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Burn Beautiful

Spoiler warning. Continuation of New Moon. Being a vampire comes with it's own problems: newfound bloodlust, untried strength, neverending fights between natural vampire will and human conscience. Edward and Bella's relationship takes a completely new turn as challenges fly their way. Namely, a pack of furious werewolves and a certain vampire named Victoria, who's still set on vengeance and, this time, gains some powerful followers determined to end Bella, vampire or not, and do as much damage to Forks as possible.

I just finished New Moon and I know I SHOULD wait until Eclipse comes out, but I had to do something to pass the time! Especially since I had about a million ideas running through my head, mainly around how much could happen once Bella IS a vampire. What happens with Victoria, werewolves, Volturi? What's her special ability, if she has one at all? How does she go about realizing her ability? How does she deal with vampire instincts? What about her parents? AHH, idea overflow! I've outlined this entire story and it's turning up to be pretty much novel long, which is exciting. I'm not new to writing, I've just never done this particular "fandom" before and I hope I do it justice.

22. Rebellion

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Ch. 22: Rebellion

I gasped and looked around.

"Hello?" Darkness. "HELLO?!"

Edward grasped my hand and sighed. "It's useless," he shook his head and murmured. "We'll never find out who the mysterious voice is."

"We wont?"

"Nope. Our author has forgotten about us. We will now be forever stuck on a cliff and forever wondering who talked to us."

"Oh." I looked around and shrugged. "What do you want to do to pass the time?"

Edward grinned, "Let's make out."

And so we made out for eternity.

The end.

JUST KIDDING!!! Althought that would be nice, wouldn't it? Read on. Author's Note at the end.

Ch. 22: Rebellion

"Ugh, please stop. This is absolutely sickening."

It was a familiar voice; female, condescending, annoyed.


She stood next to a bored-looking Adrien, blocking our path from the cliff to the forest. Her fine, golden hair was pulled back into a loose French braid hanging down to her waist, and she was wearing a black, leather-impersonating body-suit. Shiny vinyl and spandex, more like.

I blinked at her attire and was reminded of a particular cat-woman comic I'd skimmed through at a Stop & Go once with Renee when I was younger. An amused smile tugged at the corner of my lips before I could hide it.

Iris noticed.

"What" she sneered, raising a perfectly shaped eyebrow in my direction, "is so funny?"

Edward's fingers dug into my hips, warning me not to say anything incredibly stupid, but I was already on a roll.

"Just - " I snorted back a giggle and gestured at her ridiculous bodysuit. "I didn't know people wore things like that in real life."

Edward's body trembled slightly and I looked up into the laughing gleam of his eyes.

"Now you've done it," he whispered into my ear as Iris screeched.

"How dare you, you - you ugly, disgusting, K-mart wearing, tangly-hair having, little girl with no fashion sense whatsoever criticize what I, one of Volterra's most refined socialites and Aro's right hand female, choose to wear," she hissed. Adrien placed a restraining hand on her arm as she leapt forward, pulling her back to his side.

"You're not part of the Volturi anymore," he reminded her in a low voice, sounding irritated. She snarled at him and shook him away. He shrugged and focused his blood-red gaze on us.

"We're looking for Dorian," he informed us. "Have you seen him?"

"No," Edward answered immediately. Adrien narrowed his eyes and straightened, drawing his shoulders up.

"You're absolutely certain?"

Iris snorted, "It's obvious that they're lying. The question is why would they lie to us?"

I glanced at Edward again and caught his eye. He hardly flinched and squared his shoulders as Adrien slowly crept closer to us.

His thick boots crunched over the dead leaves and twigs scattered over the floor as he looked from me to Edward then back again. Edward's face slowly constricted and a little crease appeared between his eyebrows. I realized he was trying to get into Adrien's head but couldn't.

"Yeah, that's right," Adrien laughed softly, noticing as well. "No need to even try, boy. Your so-called ability can't touch me."

A low growl rumbled from Edward's throat and Adrien's laugh grew louder.

He glanced over his shoulder at Iris. "Freeze him, babe," he instructed her. A slow smile crept up her lips as she nodded and turned her attention towards Edward.

My eyes widened and before I knew it, a hacking sound emitted from Edward's throat and his eyes glazed over.

"Edward!" I breathed in and reached towards him. A cold, marble hand caught my wrist and stopped my movements

"Tsk," Adrien chuckled. "Nothing you can do to help him now … dearest."

I tried to yank my wrist from him, but he was too strong. "Let me go," I snarled, glaring.

"Why would I do that?" he sneered then yanked me towards him until his body was pressed intimately against mine. He lowered his lips and pressed a light kiss to the shell of my ear before whispering, "I'm not nearly done with you, beautiful."

I felt harsh, probing hands dig into my waist and slowly move downwards. From over his shoulder, I saw Iris's eyes narrow. The cruel smile instantly dropped to be replaced by a disgusted sneer.

"Get away from me, you sick - " his lips cut me off and I nearly threw up in his mouth. His kiss was nowhere near gentle - it was harsh and punishing. The teeth that clashed with my skin set out to draw blood and the tongue that plunged into my mouth without invitation set out to devour me from the inside out.

Without thinking, I clamped my teeth down on his tongue as hard as I could and he roared, jumping back and clutching his mouth. I spit and coughed, stumbling away from him.

"That's enough!" Iris's shrill voice pierced the ear as we both turned towards her. She lifted her finger and directed it towards my head.

A few seconds passed and nothing happened. She furrowed her forehead and bit her lip in concentration. You can't, I nearly laughed in her face as I slowly stood, straightening my back.

"How much longer are you going to try before you just give up?"

She threw me a furious look and lifted her upper lips in a threatening snarl. A low chuckle overlapped her growls and we both turned to see Adrien staring at me in what seemed to be … fascination.

Instinctively, I backed away.

"How… interesting," he said, slowly, leeringly, red eyes burning into mine. "Felix never mentioned this."

"Of course he wouldn't," Iris cut in, scathingly. "He's not good for anything. A useless addition to our clan. I don't know what Dorian was thinking, accepting him into our group."

"Dorian must know about her," Adrien continued, ignoring her and taking a step closer to me. "What she can do."

Iris snorted. "She's nothing special."

"She's immune."

"That's not enough to integrate her into the Aurileus and you know - "

"Shut up," Adrien snapped at her, annoyed. "You forget your place. I started the Aurileus, I'm our leader, I'm - "

"Dorian's our leader now, or have you forgotten, dear mate of mine?"

Adrien suddenly lunged for her, but before he could knock her to the ground, he froze mid-air and crashed to the ground. I stared on in shock.

"How - " I stammered, staring wide-eyed at the still vampire mangled into an unnatural position.

"He wasn't expecting me to freeze him," she answered my unvoiced question, looking smug. "He can only block what he anticipates. Handy, huh?"

I didn't reply.

"Well, seems like it's just you and me, now," she grinned, then turned her gaze to Edward's frozen form. "Oh." She purred. "And him."

I stiffened.

She glanced at me. "Your boyfriend?"

"Something like that," I nodded slightly, keeping my eyes on her.

"Well, don't mind if I … " she paused for a short moment before laughing softly, "have my way with him."

"Get the hell away from him."

"Or what?" she laughed. "You'll scare me with your little immunity? Oh boo-hoo."

I saw red. I didn't even think before moving to push her away from Edward. It was as instinctive as the need to drink blood. Get away, get away, get away.

She fell back only a yard or so before regaining her footing and slamming her elbow against my head, bringing me to the ground. I felt the earth beneath me crack slightly as I landed.

"I wouldn't try that, sweetie," she giggled. "I've got years of experience on you."

"Adrian's not going to like - "

"Oh, don't give me that," she snarled, her airiness slipping away like a veil fluttering to the ground. The look she gave me was nothing short of vicious. "He hasn't been faithful to me since the 80's."

I stared blankly and she rolled her eyes.

"These men," she drawled out, reaching out to trace the curve of Edward's stiffened cheek with a manicured finger before turning back to me. The brightness of her eyes shone against the setting sun and for a second, I saw a flash of remorse mar her face before cold indifference covered it up again. "They say they'll love you forever. They change you so you're immortal and spout poetry and useless words about love and eternity … when they only give you an eternity of heartbreak."

She circled Edward, running her hand along his shoulders, down his arms. I clenched my fists and slowly rose to my feet as she was talking.

"They get bored, you see," she went on as she breathed against the curve of Edward's collarbone and rested her head against his neck. "When you finally give them … everything, they leave you."

I saw my moment as she started playing with the buttons on his shirt.

"It always happens," she said. "They like you for a few years, then they're tired of you."

"Ever think," I responded slowly, softly, creeping forward as I went. "That once they get to know you, they realize they can't stand you?"

And with that, I rushed forward, successfully knocking her off her feet…

But only for a moment. I underestimated her reflexes and before I knew it, I was thrown back to the ground again and this time, I heard the roots in the ground shaking as a few trees surrounding the area shuddered, threatening to fall over.

Iris laughed.

"What a fool. I've lived for centuries little girl. Even if your new vampire strength makes you strong, I live for fighting. You can't even begin to take me on."

I glared at her from the ground, pushing myself back up to my feet. She snorted.

"What do they see in you anyway? You're nothing special," she turned back to Edward with a calculated stare before stepping up to him and pressing her body against his. My nails dug into my palms. She giggled softly and whispered something into his ear.

"I wonder what you could do with a real woman," I heard her say and my mind snapped as an idea lit itself up.

Get her off you, I threw at Edward, hoping that I was getting somewhere with this potential "gift" that I had. I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to put myself in his place, see everything from his mind.

Get her off, throw her off.

My head burned and I felt a deep aching sensation in my temple as I concentrated. It had to work. It had to, I could feel it in my gut, my heart, my essence.

And then there was a scream.

My eyelids flew up and I gasped at the scene before me. Edward was still stiff and trancelike, but his arm had suddenly reached out and grabbed Iris's swan-like throat, lifting her several feet off the ground.

"Let me go!" she screamed and choked, flailing her legs out. Edward stood, statuesque, not moving a muscle.

"Oh my … " I breathed out, surprised and elated. It worked. What did it mean?

What could it mean?

I can control… the people that she freezes…

I looked over to Adrian as Iris's shrieks escalated.

Get up.

His hand shot forward and slowly, rigidly, his knees bent and pushed him to his feet. His body slowly turned to face me and when I looked into his eyes, blank, lifeless pupils stared back into mine.

"Iris," I called out to her. Her shrieking stopped and she glared at me while gripping at Edward's choke-hold. "Free Edward right now."

She sneered. "Why should I? I'm perfectly fine up here. I don't need to breathe, you know."

"So that's why you were screaming as if your life depended on it?"

She didn't answer.

I shrugged. "In that case…"

Hold her over the edge of the cliff. Edward's body swiveled and before I knew it, Iris was twisting and writhing and trying her hardest not to look down.

"How did you - Put me down!" she coughed.

"Let him go," I demanded.

"Have him put me down then I'll free him."

"Are you sure that's what you want?"

She swallowed and glared - "Have him put me down on the ground."

Loosen your grip. His fingers around her neck slackened and she dipped down, yelping in anger and shock.

"Stop!" her legs swung over the edge and her hands gripped his arm.

"Okay, okay, I'll set him - "

And Edward came to life. My chest deflated in relief when I saw his head turn to look at me in something short of amusement and somber pride. The life was back in his eyes.

"Enough of this!" a voice commanded. I froze and turned to see Adrian walking up behind me.

"Damn," I muttered to myself, "He wasn't supposed to come to life, too."

Adrian smirked at me, "Surprise, surprise, honeycakes."

Edward took a few steps back and released Iris back to the ground. I hesitated for a second until his eyes met mine and he held a hand out - then the world couldn't stop me from rushing to his side.

When his arms wrapped around my body, I was suddenly home again and I realized how close I had come to losing him.

"Don't ever do that to me again," my voice came out muffled in his shirt. His deep chuckle vibrated through me as he held me tighter.

"Didn't have much say in the matter," he said softly.

"Well, isn't this tender," Iris grunted as she rose to her feet and straightened, throwing her head up high. "Moments like these are why I refuse to watch daytime TV."

"Adrian! Iris!" A familiar and not entirely unwelcome voice rang out from the forest.

All four of us turned as Dorian and Tanya emerged, both looking frustrated and flustered.

"Dorian, we were searching for you," Adrian said, stiffly, as his leader surveyed the situation.

"Yeah, we were looking all over," Iris cooed, prancing up to him and casting Adrian a dark look. A disgusted sneer curled up Tanya's lip as she watched the other blonde latch herself to Dorian's side.

Dorian took a step away from Iris and I saw his eyes flicker over to Tanya's retreating form as she walked away.

"Where's she going?" I asked Edward.

"Probably back to the house."

I looked back at Dorian and sighed. I was never one to get mixed up in love triangles - they were hardly fascinating and really just a mess. Personally, I liked to stay out of sticky situations, but, like all plans went, things didn't work out and here I was, in the middle of somebody else's… love diamond.

But something about Dorian's eyes lost me. What was it? Regret? Pain? It was something deep and grown of centuries worth of love and mistakes. As an observer, it was clear to me just how much he loved Tanya. I looked up at Edward and thought about what Iris had said about Adrian.

The two of them weren't even looking at each other.

As one side of his lip drew up and he gave me that crooked smile that melted me every single time, I decided that Iris was wrong. Love could last forever.

"Where were you, Dor?" Adrian asked, cutting the silence. Dorian gave him an annoyed glance.

"Don't call me that. And I was busy."

He didn't elaborate and looked at us instead. His mouth opened and closed, as if he were about to say something then changed his mind. Instead, he just shook his head and said, "Two more days. We will fight in two days."

And with a swirl of wind, leaves, and thunderclouds, he was gone.

Author's Note: I can't express just how sorry I am for the prolonged hiatus. Life came up - graduation, work, finals, etc. You know how it is. Over that, I've been having major writer's block. But, good news! I'm back on the horse and I've got the rest of this story planned out. Expect more Bella/Edward next chapter!

And about this chapter - I'm really not that happy with it. It's really, really broken and I feel like I've somehow lost the "Twilight touch" ... so I'm going to go back and read a few sections so the next chapter will be a lot better. But other than that - this chapter's kind of important. We learned that Bella can counteract Iris's power! Here's my reasoning: Iris freezes minds and Bella "controls" them to an extent. It's hard for Bella to control a living, thinking person's mind because free will can always argue against whatever she puts in their head, right? But with them frozen... there's no inner voice inside their head to argue against Bella so whatever Bella wants them to do... they do. Fun, huh? So yeah... tell me what you think.

And... this story won 1st place "Best WIP" and "Best General Romance" on The Twilight Awards! Thanks to everybody for voting for me!! TTA's also currently holding Fanfiction/Fanart of the Week contests, so check it out (www.awards.volturi.org)

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And thanks again for all the support this story's been getting. I'm dead set on completing it before Eclipse comes out, so my next update wont be as long as this one by far. Then you can go read Eclipse and compare!! Haha. R&R as always.