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Edward and Bella go to the Zoo

We all know that a zoo is not the best place for a vegitarian vampire... Bella and Edward get tricked into going to the Zoo...what problems will occur? Teen for language! but not that bad basic comedic fluff banner by eternitys_charm! enjoy

Please review and ill update as much as i can!!! ENJOY

3. Bright Red Tomatoes

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“Hey Ang! Ang!” Bella yelled across the grocery store. She looked around realizing all the other people around. A blush swam to her cheeks. Edward took a step back, noticing the blush; he hadn’t hunted in over three weeks because of a possible threat in the area. Bella would not be left unprotected.

“Bella? Oh hello Edward,” Angela said arriving in front of them by the tomatoes. Edward nodded back in a gentle manner.

“Where’s Ben?” asked Bella.

“He is visiting his grandmother near Copalis Beach for today, actually,” replied Angela. “Did you enjoy your meal last week?”

“Yes it was very nice, its cool how you all go out together and it’s not awkward.”

“Yah we are lucky in that way.”

“How’s the wedding plans coming?”

“Oh you heard about that did you? I guess I’m not surprised; no secrets in Forks.” Edward snickered behind Bella.

“Haha, never. Um Bella I know this is out of thin air, but me and Ben were thinking about it, and umm, well, would you and Edward like to come on a double date to the zoo tomorrow? It’s in Port Angeles. It’s kind of like a carnival, actually more a makeshift zoo. It’s only in town for a week and its ending tomorrow. We were going to go with his parents, but they have a conference for the weekend. Don’t feel, like obligated, I’m sorry, I dunno…” This was the longest speech Bella had ever heard Angela make.

“Could I call you tonight with a definite answer, it just, well depends on things.” Replied Bella not wanted to put off Angela into thinking she didn’t want to go.

“Of course! Umm so ill talk to you later then?” Angela said pulling her shopping cart back towards the dairy products.

“Yah, ill call you!” said Bella to the retreating figure. She felt bad, not being able to respond up front to Angela.

“She should watch out, someone spilt some bags of milk on the floor,” Edward said, Bella oddly, almost forgot he was there. “So, the Zoo it is?” He said casually, not letting on how worried he was. If it made Bella happy, he could suffer through it. He wanted Bella to keep some part of her human life before he changed her.

“Edward, you know we can’t go! You haven’t hunted in weeks, isn’t that a little dangerous?” Bella said watching him with troubled eyes. She knew that he couldn’t be that strong right now, his eyes were an ultra dark chocolate and his dark circles almost fully surrounding his eyes.

“Bella I’m fine,” he could see the concern in her eyes floundering, "Seriously,” he used his hypnotic stare to make her trust him.

“Are you sure? Because ill go tell her right now, but only if you’re absolutely sure…” She said.

“I’m Positive. 100%” He responded with the fakest of smiles he could muster.

She sauntered off to find Angela and he stood there with the tomatoes.

With the tomatoes, alone.