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What We Become

All human. Edward, the ghost of the school, has seen her from afar, but has never approached her. He and Bella have come to an unspoken agreement:don't talk to me and I won't talk to you.Hate is always the feelings that arise. With one night together, Bella becomes pregnant. What will happen? Will they find away to love one another? There's always a sneak peek at my next chapter on my site.story banner

So here it is. A brand new story. I just need a little input from you, my fabulous readers and reviewers. While you read this story, think of what I should do to make it better. I mean I have a vague outline, but it is still changeable. I’ve changed the Bella character a bit, but she hasn’t changed in essence. Does that sound cheesy? It probably does.
To all my regulars… I know there are some of you. I want you to know that this story will not disappoint. If it does, please tell me. I’m not afraid of a bit of flames. As long as they’re matches and not torches.
To new comers…. I hope you enjoy my writing techniques. If you like this story, do not be afraid to go and read my other ones. I just finished Edward and Isabella. And Practice makes perfect, so this story might be better…. READ ON MAN!

19. Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

"Hearts!" Alice said, dropping an eight on the pile of cards. "And this is my last one." She waved it in my face. I crinkled my nose at her. I still had three left. She had told me that she had never played Crazy Eights before. I was high in thought that she was lying to me now. I sighed and dropped the two of hearts on top.

"Do you know what that means, Alice? That means pick. up. two." I smiled while wiggling my twos. My foot had fallen asleep underneath me. We both sat cross-legged, facing eachother on the sofa, a cushion between us acting as a table.

"How rude." She whispered with a smile. She glanced at her new cards and then frowned.

"Caught without a card to place?" I asked, grabbing my drink off the coffee table and bringing it to my lips. She looked up at me and then back at her cards. She harrumphed and then leaned back against the arm of the couch.

"Your turn." She mumbled. I grinned wickedly. I placed a King on top and then an Eight. I didn't say anything. She sat up and started shuffling the deck. "Best out of three."


7 months. Let me tell you that I cry sometimes. My feet hurt all the time, and I haven't seen them in weeks. When they kick... it hurts. A lot. Sometimes it feels as if someone is shooting a cannon ball from the inside of my stomach. I wake up in tears sometimes for no apparent reason.

One good thing. One. Edward rubs my feet without me even having to ask him. He's like an angel sent down from heaven. Sometimes he gets on my nerves so bad though... ugh:

Yesterday Edward completely stopped me from eating the brownies that Alice had brought over. They looked so good with nice chocolate icing and pecans and chocolate chips on top. The worst part was, when he took it away... I cried. I didn't even know I was crying until Edward placed his hands on either side of my face and kissed the tears away.

"Two more months and you can eat all the brownies that you want." He told me. I sniffed.

"With cookies and fudge too?" I asked. He grinned.

"And pudding." He whispered, kissing the space between my nose and lips.

"What happens if I get all fat from all the chocolate and start to look like a pumpkin... or that girl from the Drew Carey Show?" I whispered, sniffing again.

"Then you'd be my pumpkin. And I hope to God you wouldn't look like the girl from that TV show.. " He added the last part as an after thought, his lips trailing to the corner of my mouth.

"Well. What if I wanted to loose weight from all that chocolate?"

"Then I'd take you to the gym every day until you were happy with yourself." He kissed the other corner of my mouth.

"Then would I no longer be your pumpkin?" I closed my eyes as his lips began to cover mine.

"You'll always be my little pumpkin." He whispered before pressing his lips harshly against mine.


"You're leaving me?" I whispered lightly, tilting my head. It was dark in my bedroom, and Edward had climbed through my window. Not for the first.. or second time. I couldn't believe he was doing this to me after 7 months of me being pregnant. How could he? How dare he? Edward mirrored my own face.

"It's for two days, love." He said darkly. "I'm going a couple towns over." He rubbed my knee. "I'm not flying to some unknown country to find myself a tribal wife or anything."

"So you want a tribal wife? Is that what turns you on?" I bit my bottom lip, glaring at him. Edward leaned on his knees, grabbing me by the chin.

"You look so cute when you're moody." He whispered. I sighed and turned my face away from him. Edward groaned, pulling away from me. He placed his hands on my belly, lifting my shirt up so he could touch my skin. He placed his lips against me, and then leaned his ear. Listening.

"What's that?" He whispered. "You think that mommy is being mean to poor old Dad?" He rubbed his fingers down my side as I rested my head on my pillows. "Thats the girl talking." He spoke that to me. "Huh? You want me to tell mommy to make sure there's a baseball bat and glove waiting for you when you come out?" He patted my arm. "That's the boy talking."

"Honestly." I murmured. "As if he even knows what a baseball is. And he can't play the game for atleast eight years after he's born. Why should we waste money on it now?" Edward lifted his head so he could meet my eyes.

"Eight years? You're not letting my boy play sports for eight years?" His jaw dropped open.

"At least." I looked away from him.

"I'm going to have both of them playing before they can even walk!" He smiled. "Isn't that right, babies?" He kissed my belly button tenderly. I let out a deep breath.

"It's going to be hard without a yard." I grumbled.

"Oh, we'll have a big backyard." He murmured childishly to my stomach. I rolled my eyes. "With a swing set and one of those little pink plastic playhouses. And a tire swing!" He gasped at the end. "And I'll push mommy on it so hard that she'll get all dizzy." He laughed. I shifted my feet, and Edward lightened his weight off my legs.

"And a sandbox." I whispered. "With a bunch of shovels and trucks."

"We can't let them play with the trucks for atleast ... eight years. They might swallow the small parts." He slid up beside me, still keeping his hands on my belly. I couldn't help but smile.

"It's good to dream, I guess." I whispered after a moment. Edward leaned up and kissed my nose.

"Not dreams. If you would have let me finish talking before you got all cranky." He lifted his eyebrows. "You would have heard me say that I was going to look at a house that is for sale down in Forks, which is only about a hundred miles away. It's a town. An actual town, not a city. And the kids can grow up without having to be afraid of being robbed. And they'll have lots of friends..."

"That's a dream." I whispered. "It sounds perfect, but.. I don't want to rely on your family's money to survive." I looked away again. Edward wrapped his hand behind my head and pulled my forehead towards his lips.

"I'm going to make my own money doing what I love, but there's no excuse to live in poverty when there are resources that will give these children and our future children a good and happy life." He murmured against my skin. I was about to say something completely against this, but then I really comprehened what he just said.

"Future children?" I asked. Edward placed his lips against mine.

"You heard me."

A while later, I pulled away from him.

"Two days?"

"Two days, that's it."

When Edward left that weekend, I had to rely even more on my father for everything. But even he couldn't stick around me any longer, so he told me he was going out for a bit and he'd be back. So the house was empty when the incident happened.

... Alice POV

I leaned back into Jasper's arm. He grazed my arm as he whispered in my ear. I shivered.

"Have I told you how much I love you?" Jasper asked lightly as his hand slid down my side.

"I believe you already have, five seconds ago." Jasper smiled against my neck. I giggled. A screen door opened behind us, and we shifted out of sight behind a flower pot. Covered in darkness.

"I don't know what to do!" Rosalie bellowed into the phone. "Just stay calm." This was where Rosalie started breathing loudly in and out. I supressed a laugh. "It's okay! Oh My God! Bella? Bella? Hold on-- I'm calling Carlisle!" She turned around quickly and paced to the door. "It's too early!..." She hung up and slid the door open hard.

"Uh Oh." Jasper whispered. We stood up quickly and followed Rosalie into the house.