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What We Become

All human. Edward, the ghost of the school, has seen her from afar, but has never approached her. He and Bella have come to an unspoken agreement:don't talk to me and I won't talk to you.Hate is always the feelings that arise. With one night together, Bella becomes pregnant. What will happen? Will they find away to love one another? There's always a sneak peek at my next chapter on my site.story banner

So here it is. A brand new story. I just need a little input from you, my fabulous readers and reviewers. While you read this story, think of what I should do to make it better. I mean I have a vague outline, but it is still changeable. I’ve changed the Bella character a bit, but she hasn’t changed in essence. Does that sound cheesy? It probably does.
To all my regulars… I know there are some of you. I want you to know that this story will not disappoint. If it does, please tell me. I’m not afraid of a bit of flames. As long as they’re matches and not torches.
To new comers…. I hope you enjoy my writing techniques. If you like this story, do not be afraid to go and read my other ones. I just finished Edward and Isabella. And Practice makes perfect, so this story might be better…. READ ON MAN!

20. Chapter 20

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CHapter 20!!

Edward's POV

I walked slowly through the rooms picturing family pictures hanging on the walls. I grazed my fingers along the edge of one wall, just seeing the measurements of my children as they grew.

With a sigh, I leaned against the back door, staring out into the yard.

"This is what I want." I murmured.

"It's pretty sturdy, I suppose." My father said, coming up beside me. "But we can afford to build one for you." I shook my head.

"No. This is it. This is the house I've seen in all my thoughts since the moment I fell in love with Isabella Swan." I closed my eyes, wondering what Bella would say right now.

"So. What do you think?" The realtor said from somewhere behind us. I turned around. I let myself smile, but what I really wanted to do was jump for joy. This was the house I wanted to raise our Annie and Henry in.

"Yes. This is what we want. We'll take it."

"Wonderful. I hope you and your wife have a great life in this house."

"Oh, I know they will." My dad said. Just then, his cell phone rang. He checked the number. "Do you have your phone with you, Edward?" He asked.

"No. It's in the car. Why?"

"Because Rosalie is calling my phone." His eyebrows curled and then he and I came to an assumption at the exact same time. "What's wrong?" My Dad said urgently into the phone, clicking into doctor mode. "Send her in an ambulance right away, we're coming right now."

I stepped right in front of him, and when he hung up the phone and looked up at me, he knew he couldn't lie.

"What's happened?" I ordered. Usually I didn't raise my voice in front of my father, but I had to know what was going on. My dad shook his head.

"Something has happened, Son."


Bella's POV

I sat down at the bottom of my stairs and stared at the front door in front of me. I wrapped both arms around my belly and literally rocked back and forth praying.

"Please, someone come. Please, some one come!" I cried. Rosalie lived so far away, and no one was at Edward's house. Tears slid down my face. I took this empty time to think about all the things that had happened to me over the past 7 months. I was afraid. I was so afraid. Of everything. I couldn't be a mother. No yet! I'm only 18 years old. This was too early to get married, to have a house... a husband. It wasn't right. My mom and dad ran away together when they were only a year old than I am. My mom was crazy. I am not. I've got a head on my shoulders. This wasn't right. But the pain and inspecable truth was...

I loved Edward Cullen. With all my being. I couldn't see myself with anyone but him. If that meant that I had to get married at 18, then so be it. We would be happy. I know that. We would have more than other families did. We would be parents that had the love in the world to give to their children.

I wondered if Rosalie had gotten ahold of Edward. I sure hope she did.

I grabbed my sides, twisting my face in pain. I but my bottom lip so hard that I could taste the blood. Something was wrong; somethign terrible was happening. I stood up and leaned against the wall. Take deep and steady breathes. Take deep and steady breathes, I chanted in my head. Carefully, I opened the front door and it swung closed behind me. I watched for people as they walked by. I didn't see anyone, and I didn't know if I was going to be able to ask them anyways. With a groan of pain, I looked up from the ground and into the twilight of the night. The street lights were just starting to come on. I could hear a dog barking from somewhere close by. My breath was loud as it came out of my lungs. I slowly leaned down on the grass. My ears were plugged and I couldn't hear anything.

Everything happened slowly after that. My eyes were going foggy. I was tired. So tired. The one thing I was aware of as I saw the flashing lights of the ambulance was:

I could not feel the babies moving anymore.


Edward's POV

I tapped the window impatiently. My teeth were ground together, and thoughts that were definitely not my own swam through my mind. This was not happening to me. This was not happening to my Bella.

"How about some music?" My dad murmured, reaching towards the radio. I turned it off.

"No Music." I whispered. I noticed my legs were shaking. I grabbed my knees and just watched the trees as they went by. "Can't you go any faster.?" I said without looking at him.

"I'm already going 40 miles over."

"Then go 50!"

"Edward... We're not going to kill ourselves in the process. Bella's going to be fine. Just try and relax." I looked at him then, and at the street lights as we drove into the city. His face looked inhuman in the light. I tried to stop shaking but I couldn't. What would I do without my pumpkin.?"


"Bella?... Bella?"

"Mr. Swan?"

"Where's Bella.?"

"Down there. Why don't you come sit with us. We're waiting for my husband and Edward to show up. They should be here any moment."

Charlie took in a deep breath. "I should have been there. I left."

"That's okay. Everything is going to be okay." Esme led Charlie into the waiting room where everyone else stood around waiting. Rosalie had her head in her hands, Emmett's arm around her shoulders. He looked pained himself. Jasper and Alice stood not far off, their faces still as they waited. Charlie looked at them all, and then fell into a chair. Not a moment passed before he stood up again. He heard a scream coming from down the hall. "That was her! I know it was!"

"Shh.." Esme started.

"No. I want my Bella.!" Charlie walked to the nurse's counter and banged his fist against the faux-wood. "I want to see my daughter.. Now!"

"Sir.." The nurse whispered. "I--"

Charlie's breath came out of his nose. He turned around and saw Edward standing there at the doors.