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Edward and the rest of the Cullens have a very special vacation planned for Bella. But she not only hates vacations, but she hates surprises as well. Just a little fun fiction to bide my time until I can get some inspiration for my other stories.


1. Destination Unknown

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The plane came to a skidding halt on the runway and I feel his cold hand grasp mine as it rests on the arm rest in between his seat and mine. I can hear Alice and Jasper quietly conversing in their seats behind us, but their voices are too low for my human ears to hear what exactly they are saying.

“Can I please take this blindfold off?” I beg miserably, my free hand moving to slip off the soft fabric from across my eyes, but his hand grasps mine firmly.

“No, this is supposed to be a surprise.” His voice tickles my ear and I fight the urge to rotate my head so that my lips can sneak in for a quick kiss.

Silently we stand and I know the others have already departed the plane, probably heading to the baggage claim to get our bags and transportation. But Edward and I are going to take our time, newlyweds that we are, we want some sort of alone time. As we make our way out of the plane, I can feel the change in temperature and humidity and already I can feel my hair begin to curl at the ends.

We must be someplace warm.

“Edward, where have you brought me?” I try to hold back the irritation in my voice, but soon I feel his body shaking next to mine in silent laughter at my expense.

“It’s a surprise love. I won’t be removing your blindfold anytime soon, so just please be patient.” His voice is shaking with laughter and I jump as I feel another set of cold hands settle themselves on my free arm.

“Bella, you’re safe, you know we’d never let anything happen to you.” Alice too is laughing, I can hear it in her voice and this makes me even more irritated.

I can feel the two of them rushing me, both mumbling something about getting to the car before things are ruined. I hate this and they both know it, they both know how much I hate surprises and parties and gifts and for some reason, I get the feeling that this is all three wrapped into one huge, horrible, and disastrous event.

“Get in Bella.” Edward laughs at me as I turn on my heel and face, where I’m guessing, he’s standing.

“Not until you tell me where I am and where everyone else is.” I say, my foot coming down hard on the ground and all that gets me is even more laughter from the both of them.

“They’ve headed to the house to set everything up and make sure that all of our arrangements were honored.” Alice says matter-of-factly as she buckles me in next to her and I feel the car spring into motion.

“What sort of arrangements?”I ask, almost frightened by all of the possibilities behind that one statement.

“Nothing for you to get excited about, Bells. Just making sure that the house is in a secluded area.” Alice says from her seat next to me, her head resting lightly on my slumped shoulder.

“Please tell me your family didn’t buy us a house or anything…” I groan, remembering my whole theory on how this was probably some big gift.

“No. They didn’t buy us a house.” He says, his voice hesitant and calm and I can feel Alice sigh heavily.

“Bella, please don’t cause any problems…” She begs me, her hands suddenly grasping mine in a tight vise.

Damn, I guess she saw be bolting as soon as my blindfold is removed and even though I know it would never work, it doesn’t hurt to try. I sigh, my breath coming out in a loud huff and suddenly Edward’s hands are on either side of my face, his breath tickling my nose and I wonder if he and Alice even had to stop the car to switch places.

“Please will you calm down and just trust me when I say that you are going to love this…” He begs me, as his lips are suddenly on mine and I’ve lost all train of thought.

“Keep it in the bedroom kids…” I hear Alice’s tinkling voice laugh from the front of the car and I can’t help but to smile even more.

I finally begin to relax, Edward’s kiss and his arms being wrapped protectively around me are really starting to calm my nerves and hey, I may even enjoy myself. The only vacation, that’s what I’m assuming this is, that I’ve ever been on were when I went with my mom to visit gran and I’m having a hard time even remembering those.

I sigh happily as I can feel the car winding quickly around curves and I know Alice is anxious to get to wherever Jasper is. I wonder if he’ll avoid me the entire time that we’re wherever we are.

“We’re getting closer. I can hear Emmett and Rosalie…disgusting.” I feel Edward shiver beside me and I know it’s not because he’s cold.

“They’re just happy, this is just like that one honeymoon they took the last time they got married.” Alice laughs front the front and I feel my stomach flip; honeymoon?

“Honeymoon?!” I screech and I can hear Edward growl something at Alice as his arms tighten around me.

“Sorry, I thought she knew at least that much.” She apologizes, even though I doubt she means it and I can imagine the smug grin on her face right at this very moment.

I can feel myself begin to hyperventilate and then Edward’s hands are on my face again. His lips, so hard and cold, are trailing their way across my face, apologizing in the best way they know how. It’s not as if I didn’t expect this, I knew it was coming, I just thought that we would be alone on our honeymoon. Not with the whole family.

“Will you please tell me what you’re thinking.” His voice is calm, but I can hear the irritation hiding underneath the shallow tones.

“I—I just didn’t think we’d go with the whole family…” I say softly, hoping Alice can’t hear me but I know she does and now I regret saying it.

“Don’t you want me around Bella?” Her tiny voice asks softly from her position at the front of the car and now I feel even worse.

“Of course I do Alice, I just wasn’t expecting this.” I say, my voice an octave higher than it normally is and I feel Edward squeeze my hand gently.

Suddenly and without much notice, the car comes to a halt and I can hear one door opening, then slamming and then another door opening and slamming and I know that Alice has left us to find Jasper. This also means that we have arrived at our destination and I can feel my heart thumping against my chest.

“Bella…” His hands are back on my face and I can tell that mine is only inches from his as I can feel his cool breath on my lips.

“I’m listening.” I say sternly, but it won’t last for long; damn his ability to make my legs melt.

Slowly his lips caress my jaw, hard and cold as they are they still leave a trail of fire in their wake across my skin. He knows exactly how to get me to agree to anything he says and this is one of those instances and of course it’s going to work and of course I’m going to buckle and give in, but I’ll hate every minute of it. Only not really.

“Everyone has worked extremely hard for this whole thing to work out right. Will you please, please just corporate so we can have a good vacation…?” His lips are finally on mine; hard and persuading as I feel his fingers swiftly unbuckling my seat belt, his lips never leaving mine for an instant.

“Ugh…fine. I’ll play nice, but the first time Alice tries to get me to go souvenir shopping, you and I are on the first place back to Forks.” I grumble underneath his lips and I can feel that crooked smile forming against mine as he pulls away.

“Deal, now wait here.” He says, his excitement radiating in his voice as I feel his lips on mine once again and then he’s gone, his car door slamming loudly.

I inhale deeply and I know that we’re somewhere tropical because I can feel the water in the air and I really hope we aren’t anywhere near Florida. What I don’t understand is if we’re somewhere tropical, then that means sun and that means that none of the Cullens can really come outside. Great, sitting on the beach alone…perfect honeymoon this is turning out to be.

Suddenly I feel a draft of air and Edward’s cold hands on my arms, trying to lead me out of the car. I obey, only because I know if I resist he’ll just swing me over his shoulder and carry me around like a sorority girl on a college campus. My feet touch the ground and it’s soft like sand and I can faintly hear the ocean.

“Close your eyes.” He whispers in to my ear softly and I can’t help but smile because although I hate surprises and gifts, this may actually turn out well.

I can feel Edward’s hands as they gently brush my face and begin to unknot the blindfold from around my eyes. I feel like I haven’t seen anything in days, even though I know it’s only been a few hours and the sunlight is blindingly bright as it hits my closed eyes lids. A soft smile is playing on my lips as the blindfold is completely removed and probably stored in one of Edward’s pockets, perhaps for later use.

“Open your eyes Bella.” Edwards laughs softly in my ear, his arms coming to wrap themselves around my shoulders.

“No.” I say, my hands coming to grasp his tightly, or as tightly as I can manage.

Please…” He begs, now in front of me, his lips softly kissing both my eyelids, one right after the other.

I open my eyes and now I can feel the tears begin to well in them. The Cullens, my family, are all standing in front of the most beautiful house I have ever seen. Two stories high with dozens of windows, a huge wrap-around porch and walkways bordered by exotic flowers.


“Welcome to Cullen Cove, love…” He smiles softly into my hair and I get the feeling that this is going to be the best vacation and honeymoon that I’ve ever been on.

And I hate vacations!