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Waxing Crescent

Bella's constant worrying over Jake drove Edward to take himself away from her, leaving her so she could be with Jake. What tragedies will befall her? Is Edward still be waiting in the wings for Bella?

Thanks to Nightrose,the best beta ever!!!

5. Chapter 5

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I stood in front of Aro, Marcus, and Caius. They were looking at me with shocked expressions, except Aro; he looked as though he was in a state of rapture. I had just requested to join the Volturi. If any of my family were here, they would try to stop me, but they thought I was in South America.... again.

My reasoning may not have made sense to the average person, or vampire for that matter. Jacob-my lips curled up onto my teeth at the thought of him- had not imprinted, not in two years. I had thought that if she had chosen him, it wouldn't last too long because of the imprinting impulse. But, he had not. So he probably wasn't going to in this lifetime, in her lifetime. Even thinking about that relationship-between Jacob and Be-her- made me want to crumble into a billion little bits of rock.

I pulled myself out of my little reverie before I became incapacitated, and I needed to be strong if I was ever going to get into the guard. Sure, Aro was extremely excited to have me want to join, but Caius wanted to test me. Marcus was totally apathetic; he always was ever since the 'death' of his mate.

"We would be very happy if you joined." Aro's voice rang throughout the stony room. His thoughts contained the same ideas.

"He should be tested, to see if he is good enough to join. We do not let just anybody in the guard," Caius reasoned.

Marcus nodded, agreeing with Caius, as I knew he would.

I had a fairly good idea what they wanted me to do; I was to kill a newborn vampire. That would be easy; I had killed a full-grown vampire intent on my one true love's death. A newborn would be simple.

"Alright. Edward, come back here in one day, one day exactly, and you shall be tested." Aro's tone was resigned.

I walked at a human pace out into the streets of Volterra. I wondered if Alice had seen my decision to become one of the Volturi, and if she did, was she going to try and stop me? There wasn't anything in this universe that could change my mind except Jacob Black imprinting, which was probably not going to happen in Bella's lifetime. I winced at the thought of her name

My thoughts drifted to my family. Carlisle. I wondered what he would make of mychoice. Esme. She would definitely not like my decision, but she would come to terms with it. Emmett. Well.... at that point I stopped thinking about them. I was going to make them very unhappy with my choice, but what else could I do?

Meandering around this little town in Italy was not the most exciting thing in the world. The thoughts of the young Italian women were especially annoying, and I foudn myself wishing that I didn't speak or understand Italian.


The very, very long journey to Rome was not helping my nerves at all; in fact, it was fraying them to oblivion. Alice was still assuring me that we would make it in time, that we would stop his attempt at destroying Gianna. Alice had told me the vision, with no edits, to me earlier, during the first plane ride.

I had to admit, this trip to Italy was not as frightening as the last. Except that I was supposed to be a vampire, and if the Volturi found out that I wasn't, I would be dead. Though Aro's curiosity concerning my ability may save me, I just didn't want to meet them in their own city. It was just too ironic. And dangerous.

I was very happy that Edward still seemed to love me. That joining the Volturi was a reaction of that pain of me being with Jacob. But, still, I had caused him so much pain... He may not want to be with me anymore.

"Stop it, Bella." Alice hissed.


"Of course he still wants to be with you, stop those morbid thoughts."

"Sorry." I didn't realize that Alice could see the outcome of my thoughts.

Now, we were landing at Rome. Alice was going to carry me on her back, because of the huge traffic problem on the roads today. I only hoped that we would be in time to stop Edward.