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Waxing Crescent

Bella's constant worrying over Jake drove Edward to take himself away from her, leaving her so she could be with Jake. What tragedies will befall her? Is Edward still be waiting in the wings for Bella?

Thanks to Nightrose,the best beta ever!!!

4. Chapter 4

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I pulled up to my house, the one I bought right after finishing college a few months ago. There was a very ostentatious car sitting there, a yellow 911 Turbo. It was Alice's car.

I go out of the truck, and Alice came running at vampire speed.

"Oh, Bella, I'm so sorry." She swept me up in a huge, bone-crushing hug.

"Can't...Breathe...Alice..." I gasped out.

"Sorry." She stepped back, braking her hold on me.

"What are you doing here?"

"I was coming to visit, when I could suddenly see your future. I figured out what must have just happened."

"Thanks for coming, yeah, you are right, Jake imprinted." My voice cracked on the last part.

Alice could see that I wasn't going to be able to contain the pain much longer, and she was right, it was horrible.

She led me to my couch in my living room. Wrapping her arms around me, and let me stain her shirt with saltwater.

After what felt like days, my sobs subsided. I looked up; Alice was looking apprehensively, like I was going to start up again. That one look reminded me of the same look Edward-wince- gave me after I had said goodbye to Jacob, two years, three months, 16 days ago. That look brought a whole new wave of lachrymose.

I knew that this was not as bad as it could be, the hole wasn't so bad, and I wasn't going to go into a comatose state.

When I had finally cried myself dry, I felt better. Jacob was going to be happy, he really did love Gwen. I just wondered if Edward's words would still hold. I hoped that he might, just might be waiting in the wings. If he didn't want me anymore, there would be no reason for my existence. Life-meaningless, love, both of them, -gone. That would be my perspective of surviving. It would be worse than the first time he left me, nothing was important enough for keep me living if he didn't love me. But Alice...

Alice. Her way of looking at things, would she tell me?

"Alice, what's going to happen now? In his note, he said he would wait in the wings, will he?" I was horrified of the answer; it could make me or break me.

Alice opened her mouth to reply, but then her face went into that look she gets when she has a vision.


Edward running toward Volterra, talking to himself.

"It's been over two years, she's not coming back." He chanted those words, over and over...


Edward standing in front of Aro, Marcus, and Caius. Aro looked extremely happy, Marcus utterly bored, and Caius skeptical.

"We would love if you joined the Volturi." Aro's voice ranged through the large stone room.

"I think that he should be tested first, Aro. To see what else he can do." Caius said. Marcus agreed by a single nod.

"Alright. Edward, be back here tomorrow, then we will test you." Aro said...


Gianna writhing, screaming, going through the change. Aro had just bitten her, while Alec stood next to him, using his power to speed up the change. Suddenly, Gianna sat up. She was a vampire.

Aro walked back to the room he was in yesterday. Edward was there.

"Edward, we want you to destroy Gianna, she is a useless vampire, no extra talents."

So they had changed her for Edward to destroy.


What could it be?

After maybe five minutes she came back to reality. She looked horrified, like she had witnessed something atrocious.

"What is it Alice?" I asked her urgently.

"I-I saw Edward join the Volturi. After he had done so, he was ordered to check on you to see if you were human, and if you weren't he was to..."Words failed her for a moment." He was to kill you." Her eyes wide, after seeing my death.

That nearly forced me to faint, but I pulled myself together. "Why would he do that, join the Volturi?"

"He reasoned that since it had been over two years, Jacob wasn't going to imprint, so you would be with Jacob until you died. He couldn't take it."

"We have to stop him!" I nearly shouted at her.

"He's already there, at Volterra. They are going to give him a test; he is to destroy Gianna, who is a vampire. This is going to happen tomorrow."

"We have to stop him from joining. Let's go!" I stood up, feeling a huge wave of deja vu. I had done this two years ago. But, last time it was to save Edward's life. Now it was to save him from himself.