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Burn Beautiful

Spoiler warning. Continuation of New Moon. Being a vampire comes with it's own problems: newfound bloodlust, untried strength, neverending fights between natural vampire will and human conscience. Edward and Bella's relationship takes a completely new turn as challenges fly their way. Namely, a pack of furious werewolves and a certain vampire named Victoria, who's still set on vengeance and, this time, gains some powerful followers determined to end Bella, vampire or not, and do as much damage to Forks as possible.

I just finished New Moon and I know I SHOULD wait until Eclipse comes out, but I had to do something to pass the time! Especially since I had about a million ideas running through my head, mainly around how much could happen once Bella IS a vampire. What happens with Victoria, werewolves, Volturi? What's her special ability, if she has one at all? How does she go about realizing her ability? How does she deal with vampire instincts? What about her parents? AHH, idea overflow! I've outlined this entire story and it's turning up to be pretty much novel long, which is exciting. I'm not new to writing, I've just never done this particular "fandom" before and I hope I do it justice.

24. Chapter 24

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And here's yet another warning for this brief chapter: sexual innuendo.

Ch. 24: Interludes

The hazy rays of the morning sunrise filtered through the wispy curtains and cast fluttery shadows entwined with pale sparkles across our skin as we lay next to each other on his couch.

For once, I had been able to stay awake with him through the night and watch him just as he'd always watched me all those nights in Charlie's house. It was something I could spend forever doing.

Our first time had been nothing like I'd expected. There was no pain, only euphoria, no awkward movements, only love. I almost wished I could snatch the moment back and go through it over and over again.

When we had fallen apart, all we could do was lay there and stare at each other. His eyes never left mine, even when I reached for an afghan to cover myself with. He had stopped me with a gentle kiss and trailed his index finger over my face as if memorizing it all over again.

Our words were simple. Short sentences and whispered promises, sweet plans for the future.

Now, his ocher eyes were smiling. Simultaneously, a smug, satisfied smile arched across his perfect, soft lips. I reached towards him and traced the corner of his mouth.

"What are you thinking about?" I asked, my voice slightly hoarse.

He didn't say anything at first, just held my gaze and, once in a while, let his eyes roam my face. Then, he leaned forward and pressed his lips against mine in a soft, lingering kiss.

It was almost chaste, until I buried my hands in his hair and pressed him closer, opening my mouth to his sweet essence.

"Remember …," he asked, pulling back a millimeter or so and searching my eyes, "Do you remember the time when I was afraid to kiss you?"

I smiled. "Yes," I answered him, touching his cheek gently with one light finger, letting my nose gently nudge his. "It was the most frustrating thing, wanting you so badly only to have you pull away every single time."

"Mm, yes," he chuckled, brushing his lips over mine again. "Well, you weren't the only frustrated party there. I thought about not stopping so many times."


He nodded, his small smile turning into a full fledged grin as I kissed him.

"So how does it feel?" I asked him, shifting over until he was on his back and my chin was resting on his chest.

"Not having to stop?"


I kissed his chest lightly and crawled up slowly until my face was hovering above his, my hair creating a thick, dark curtain around our heads.

He laughed and I felt the thick vibrations in his chest thrum against me.

"Better," he sighed, pulling me down to meet him for a long, deep kiss that ended all further conversation as he suddenly flipped me over and positioned himself between my legs.

I hissed in absolute bliss as I let the dream start all over again.


"How long do we have?"

My voice was hardly above a whisper, my breath was short. My eyelids were squeezed shut and all I could see was the mysterious dark.

His body was pressed against mine, his hands grasping at my hips, his mouth seeking my lips.

"Don't know," he replied, his own voice hoarse and urgent. "Don't care. Want you now."


The sun was higher now, streaming bright sunshine through the thin curtains. We'd shifted to the middle of his room, wrapped around in a duvet we'd found in his closet. I sighed, stretching myself out and arching my back. My muscles sighed in content.

A low, hungry growl sounded from somewhere next to me and I turned to see Edward eyeing certain assets out in display.

"Already?" I rolled away as he made a grab for me. "How many times has it been? Seven?"

"Eight," he corrected with a smirk, wrapping a lean arm around my waist and pressing a kiss on my shoulder.

"You're not tired?"

"Not a bit," he murmured between kisses. "Forgive me, but I've gone over a century without knowing this sort of paradise and now that I've finally found out what all the fuss was about, I don't think I ever want to stop."

I laughed and hooked my arms around his neck.

"That's good," I said as I kissed him back. "Because I'm nowhere near tired."


"You're amazing," he mumbled against my skin, his chilly breath sending shivers down my spine.

"Compared to who?" I asked, tracing words and symbols across his chest as we lay there on the hardwood floor, utterly exhausted.

He glanced down at me and widened his eyes slightly when I raised an eyebrow at him.

"You're the only one, Bella," he said carefully, realizing that he was treading on dangerous waters, and I laughed lightly. Nothing could kill my good mood.

"I know," I sighed contentedly and snuggled closer. "For the record, you're not so bad yourself."

I suddenly found myself pinned down to the floor with a virile Edward hovering inches above me.

"Not so bad?" he grinned, his light eyes glittering.

"You know," I prodded him on, leaning up on my elbows as I stared him down. "Compared to the endless - "

He shut me up with a kiss and I laughed against his lips.


The cold ache in my stomach started when I turned to look at his profile as he stared at the ceiling with a permanent smile on his lips. The clock at the far end of the room read 3:04 and in less than three hours, he would be standing in the middle of the field, facing five vampires intent on destroying him.

Don't worry, I tried to tell myself. He wont be alone.

But the horrible throbbing wouldn't subside, no matter how much I tried to push it away.

I anxiously smiled when he turned to face me, trying to hide all traces of the thoughts running through my mind, but he must've caught a hint of the longing in my eyes because his forehead furrowed and he reached over to brush some errant strands of hair away from my face.

"What's the matter?" he asked, softly, his eyes searching my features.

I reached up to touch his hand and pressed his palm flat against my cheek.

"I love you," I forced out, not answering his question.

Author's Note: This isn't the full chapter 24, which is why it hasn't been posted up at fanfiction.net yet. I just felt the need to address the "sexual content" issue here since it seems that most readers here have a problem with it. In fact, I haven't even read one negative review about the scene at ff.

I'd like to thank everybody for their input in this story. I really don't mind if you didn't like the intimate moments - I just don't appreciate sarcasm.

To answer one review: I'm 18 years old and I really don't see how that's relevant to this story at all, other than the fact that yes, I'm legal to have sex, watch porn, read and watch anything NC-17, and I sure as hell can write whatever I want to write. Any more personal questions you need to ask? Because that's all you're going to get.

For anybody surprised about the sexual content, I'm just going to repeat this: I had a warning up right at the top of the chapter. So if you decided to go on and read and were thusly offended, then I'm sorry, but it's really not my fault.

I, for one, thought it was rather tame compared to a lot of other books and stories I've read.

I'm going to continue this story with an "adults" rating if it makes everybody more comfortable.

And thanks, once again, for everybody's input. Encouragement is appreciated and criticism is always helpful and taken into account for next chapters/revisions. Just don't give me one line of sarcasm and expect me to shrug it off because quite frankly, that annoys me.