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What We Become

All human. Edward, the ghost of the school, has seen her from afar, but has never approached her. He and Bella have come to an unspoken agreement:don't talk to me and I won't talk to you.Hate is always the feelings that arise. With one night together, Bella becomes pregnant. What will happen? Will they find away to love one another? There's always a sneak peek at my next chapter on my site.story banner

So here it is. A brand new story. I just need a little input from you, my fabulous readers and reviewers. While you read this story, think of what I should do to make it better. I mean I have a vague outline, but it is still changeable. I’ve changed the Bella character a bit, but she hasn’t changed in essence. Does that sound cheesy? It probably does.
To all my regulars… I know there are some of you. I want you to know that this story will not disappoint. If it does, please tell me. I’m not afraid of a bit of flames. As long as they’re matches and not torches.
To new comers…. I hope you enjoy my writing techniques. If you like this story, do not be afraid to go and read my other ones. I just finished Edward and Isabella. And Practice makes perfect, so this story might be better…. READ ON MAN!

23. Chapter 23

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Chapter 23. An Epilogue worth Writing.

Bella's POV

I sat as still as I could in the ride over. Carlisle was an amazing driver, so it was a smooth trip. All the same, I could still feel it in my gut whenever we turned a corner. Carlisle has a very interesting vehicle; we can see out, but no one can see in. I think it's a Mercedes or something like that. Edward sat in front of me, on the passanger seat. His body turned around so he could keep an eye on me. He was so overprotective sometimes. I loved him. I took a slow breath as we pulled up in front of a house. It wasn't small, but it wasn't as large as I was expecting from them. I did smile, a little bit. When no one was looking.

Edward opened his door, and within moments was kneeling in front of my open one. He lifted his hand and placed it on my cheek. I leaned into him.

"If I could trade places with you right now, I would." He murmured.

"You said I could sit in the back..." I whispered. He smiled then.

"That's not what I meant."

"I know what you meant, come on let's go inside." I kissed his nose, and he helped me to my feet. He pulled me into his arms for a moment and I leaned my face against his shoulder. He pushed my hair back.

"So fragile.." He whispered only to himself. "But you'll be stronger soon, you'll see. Once the doctors figure out what happened to you."

"I suppose I just wasn't meant to be a healthy mom."

"You will be, and you'll win awards for all your... good mom atributes. Okay that didn't make any sense. " He laughed. I smiled. I walked closer to the house as he pulled the babies out of the car. It was colonial grey with big white windows and a huge front deck. With one of those swings on the porch. I wanted to cry.

"Ready?" Carlisle said, coming up beside me. "The house is waiting." He smiled tenderly, holding out his arm for me to take. I didn't like the idea of showing weakness, but I wouldn't have made it up those stairs by myself. When we got to the front door, I walked into my new house not expecting it to be so beautiful. It amazed me. Clearly Edward knew how to pick them. I felt him as he placed his hand on the small of my back. I looked up at him, smiling.

"Lovely." I whispered.

"Like you." He kissed my forehead. "Look at the living room." I smiled again and stepped around him and the baby carriages. I peeked around the corner.

"SURPRISE!" A bunch of people cheered.

"Though it's a little late." I heard Alice's voice above everyone else's. I couldn't help but laugh. Alice beamed when she saw me, running forward and throwing her arms around my neck. Edward coughed from behind me. Alice's arms disappeared from around me and I frowned. She wasn't smiling either. I pulled her closer, and after a moment, she leaned her cheek on my shoulder.

"I am capable of giving hugs." I whispered in her ear. When Alice pulled back, I looked at all the people that had come. Angela, whom I hadn't seen in months. She came forward and I hugged her briefly.

"Here." She whispered, holding out an envelope. "We had a little talk with the school. Edward did A LOT of persuasion." I glanced at Edward and then opened the envelope. My high school diploma. I couldn't stop myself; I cried.

"Thank you." I whispered, embarassed.

"Bella." My dad came around the corner, his arms outstretched.

"Dad.." I moaned and then I cried some more as he gently took me into his arms. "I love you so much."

We celebrated all day. I grew tired quickly, and I knew that Edward noticed this, but he didn't say anything. I really wanted this time with the people I love. Rosalie has suprised me with an impish grin before showing me all the food they had brought.

"Chocolate!" I exclaimed, and everyone laughed.

Later, after everyone had left, and Edward and I were alone. Well, we were never alone anymore. The bedroom was big, as I knew it would be. It had a balcony and a jaccuzi. All of the rich things. At the moment I didn't care. I knew these things were going to make me feel a whole lot better.

I sat on the huge bed, not bothering to turn on the lights. After a few minutes I lay back on the covers, my legs dangling off the bed. Edward came in after I was almost asleep. I watched him. He began taking off his shirt as he spoke, heading to the closet.

"I would say we have a couple hours of silence before round two starts up again." He said, smiling. I didn't say anything back, just watching the shadows from the windows as they danced over he bare, well-defined, chest. He came out of the bathroom a moment later in a pair of pyjama bottoms. He walked to where I was laying and stared down at me for a while. "You're exhausted aren't you?" He murmured.

"It's not so bad now." I whispered. He gave me a tight, worried, smile and then leaned down to take off my shoes and socks. It felt good to have them off. He rubbed my feet for a few minutes and then slid his hands over my legs and thighs, taking off my pants. I lifted myself trying to help him out. He leaned over me, kissing my chin affectionatly.

"Did I ever tell you how beautiful you look in the dark?" He whispered. I just sighed. He took off my shirt and placed his hand on my post-pregnant belly. I covered his hand with mine. I sniffed. "Everything is going to be okay soon." He said. I didn't answer him. He got up and went searching for a night-shirt in a near by drawer. He sat down beside me, and I pulled the shirt on. I crawled into his arms.

"What if I'm never the same again?"

"Oh you will be. Anyway, I don't care. As long as I have you here with me." We sat in silence for a moment while he rubbed my back. "You know, my Dad told me that he thought you weren't going to make it. You had lost so much blood and they had no idea what was wrong. They got Henry and Annie out of you safely, but they didn't know what else to do. And just when they were trying to tell my dad to give up, you came up breathing for air. That was God."

"I love you." I whispered. He kissed me lightly on the lips.

"And I you." And then the babies cried. "I'll be right back." He started to get up.

"Bring them here. Please?" I asked. He nodded and then left. I could hear his soothing voice from down the hall and wished I could do that. He came in, a baby in the nook of each arm. They were so small, as long as a pinapple. And I was scared. But I leaned forward as he sat down and kissed each of their foreheads. I cried as I rubbed their fingers.

We fell asleep like this. Just in eachothers company. Until one woke up, and then the other: both hungry. At least I had some purpose, I smiled, as I pulled them towards me.