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What We Become

All human. Edward, the ghost of the school, has seen her from afar, but has never approached her. He and Bella have come to an unspoken agreement:don't talk to me and I won't talk to you.Hate is always the feelings that arise. With one night together, Bella becomes pregnant. What will happen? Will they find away to love one another? There's always a sneak peek at my next chapter on my site.story banner

So here it is. A brand new story. I just need a little input from you, my fabulous readers and reviewers. While you read this story, think of what I should do to make it better. I mean I have a vague outline, but it is still changeable. I’ve changed the Bella character a bit, but she hasn’t changed in essence. Does that sound cheesy? It probably does.
To all my regulars… I know there are some of you. I want you to know that this story will not disappoint. If it does, please tell me. I’m not afraid of a bit of flames. As long as they’re matches and not torches.
To new comers…. I hope you enjoy my writing techniques. If you like this story, do not be afraid to go and read my other ones. I just finished Edward and Isabella. And Practice makes perfect, so this story might be better…. READ ON MAN!

21. Chapter 21

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Chapter 21.

Bella's POV

My head was swimming with thoughts, and I couldn't focus on just one. My entire body was hot and I could feel the sweat sliding down the sides of my cheeks. It might have been my tears. I did not want to loose these babies. I loved these babies. Eventhough I had never seen them yet, I saw their future's. And those future's included them being alive, with Edward and me. I rocked my head back and forth. I'm so scared.

"Okay, Bella, we're just going to check--" Someone started to say, and then I felt their hands. It hurt so much that I wasn't able to supress the scream that left my lips. This wasn't right. This wasn't what the books that Rosalie had bought me said. I was supposed to go to full term. Especially with twins, because they sometimes came out smaller.

"Dr. Cullen is here." A different voice said from somewhere close by. I had my eyes closed, because even having them open made me feel like I was dieing.

"Thank God." Said the voice from before. "Okay, Bella. I need you to hold in there for a little while longer."

"Edward?" I gasped.

"Is he the father? I'm sorry he's not here." The voice was sympathetic but I didn't give a care. My fingers tightened on the bed sheets.

"Edward!!" I screamed with every breath I had left in me. I could hear a noise somewhere and then people came bursting into the room. I opened my eyes and Edward was there right in front of me. I grabbed at his shoulders, his neck. Trying to get a hold of him. Now I knew tears were pouring down my face. "I told you not to leave me." I whispered roughly.

"I'm sorry, love." He murmured. I let go of him and fell back onto the pillows, rolling my head back. I whimpered, moaned, and shook. But I did not scream. I held it all inside. Edward grabbed my hand and slid up beside me. He started kissing my face everywhere. "I love you so much." He cried. I tightened my hold on his hand and bit back another scream as a painful jab hit me straight on from inside me.

"It hurts so much." I cried.

"I need you to try and be calm." Carilsle said from the other side of me. I turned and looked at him. I started to breathe deeply. "Good". He left my field of vision. But my Daddy was there, and he smiled at me. I reached out with my hand and he took it.

"Hi Bells." He murmured, pushing back my hair. "Whatever you do, stay with me." He almost whispered, frowning. I squeezed his hand and almost tried to buck my legs at the next shot of pain. Cool hands grabbed a hold of my knees, keeping me in place. My breathing grew jagged. I couldn't be calm at a time like this. I could feel my face beginning to heat up, and I got really tired all of a sudden. I had to close my eyes against the bright lights.

"I need another surgeon in here." Dr. Cullen's voice said, and my stomach turned. There was silence. "Now would be a great time!" There was a justle and then silence again.

"Just keep breathing." Edward whispered in my ear, stroking my cheek. I could feel his tears hitting my eyelids. "Don't stop breathing..." He rubbed his nose along my ear lob. "Please... Please..."

Then I screamed.

I screamed the loudest I had ever done yet. This was the worst yet. I tipped my head back, flexed my stomach muscles, and just screamed. I couldn't even hear the soothing sounds of the two most important men in my life. My ear were ringing.

"Oh Dear Mother of God." Carlisle whispered.


I tried to calm down Bella as best as I could, but it was if she didn't even know I was here anymore. A doctor came in the door.

"How far along is she?" He asked, completely unaware of anyone else in the room.

"Another week and a half and she'd be 8 months. Those aren't contractions she's having, she's not dialating. But, she's lost a lot of blood." My dad told him. He stood up, and I saw his hands covered in blood. I had to close my eyes. No No NO. "Dr. Green, I'd like you to clean up." My dad looked at all of us. "And all of you out. Now." He looked straight at me. "You too, son."

"Dad, I'm not leaving her." I said.

"Edward, if you want her to live, and you want any of them to live, get out!"


I stood there with one hand against the wall, I couldn't hold myself upright. There were too many emotions trying to drop down on me.

The walls were somehow whiter than they were usually. I know I had been in this room countless times over the past 7 months, but it felt strange being here in my own.

I would never share another moment with Bella in this room. They would become memories.

But memories could fade. I knew these ones would not.

They would stay with me for my entire life.

It's not like they were the only things that I had.

Jasper had told me a couple days before that there were somethings in life worth saving. Even if all you wanted to do was push every single memory created to a place where they no longer stood at the front of your vision. To a place where instead of seeing them when I closed my eyes, I could call upon any memory if I needed it. I swear, Jasper should become a guru or something. He always knows exactly how I'm feeling. Of course, that's not always a good thing.

I heard a bang from somewhere downstairs, and then I smiled when I saw Charlie walk into the room. He was looking a bit better now that time had passed since the incident.


I held my head in my hands, and my legs were shaking uncontrollably. I didn't know what to do, to say. I didn't know what I would do if anything happened to any of them. Especially Bella.

"Edward?" I heard Alice's soft voice. I looked up at her with red eyes. She handed me a plastic cup. I took it slowly, not even moving when she sat down beside me. I looked down into the water and then drank it all in one swallow. I dropped the cup on the floor, and then leaned my head back against the wall. Alice curled up beside me. I could hear her sniffing quietly.

This was the only chance I had.

I prayed.

I asked God to take me instead. If he wanted to take my girl so badly, I would take her place in a heartbeat. I knew that He knew this.

And I kept on praying until I saw my dad, worn and tired, come out of the operating room. He took a deep breath, waiting for all of us to be alert of his coming words. Then he frowned, opening his mouth to speak..