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Waxing Crescent

Bella's constant worrying over Jake drove Edward to take himself away from her, leaving her so she could be with Jake. What tragedies will befall her? Is Edward still be waiting in the wings for Bella?

Thanks to Nightrose,the best beta ever!!!

3. Chapter 3

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Her whole world, gone...

What little was left of my world had officially fallen apart when I saw the expression in Jacob's face. There was no mistaking what I saw there. It was love, so much love only one thing could be the cause. He had imprinted. He would now belong to Gwen, not me. No one belonged to me. His gravity had moved. I was no longer his love- the world must be totally against me to take Jake away now.

Gwen looked bewildered at Jake's expression. I wasn't surprised, I would be too.

"C-come with us, if you will, Gwen. We should go see Emily." My voice shook. Could you blame me? Whose wouldn't, if they had discovered that both of their soul mates were gone?


"Emily and Sam can explain everything to you. I'm not the right person to tell you." I was amazed at how I could keep myself together, at least on the outside. I appeared normal, but that was a deception. On the inside, the familiar hole in my chest doubled in size and throbbed painfully. It ripped like a physical wound, leaving new pain, more pain. I gasped to keep breathing, and felt my lungs disappear into the hole, still painfully empty. More painfully than it ever had been.

Gwen nodded her head, still gazing at the remarkable look in Jacob's eyes.

I motioned to her to follow me. Emily's house was only up the beach a bit.

Emily and Sam would be able to adequately explain the imprinting phenomenon better than I ever could. It was no longer my place to be here. The very people who were experiencing it, not some broken beyond repair girl, should tell her. I was no part of this... of Jacob.

We arrived at Emily's house in a matter of minutes. The pain was nearly incapacitating me.

I knocked, and Emily opened the door.

"Bella! What are you doing here at this-" I cut her off, I needed to get away from here, and fast.

"Jake imprinted." I told her, bluntly. The pain was too great for any politeness.

She gave me a sympathetic look. "I'm so sorry, Bella. If I may ask, on whom?"

My eyes flickered to Gwen. Her eyes grew large. Sam appeared at her side.

"What happened?" he asked in his deep voice.

"Jake imprinted on Gwen," Emily told him quietly.

"Tell her everything, she has a right to know now," I said.

Emily gave me a hug. "You will always be welcome here. Do you want me to tell her about you and the Cullens?"

I nodded my head, unable to speak, for the pain had just redoubled at the mention of them.

I left quickly, not wanting to see the irrevocable love in Jacob's gaze.

I basically sprinted to my truck, falling numerous times. The pain was worse than when Jake had told me that we couldn't be friends, and the pain of Edward's absence added to it. It was simply unbearable. I didn't know if I was going to survive this time.

I turned on the truck on, and a familiar song came on; Shadow of the Day by Linkin Park. I concentrated on the song, and not on the agony. But they soon were intertwined- I remembered why I didn't listen to music.

'Sometimes the solution isn't so simple, sometimes goodbye is the only way.'

I saw the clear truth in those lyrics, Edward couldn't find another solution, and so he left, again.

Fate must be having a wonderful time torturing me; first, I drive Edward away, then Fate chose to send me into more misery by taking Jacob away.

Fate is only cruel to the good at heart...