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I Wish

When Rachel Coleman, a Twilighter, wishes on a shooting star, she wishes she was Bella Swan. Bella Swans life is so much easier, right? Well, that's what she thinks. Boy is she wrong. Her wish came true. Bella is in Rachel's body and Rachel is in Bella's. And to make it more complicated, Eclipse hasn't happened yet. That means Victoria is still alive, watching Bella's every move. But Bella isn't really Bella, is she? Rachel has no idea how much more complicated things are gonna get and what new things are going to happen. Bella and Edward's relationship, Jacob's imprint, if she's going to die... Will Bella and Rachel ever have there normal lives back again?


6. Nightmares and Jacob Black

Rating 5/5   Word Count 686   Review this Chapter


I was in a forest.

It looked familiar, I was probably in Forks.

I looked around, wondering why I was here. I saw a doe, silently grazing. It seemed not to notice me. But then it looked up, looking directly at me. It slowly made its way towards me. It got closer and closer until I could almost touch it. I reached out my hand and-

Suddenly, a white blur collided with the doe and knocked it to the ground.

The deer was dead. Its neck was broken.

A female vampire was crouching over it, draining the deer. The vampire was feeding. What was I doing here?!

But I suddenly noticed something. She had red hair. Very familiar red hair.

“Victoria,” I whispered out loud, to myself.

Victoria stopped feeding and looked right at me. She smiled. ‘Why, hello, Bella.”

“Hi,” I said, nervously. I was too terrified to run. I had no chance of outrunning her, anyway.

She stood up and walked closer to me. “Ah, blood.” She sighed, circling me. “It has such a satisfying taste. But do you know what I really long for the most?”


“Your blood.” She told me, laughing evilly.

She pounced.

The darkness overtook me.
(End of dream)

I awoke, breathing heavily. I was sweating profusely. I groped around for my Edward, but I couldn’t find him.

I cried myself back to sleep.

* * * * * * * * * *


Guess what? Does anyone remember the kidnap- I mean, slumber party in Eclipse? Well, I’m about to experience it.

On the bright side, even though Edward is gone, hunting, he wrote me-well, technically, Bella- a sweet note that was also in Eclipse.

“Aren’t you excited?” Alice crowed, leading me to Edward’s room.

“Depends,” I told her, rolling my eyes.

“Well, you’ll be sleeping in Edward’s room. Your stuff is already there.”

I smiled as we entered his room. His new huge bed was exactly how I imagined it.

“You like it?” Alice asked.

“Yes, I love it!”

“I’ll give you some privacy,” Alice laughed. “See you in the morning.”

I quickly brushed my teeth, showered, and got in one of Bella’s pajamas. As I was snuggling the sheets of Edward’s colossal bed, I remembered something.

Rosalie. Rosalie would be coming to tell her “story.’

There was a knock at the door. I tried my best not to move a muscle.

“Can I come in?” Rosalie asked. The door slightly creaked open.

“Edward,” I moaned, making her think I was talking in my sleep. “I love you.” I clutched the bed sheets even tighter.

Rosalie lingered at the doorway. “Edward loves you too Bella. More than you know,” She sighed. “I wish you would realize why he doesn’t want to change you.” Then she quietly closed the door on her way out.

* * * * * * * * * *

The next morning, Alice drove me to school.

“Tonight we’ll go out to Olympia or something,” she promised. “That would be fun, right?”

“Yeah,” I responded, smiling at her.

Alice smiled back. ‘You usually don’t like things like this, Bella. It’s different, but a good different.”

“Umm… thanks. I’ll see you at lunch.” I then walked over to Bella’s English class.

* * * * * * * * * *

When the bell rang, I got out of my seat nervously. Mike was there at the door, holding it open for me.

“Edward hiking this weekend?” he asked socially as we walked out into the light rain.


“You want to do something tonight?”

Oh boy.

“I can’t. I have a slumber party.” I told him, sighing dramatically. He gave me a strange look.

“Who are you-“

Mike’s question was cut short as a loud, growling roar erupted fro behind us in the parking lot. Everyone on the sidewalk turned to look, staring in disbelief as the noisy black motorcycle screeched to a stop on the edge of the concrete, the engine still snarling.

On the motorcycle, was someone who looked very much like…

Jacob Black?!?

“Run, Bella!” He yelled over the engines roar.

Of course! Why hadn’t I remembered! This happens in Eclipse!

Alice was coming!

I was a team Edward fan, but now was my chance to really get to know Jacob…

I left Mike and sprinted over to Jake.

Jake revved his engine, grinning. I jumped on the back of his seat, wrapping my arms tightly around his waist. Wow, he was burning hot!

We sped away. Everything in the book really was coming true…