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Edward and Bella go to the Zoo

We all know that a zoo is not the best place for a vegitarian vampire... Bella and Edward get tricked into going to the Zoo...what problems will occur? Teen for language! but not that bad basic comedic fluff banner by eternitys_charm! enjoy

Please review and ill update as much as i can!!! ENJOY

1. Hilarous Standards

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“Alice? Alice? What’s wrong?” Bella asked as Alice withdrew to her oh-so familiar look.

“Don’t worry about it Bella; she doesn’t even realize that you're talking to her right now,” Carlisle said trying to comfort the worried Bella.

They all watched as Alice’s face contorted in pain, and then relaxed into a smile. The next thing they knew she was on the floor laughing hysterically.

“Haha…oh Bella…plastic…jaguar…hotdog…Edward…” They heard from between Alice’s fits of laughter. She had now made a small dent in the dark wooden floors, from banging her fists on it caused by excessive laughter.

“Alice, honey, calm down. Tell us what’s so funny,” Esme said, patting Alice gently on the shoulder between rolls. Esme was more worried about the dents Alice was making in her new dark oak floors.

“I’m sorry guys, it’s just... oh god!” she said heaving and bursting into laughter once again.

“Alice…” Rosalie started but stopped short after receiving a death stare from Jasper.

“Ok. Ok. I’m done,” Alice said breathing heavily after finally getting up off the floor and with one swift movement removing all the dirt off her clothes. “It was just a funny vision; nothing to worry about!” She continued shaking her head and making a face at the concerned onlookers.

“What happened?” asked Emmett desperate to be in on the fun.

“Um, nothing really… we will just have to wait and see if it happens,” Alice responded.

“Alice! Please you have to tell us!” Emmett retorted. He ran over to her and started shaking her shoulders wildly with both hands.

“Emmett let me go!" Alice said trying to wriggle her way from Emmett’s power grip. You will just have to wait and see!”

“Now, now, Emmett, we should treat Alice’s gift as a blessing, and not base our lives on it. What ever it is we will find out soon enough I’m sure,” said Carlisle gently intervening between a still giggling Alice and a frustrated Emmett.

“Sorry, am I late?” asked Edward as he bounded through the front door.

He looked around, obviously confused why they were all standing around Alice. He gave Alice a hard look, trying to read her mind.

He quickly scanned the others minds and finally rested on staring at his beautiful Bella, who had a look of pure mystification on her face.

“What’s going on?" he asked.

“Oh nothing." said Carlisle, "And no you're not late Edward don’t worry the restaurant doesn’t open 'till 5 we were just getting ready to go. Why don’t you go get cleaned up,”

Edward gave a last confused look to Alice, kissed Bella on her head and bolted up the stairs.

“Does Edward know now too?" Emmett asked, "ALICE THIS ISN”T FAIR! YOU HAVE TO TELL ME!” He bellowed from where he stood. Jasper could feel the frustration pouring out of him.

Alice just burst in to laughter again.

“Fine I’ll just go ask Edward then,” Emmett stated as calmly as he could, then running as quick as he could up to Edward's room.

“Are you going to tell us now that stupids' gone?” asked Rosalie who sat reading a magazine on the couch.

“No, I think ill wait to see how this plays out,” responded Alice who then grabbed her purse from the couch and ran upstairs still trying to contain her laughter.

The rest of the family stood in awe for a second at how such a little creature could be so annoying.

Bella decided to go check on Edward and Carlisle and Esme made there way upstairs as well. Only Rosalie and Jasper remained, Rosalie finishing her In Style and Jasper watching baseball on the new television. The Cullen house was once again calm.



It was followed by a harsh crash, probably related to Edwards stereo.

“That was completely unnecessary, Emmett! That was my new stereo Alice ordered from Spain. It’s not a very good way of showing you're responsible enough to hold her secret." Edward said in a hard voice, "Anyway I told you, she was reciting the first 1000 numbers of pi in her head, so I have absolutely no idea what vision she had was about,” Edward replied coolly, not in the mood to fight with Emmett.

“Don’t screw with me Edward! You really know what she was thinking and I'm going to find out, I'm GONNA KICK YOUR ASS!” Emmett replied, shouting once again.

“Emmett, language,” said Esme calmly coming out of her room, fastening her earring. This was followed by a snicker from Edwards’s room. “Oh and if you made another dent in the wall, you can re-plaster it yourself.” She added.

“Its ok it rebounded off the bed and broke on the floor,” grumbled Emmett quietly then angrily making his way down the stairs. This was followed by more snickering from Edward's room.

“Everyone ready to go?” asked Carlisle from downstairs.

It was going to be one hell of a night.