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I Wish

When Rachel Coleman, a Twilighter, wishes on a shooting star, she wishes she was Bella Swan. Bella Swans life is so much easier, right? Well, that's what she thinks. Boy is she wrong. Her wish came true. Bella is in Rachel's body and Rachel is in Bella's. And to make it more complicated, Eclipse hasn't happened yet. That means Victoria is still alive, watching Bella's every move. But Bella isn't really Bella, is she? Rachel has no idea how much more complicated things are gonna get and what new things are going to happen. Bella and Edward's relationship, Jacob's imprint, if she's going to die... Will Bella and Rachel ever have there normal lives back again?


4. Discoveries and Enemies

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I woke up in a purple bedroom.

I slowly got out of the bed and took a look around the room. It was definitely a girl’s room, if you considered lavender to be girlish. Every color that went with lavender was in that room. The bed had a quilt blanket that was purple, green, white, teal, and pink. There was a small white desk in the corner that had a white chair next to it, facing a green laptop on the desk. There was a door that led to a medium sized closet filled with various things and clothes. On the top shelf there was a big box labeled “Art Supplies”.

I stepped out of the closet and went over to another door, which led to a Jack and Jill bathroom. It was a basic girl’s bathroom that consisted of one mirror that covered the top half of the wall, and two sinks with cabinets covering the bottom half. The door on the right had a toilet and a shower inside.

There was another door that obviously led to a bedroom at the other end of the bathroom, but I didn’t bother going into it. It felt awkward going into a house that wasn’t mine or one of my friends.

Suddenly, I was attacked. Well, if you considered an 18 year old girl smothering you with hugs and attack, then you would agree with me. And yes, the 18 year old was Cayli Cecile.

After what seemed like forever, she let go of me. “Your moms in the kitchen making dinner. She’s worried about you and so am I. You never faint around blood. Heck, you practically never faint.”

“Maybe you would understand if you believed I’m Bella Swan.”

“Quit playing that stupid game of your’s, Rachel!” Cayli said, angrily. “That isn’t funny!”

“You think I’m enjoying this?” I asked, shocked. “How would you feel if you were stuck in a stranger’s body? I didn’t wish for this, you know!”

Cayli’s eyes grew wide. “No way. It couldn’t have worked.” She whispered to herself.

“What are you talking about?” I hissed.

“Last night… we saw a shooting star. You made a wish.” She told me. “You wished you were Bella Swan.”

I was confused. “This is…this is Rachel’s fault?”

Then it hit me.

It must have hit Cayli too, because she gasped in astonishment. “Rachel’s in…”

“Yes. If I’m in Rachel’s body, Rachel must have gotten her wish. Rachel is in my Body. And I mean Bella Swan.”

Cayli looked me straight in the eyes. “I’m so sorry…Bella. What are we going to do?”

“I-I don’t know.”

* * * * * * * * * *
For the last two hours Cayli filled me with important information pertaining to Rachel’s life. I had to know everything if I was going to be stuck in her body for who-knows-how long.

Then Cayli had to leave. She said she would pick me up in the morning for school.

I had dinner with Rachel’s family. Her siblings weren’t that bad. Her brother was a bit annoying, but her sister was really pretty and she sang a lot and had a really good voice. Rachel’s parents were really nice too. No one in the family suspected a thing.

I’ve got to think of a plan!

* * * * * * * * * *

I’m in the Cullen house! I’m in the Cullen house! It was so big! Sadly, Esme was running errands and Carlisle was at the hospital so I couldn’t meet either of them.

Edward and I were walking past the living room when I noticed a newspaper lying on the floor. I stopped to pick it up and happened to glance at the cover story. It was titled “DEATH TOLL ON THE RISE, POLICE FEAR GANG ACTIVITY.”

I couldn’t believe it. It was just like the book. Suddenly, a name came into my mind.


Edward looked at me, his face grim. “Vampires are responsible for this.”

Should I tell him? Was I even right? “I thought so.”

“This is why I don’t want to change you. You could be like that.”

I thought of what Bella would say. “But I won’t be like that. When you change me, we will go to Alaska, right?”

“If I even get to change you. You attract vampires like mosquitoes. Very, very, thirsty mosquitoes.”

“What can I say, I’m a danger magnet.” I said, trying to lighten up the mood.

“This is serious, Bella.” Edward told me. We already have Victoria to deal with. We are doing everything we can to track her. The wolves are even helping.”

I had totally forgotten about the werewolves. “Jacob…”

“He will be alright.” Edward assured me. “Jacob can take care of himself. You have nothing to worry about. Victoria can’t take on a whole wolf pack alone.”

I nodded my head. “You’re right. Nothing to be afraid of.”

But he wasn’t right. Victoria wasn’t alone. I had every right to be afraid. Victoria was coming, and she was bringing company.

* * * * * * * * * *

I had made it through a full day being in Rachel’s body! Hurray!

And now I’m at school, eating pizza in the cafeteria with Cayli.

I noticed Cayli was glaring at a sandy brown haired boy with green eyes, who was sitting next to a blond haired girl.

“Who is he?’ I asked, curious.

Cayli grimaced. “His name is Seth Little. The girl next to him is his new girlfriend, Sidney Lane. She’s new. Don’t bother talking to either of them.”

“Why? Don’t you like them?”

“Seth is Rachel’s Ex-boyfriend. He dumped her for Sidney.” She explained. “I’d like to run over that boy with my truck. He broke Rachel’s heart.”

“That’s horrible.”

Just as I said that the blond haired girl from gym class, Michelle Wilson, walked up to our table with her posies. She was in bad shape. She had a cast on her nose and her face was slightly bruised. The glare on her face made it even worse. Let me just say, if looks could kill, I’d be dead right now.

When she reached our table, she looked at me. “You will pay for this, Rachel.”

“Sheesh, it was an accident.” Cayli said.

Michelle scoffed. “Yeah right. Rachel, you always get home runs in gym. You did it on purpose.”

Great. Rachel and I are total opposites. I’m a klutz, and she’s a total athlete. Plus she’s more girly than me.

Michelle folded her arms across her chest. “Yeah, that’s what I thought.” And she walked away with her “friends” without a second glance.

“Looks like I’ve already managed to make an enemy.” I said, glumly.

I’m not surprised.” Cayli told me. “Everyone is her enemy.”