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The Huntress, The Protector, and The Hunted

eyes...savage, black, striving to kill her query glimmering topaz, the only thing standing between life and death itself frightened deep brown, intelligent, knowing she's running out of time....


1. Chapter 1

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Huntress, Protector, and the Hunted

The eyes of the Huntress were savage,

Savage and black.

Black as coal.

Hot, hot like coal,

Heated by fury.

Her hair, a furious red.

Red, the color of my blood, blood she wanted.

Wanted, she always got what she wanted.

Revenge. That is what she sought.

Searching to kill me.

Searching with her silent heart.

Searching with her savage black eyes.

The eyes of the Protector were strong,

Strong as he.

He was the only thing between me and death.

Death, he was dead himself,

Yet very much alive.

Alive, what he wanted to keep me as.

Me, the Hunted, his reason, his purpose.

Purpose, to save me. He loved me.

Love, the very thing that created this nightmare.

The eyes of the Hunted were frightened.

Frightened as they should be,

Staring Death in the eye.

Embrace death.

Yes, embrace what is imminent.

Imminent, disaster. Wholly, completely.

Complete, something I lacked,

Something to strive for.

Strive, what was left to have,

What but time?