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Calling it Even

Just a short, humorous fic with the lovable couple of Quil and Claire. Nothing could compare to the feelings I had for Claire. Especially now since she was finally sixteen; practically an adult. She sure looked adult. Heck, she talked like one often enough.


1. Chapter 1

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Nothing could compare to the feelings I had for Claire. Especially now since she was finally sixteen; practically an adult. She sure looked adult. Heck, she talked like one often enough. Listening to her sometimes was the same of being cooped in a small car with five huge werewolves in the middle of a traffic jam. But foul words coming from her were like music to my ears.

Even so, she was an angel. Sweet, sensitive, loving-

“I hate that little twit!” something screeched by the front door. There was a loud slam quickly following it with the sound of the stomping of shoes echoing down the hallway. The creature screamed, a sound that pierced the ears and made you want to duck for cover. The…thing rounded the corner and I nearly had a heart attack when I saw my lovely angel as red as a tomato and heard the word vomit spewing from her lips.

“Claire!” her mother yelled, blocking her daughter’s way into her bedroom, which I had just cleaned by the way. Claire just narrowed her eyes and cast them around the living room, hopefully just looking for a place to sit down and huff.

Sure, Claire is the sole reason for my existence. She’s just a huge sweetie most of the time, but teenagers do tend to have raging hormones that take over the whole body in the blink of an eye. This wonderful girl in front of me was no exception. Usually sweet, caring, funny, and sometimes (okay, always) cocky, but when she gets angry…well.

Run away. Which was what I was doing at the moment. I love her to death and all that, but she can be really scary.

“Quil!” she suddenly gasped and I felt two arms snake around my waist when I didn’t escape fast enough. I winced and turned around, waiting for either heaven or hell. When she smiled up at me, my heart melted. Thankfully she was giving me heaven.

I patted her head and kissed her forehead. When I looked up I saw that her mother had disappeared. I smirked and Claire glanced up at me, her eyes full of shame and regret.

“I went bananas again, didn’t I?” she muttered. I nodded quickly and flashed her a grin. She flashed one back and then punched my stomach. Hard. For a human it hurt.

Claire wasn’t one of those skinny, delicate girls. She was strong, curvy hips, nice broad shoulders, yet somehow slim and had a skinny waist. She was beautiful and she defiantly knew it.

“You were going to run away!” she accused and crossed her arms over her chest. I looked at her guiltily. A few years back I was able to stand very tall, smile at her and she would back down muttering something about an intolerable, egotistical sexist. But now she was around six feet and was more woman than many boys at her school knew what to do with. She liked to tease them, I found out when I waited for her at her school every afternoon. Usually one look at my glare sent them scurrying away.

“You know exactly why,” I responded and crossed my own arms over my own chest. We glared at each other, sizing the other up. She puffed out her chest and arched her back so she was as tall as she could go. I tried not to ogle, but she knew she won. She shot me a triumphant glare and grabbed my car keys out of my back pocket. I jumped forward a few inches when her fingers accidentally brushed the small of my back.


“Let’s go get some ice cream,” she said and was already starting to walk towards the door. “I’ll drive.”

I watched her go, probably a little too long since her mother, who suddenly appeared again once the threat was over, was staring needles into my brain from the kitchen doorway. I offered an embarrassed smile before shuffling out the door and hesitantly sliding into the passenger seat. Claire swung the car keys on her fingers before fluidly shoving them into the ignition and taking off down the road.

Letting Claire drive took a blow to my masculinity, but I guessed that I could charm her enough over ice cream so I would be in the drivers seat on the way back. But with another glance at the woman sitting next to me, I saw her warning smile before she turned her attention back to the road. I almost sunk in my seat, but that, of course, would have let her win. So I just sat down and stretched my arms over my head, showing off the muscles covering my stomach and chest. I saw her gaze flicker to me and her hands started to shake.

We’ll call it even.