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What We Become

All human. Edward, the ghost of the school, has seen her from afar, but has never approached her. He and Bella have come to an unspoken agreement:don't talk to me and I won't talk to you.Hate is always the feelings that arise. With one night together, Bella becomes pregnant. What will happen? Will they find away to love one another? There's always a sneak peek at my next chapter on my site.story banner

So here it is. A brand new story. I just need a little input from you, my fabulous readers and reviewers. While you read this story, think of what I should do to make it better. I mean I have a vague outline, but it is still changeable. I’ve changed the Bella character a bit, but she hasn’t changed in essence. Does that sound cheesy? It probably does.
To all my regulars… I know there are some of you. I want you to know that this story will not disappoint. If it does, please tell me. I’m not afraid of a bit of flames. As long as they’re matches and not torches.
To new comers…. I hope you enjoy my writing techniques. If you like this story, do not be afraid to go and read my other ones. I just finished Edward and Isabella. And Practice makes perfect, so this story might be better…. READ ON MAN!

11. Chapter 11

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Chapter 11.

It was raining outside to the point where you were unable to see anything out the window. I felt as if I were floating underwater. With a rush of pity, I curled my fingers against the glass and leaned my forehead further. It was a Saturday. It meant that I could spend the whole day alone. I had been doing a lot of that lately. The glass fogged up in front of me. Charlie had gone to the bar for the night, which meant he wouldn't be back until early morning. At least.

I was in a pair of sweat pants and a red silk tank top. One of the shirts I spent my father's money on. I pushed back my hair, the strands that had come out of my poney-tail and hung in my eyes. I bit my lip. I knew he was out there. I took my hand and wiped away the fog. I could just make out his figure on the road in front of my house. I lowered my hands, my knees trembling, to the bottom of the window and pushed it up. The wind blew into my face, my hair flying back. The rain was moving in the wrong direction to come inside the room, but I could feel the wetness and the cool, clean, air as I breathed it in. The sound of the wind and rain was loud in my ears, and I took a step back. I couldn't see him anymore. I turned around and started rummaging through my drawers looking for something else to put on. Why was I doing this? I had nothing to show to him. Why should I have to look good for him.

His hands, cold and damp, slid from my shoulders and down to my wrists. I shivered at the presence of him. He leaned himself against me, placing his chin on my shoulder, his smooth cheek pressed up against mine. My heart raced. He pulled my hands toward myself and just held me like that.

"Edward?" I whispered after some time. He turned his head and kissed my earlobe. "Why are you here?" His voice was dark, I couldn't tell how he was feeling.

"Is your father home?" He whispered. I shook my head.

"Not for hours." I shivered again when his lips brushed against my shoulder. "You shouldn't be here."

"Why? Do you not want me here?" I didn't answer him, but I took in a sharp breath. Edward slowly turned me around so I was facing him. His face was pale, his hair soaked and hanging in his eyes. I pulled my hands up with Edward's fingers still wrapped around my wrists. I didn't look him in the eyes and I pushed back his beige leather jacket. He laughed under his breath and my eyes darted to his. I dropped my wrists and had his jacket off before I could blink. Underneath was a dress shirt, a dark navy blue. Too dressy to be casual.

"Where are you going?" I asked him as I fingered the soft fabric. His lips curved up into a half smile.

"I have a formal engagement to go to. A banquet of sorts." He whispered. I nodded; I should have guessed he had a wonderful social life.

"And you came to taunt me with that news?" I asked. His smile deepened. He placed a hand on either side of my face, his thumbs massaged circles above my ears. He leaned forward to where our lips were only an inch apart. No further, and he took in a deep breath.

"My Bella." He whispered and his breath broke my heart. "Go take a shower, I came here to get you." He continued to breath me in. I couldn't answer him. I was in a daze, all I could do was stare into his beautiful green eyes. His gaze shifted to my bed where a box sat waiting for me to open.

"No, Edward." I shoke my head.

"I would let you wear anything you want, even this." His hand slid down my back and grabbed hold of the back of my pants. He pushed me deeper into him. I sighed into his warm chest. "It's just that the event is black tie. Alice picked out the dress for you." His eyebrows creased. "I haven't even seen it. Though I was tempted to peek on the way over here."

"I can't, Edward." I whispered. I couldn't show up at a place like that. He looked in my eyes and then his gaze dropped to my lips. I bit my lower lip and tried to turn away, but he was fast. The hand that was not behind me grabbed my chin and pressed my lips against his. His lips covered mine easily and I could do nothing but kiss him back. Not that I wanted to, he was an amazing kisser. One of my arms wrapped around his neck and his hand left my chin, circling my lower back instead. Edward squeezed his other hand, pushing my pelvis up against him. With my other hand I curled my fingers underneath his shirt and around one of his belt loops. Edward's lips left mine and found refuge in the depth of my neck. My fingers found the hair at the base of his hairline. "We could stay here instead." I moaned. I wasn't supposed to want this, but I did. The whole dramatic exit I had at school a couple weeks before was a waste, and he did this on purpose to prove to me. He had completely gone by my wishes. He had not even come up to me at all, but he did stare at me. Openly. Every where I went, I saw him watching. It was if he were following me. Just waiting for me to change my mind. Every one noticed too. Every one knew that Edward desired me, and I wished they didn't. It was yesterday that Edward had even touched me in so long. I was walking to the washroom during advanced physics, and he showed up beside me, and just held my hand on the way there. When we got to the washroom, he dropped my hand. When I came out again, he was leaning against the lockers across the hall, but he came forward and took my hand again. I didn't say anything to him, and he left when we got back to my classroom. It was even worse when I sat back down in my seat and saw Alice Cullen staring at me with a crazy grin on her face.

And now Edward showed up at my window.

"You don't know how long I've wanted you to say that to me." He growled, his teeth grazing the sensitive skin below my ear. I almost yelped and he laughed. "But I promised I'd be there. With a date. So go shower." He gave me a gentle push towards my door. I grabbed the dress and hairbrush and stopped at the entrance of the door. I turned around to look at him. Edward had closed the window and was staring outside. "It's almost six, Love. We're on a schedule."I smirked and walked into the bathroom across the hall.

Either Alice knew something but wasn't letting on, or she clearly bought this dress on a whim. I half expected it to be close fitting. I would have had to tell Edward I couldn't go. Not that my stomach was too noticeable.. yet... but there was still a bit of a bump. Two and a half months will do that to you. I put the dress back in the box and turned my body to the side so I could get a better look at myself. Yes, there it was. Proof. I was going to have to do something about this soon. I couldn't keep it. I pressed my hand against my belly and just stared at myself. This wasn't the only part of my body that was going to be changing soon. I picked up my brush and brushed my hair out. It hung in damp wave down my back. There was a knock at my door.

"Six twenty..." He said through the frame. I couldn't help but smile. "How does the dress fit.." His voice was softer.

"I don't know."

"You mean you don't even have it on yet?" I laughed and knew he could hear it.

"I'll be right out." He didn't answer me right away.

"I'll be downstairs waiting."

I picked up the dress and slipped it on. It was gold with black lace criss-crossing up the bodice. It stopped under my breasts, and flowed out the the floor. I could only guess that it was expensive. Probably worth more than all my posessions combined. I couldn't do anything with my hair, and my face was clear, so all I did was dab on a bit of lip stick and some eyeliner. I opened the door and headed downstairs. He stood waiting at ther bottom. His smile covered his entire face. I blushed and stopped a few feet away from him. He lifted his hand, which held a pair of equally gold high-heeled shoes. I sighed and reached my hand out for them. He dropped the straps around my fingers and I sat down at the foot of the stairs. I placed one hand on my belly as I reached with my other to strap the shoes on. Once I got the second shoe on. I looked up at him. He had the srangest look on his face. I reached out my hands so he could lift me up on my feet. When I was standing, he pulled me closer to him with one hand, and the other started lifting up my dress.

"What are you doing?" I asked. I was shocked.

"I want to see something. It's been long enough." He murmured. He pulled the dress up over my hips and I couldn't do anything but grab the fabric. I knew what he was doing now, and I didn't know if I liked it yet. He dropped to his knees, his cold hands roaming my belly. I just stood there as he massaged me, and then he leaned his ear against me.

"Happy yet?" I asked. He looked up at me.

"I wasn't sure. I thought maybe you would have..."

"Gotten rid of it?" I asked, unknown anger rising in my throat. He didn't answer me. He stood up and helped me lower the fabric back in place. I crossed my arms. He watched me.

"Have you made that decision yet?"

"Not yet, but I will."

"No input from me?"

"You've done enough."

He was about to say something, I knew, something that would change my mind about going with him, but he looked at his watch and sighed. He grabbed my coat off the hook and proceeded to help me put it on. I let him.

"Let's just go. We'll talk later." he said, his body tense.

"I have to write a note for my dad.."

"I already did."


He led me out of the house and into the rain, opening up his coat so I could hide under it as we walked to his car that sat waiting on the curb. He opened the door quickly and I climbed in. I watched him as he ran around the front of the silver car and into the driver's seat. He turned the car on, and the sudden heat made my legs stop shaking. The inside of the car smelt just like him. Rich and beautiful. I leaned my chin in my hand and rested my elbow on the arm rest. After only a moment, he pulled away from the side of the road and sped down the deserted street. I didn't even comment on his speed, but my body tensed as I watched the houses flashed by. I changed my mind after a minute.

"Would you slow down, please?"

"I'm not even going as fast as I usually go." He murmured. I sighed, but felt the car slow down a bit more. His hand reached out and pressed a button on the console, warm music began to flow through the speakers. It calmed me down a bit more. Edward's hand found mine and I held it in my lap as we drove. This was going to be an interesting night.