way his eyes were flashing from me to Tanya with increasing speed. “And Bella, meet Tanya. She’s from the Denali Coven.”

“Of course, you know me better than most don’t you Edward.” Laughed Tanya, her perfect white teeth grinning happily.

“So why did you feel the need to enter my house uninvited, if I may ask?” I had to concentrate to keep my voice light and even. I noticed Edward’s hand sliding into my own, and though it hadn’t done anything for me earlier; I felt soothed to know he was still with me.

“Oh, I wondered if Edward had found someone interesting to play with. I wondered why he was in this house of all the places.” Her nose wrinkled as she surveyed my room, in distaste.

“Tanya. Perhaps you should keep your voice down.” Edward reminded her, sparing a glance towards the door, and to where Charlie was obviously stirring from his sleep.

“But why?” she laughed hysterically; and loudly over the accelerating crash from over head.

“Damn. Tanya; we have to get out.” Edward stood quickly from his place next to me to the window; waving a hand for Tanya to go first.

“Charlie?” I asked him quickly.

He nodded, still waiting for the blonde, standing in the room, watching our conversation with interest.

“Edward; you’ll have to show the way back to the house. I can’t smell a thing in this rain. I’d be back in Alaska if you didn’t accompany me.” She giggled again, taking a human walk to the window.

“Bella, do you mind love? I promise to be back by morning.” His eyes flashed from the door to my face.

“Sure. I love you.” I whispered, rolling into bed quickly, in time to hear Charlie’s light switch on in his room.

“I love you too.” He took a glance over his shoulder.

With a small ‘humph’ Tanya made her way to the window and jumped back outside. Edward looked at me, throwing me a smile as Charlie’s footsteps made it across the landing. Then he too ran from the room, the window closing behind him.

I wrapped the covers firmly around myself, trying to relax my breathing and my emotions. Just be calm, deep breaths…

The door to my room opened slightly, and I struggled to keep my breathing even.

“Bella?” Charlie whispered to me, the rain still creating such a noise on the window panes and roof that I hardly heard it. “Bella, are you awake?”

“No…” I rolled over. No use pretending- as Edward said, I was no actress. “The rains keeping me up.”

“I thought I heard something.” He rubbed his eyes in the semi-darkness. “I guess it was nothing.”

“Probably was. Go back to sleep Dad.”

“Night Bells.” He exited from the room, closing the door softly behind him. I waited, listening to the springs of his bed move as he settled back down. The darkness from my room wasn’t comforting me, even as I heard Charlie’s soft snores from the next room.

The shadows crept forwards, rain splattering and crashing and-

Would he leave me? Again?

I bit down on my lip and curled closer into a ball. He’d promised never to leave me. Never to let me go. Would he lie to me again? The others would stay- Alice would stay with me.

But if only Alice knew more about it…it couldn’t be as bad as last time, could it?

I flinched as I remembered the pain. How dead I looked, how pained, how anguished I was over that…torture of him leaving. Being so alone. I hadn’t had anyone.

And then…and then there had been Jake. Jake, my holder, my supporter, the one who had loved me too. Had been my plasters over my heart.

No. I wasn’t going to let him leave. I was going to fight for it. Tomorrow, I’d ask him if there was anything he needed to talk about. Maybe it was Tanya. She’d just arrived after all, and she obviously knew him. She’d be able to influence him some how. She was his own type; she was beautiful, inhuman, and strong. I was a mere human, with all the faults of klutziness, and the way my hair would never be perfect. But he’d promised me-he’d turn me; so I would be like him.

But the way she’d been looking at him earlier this night…We’d have talk about this. We’d-

A loud banging cut my through my thoughts like a knife. It echoed from downstairs. My eyes widened. Could it be Edward? But wait; Edward wasn’t here, and he certainly didn’t use the door. He was…’looking after’ Tanya. Who I doubted needed help anyway.

So not Edward, or any of the Cullen’s, seeing as they were prone to use my window. That left either one of the pack, who I didn’t believe would be out, and would not use the normal way of the phone, or…or…


I huddled in the duvet, breathing deeply. If I could get to a phone I could call Edward. He’d come over and I’d be safe. If I was quiet, she might not even hear me with her super hearing, over all this rain.

As I reached out next to me, there was another loud thumping on the downstairs door. I bit on my lip harder, looking out for my phone when-

There was another sound, as the springs from the bed were released and someone struggled around in the darkness. I froze. The footsteps carried across the hall way, out to the stairs, and the click of a light switch.

“Charlie!” I leapt from my bed, running to the door, somehow able to reach it with out tripping. “Charlie- dad! Don’t open that-”

“I’ve got it Bells. Who is it at this time of night?” Charlie was at the foot of the stairs, and I knew I had no way to stop him, as he already had the keys in his hand. Why didn’t he take the gun! Surely that’d do something in the way of protection against a vampire? Or some sort of fire? No-we didn’t have lighters in the house.

“Hello there and-” Charlie had opened the door, ignorant to the troubles that could be behind it. I stayed, leaning over the edge of the stairs, my body not listening to my mind, which was telling it to move, to run or help.

He stayed silent for too long a time.

I was too scared to do much more than the raspy breathing coming through my lungs, and listen to the beating of my heart, frantically thumping against my rib-cage.

“Charlie! How good to see you!”

“R-Renée? Why are you…late?”

“Well early. I took an earlier plane to get to see you quicker!” And excited voice perked up from outside.

“Come in quickly.” Charlie didn’t hesitate to let her inside, still awkwardly standing rigid, not knowing what to do.

“See the house hasn’t changed much. And oh look you still have that photo over the- Bella!”


Renée stepped forwards into the light.

“Well now, aren’t you growing up? Come down here so I can see you better.”

Slowly I stumbled down the stairs, realising my fear was for nothing. It was Renée, just early to arrive to the wedding. The draft from the open door sent chills up my spine, even in the thick clothes I was draped in.

“Close that door Charlie, you’re letting in the rain. I’ve been out there too long anyway- freezing weather it is around here!”

Charlie closed the door behind her, but not before I saw it.

That flash of bright orange hair.