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Waxing Crescent

Bella's constant worrying over Jake drove Edward to take himself away from her, leaving her so she could be with Jake. What tragedies will befall her? Is Edward still be waiting in the wings for Bella?

Thanks to Nightrose,the best beta ever!!!

6. Chapter 6

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I was back in that horrendous room, waiting for Aro, Marcus, and Caius. My only desire was for this to be over, to already be in the Volturi Guard, to be a mindless drone. I could hear the thoughts of the trio of brothers. Marcus, like always, was utterly indifferent; Caius was mildly interested to see if I could obliterate Gianna; and Aro was nearly dying of excitement. I almost snorted at his excitement. Almost. I let my mind drift. Unfortunately, it landed on Bella, as it always did when I didn't keep my mind entirely focused. I remembered when I had left her, how much misery I was in, but that didn't even compare to what I was experiencing now. I wondered if she was happy with that dog. I hoped that she was. She should be happy wherever she was.

"Perché farebbe lascia il suo compagno, suo la tua cantante?" I heard Marcus' thought and translated it easily. He couldn't comprehend me leaving Bella. Of course he couldn't, almost nobody could. He, especially, would not know how I had done it. He still suffered from the death of his mate, which had occurred in a battle against the Romanian rebels when they tried to overthrow the Volturi. She was the only casualty.

I heard the trio come down into the room, letting me know all of my assignments.

"Your test will be to destroy the newborn Gianna. She is a worthless vampire with no extra talents. She has been set outside of the city, roaming the countryside near the North wall. We will give you two hours to complete this task. You may go now," Caius told me coldly.

I walked (at vampire speed) out of the castle-like building. I scaled the north wall, and landed with a soft thud, like that which would be made by a book being set down, or a door closing quietly. It wasn't hard to find Gianna's scent; I had spent a day sitting in the same room as her... with Bella.

I forced those thoughts out of my mind, trying to focus on the job at hand. The sun was about to rise, the night was over. It was the most dangerous time of day for us-for vampires. It was when we would be easily spotted.

I followed Gianna's scent until I saw her; she was stalking an unknowing human. Before I could even get to her, she broke the man's neck and drained him completely of blood. I was not drawn to the smell of his blood at all, I was revolted. She cast him aside, her brilliant red eyes almost seemed to glow in the complete darkness.

Then she saw me, and growled at me, I returned the courtesy. She leaped at me. I stood my ground, waiting for the right opportunity to strike.


Alice was running, with me on her back, towards Volterra. Today, there was a 10-car pileup on the highway, so this was faster than driving. Alice had had a vision of Edward destroying Gianna as the task he was to perform to please Caius and Marcus to see if he was fit to join the Volturi. She couldn't see when it was going to happen, so it was best if we got there as soon as possible.

I could see this large clearing coming up and two blurred movements, and one suddenly stopped. It was a woman, Gianna. She was a newborn, and had probably just smelt my blood. Before I could blink Gianna was next to me and was biting my neck, trying to drain me. Alice was there to stop her, before Gianna killed me. I saw Edward standing above me, picking me up, his face horrified. Then everything went black.