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What Bella might feel when (if) she is bitten.

What Bella might feel when (if) she is changed. Rated Teen because it starts with a kiss, otherwise its entirely PG.

1. Burning

Rating 5/5   Word Count 123   Review this Chapter

Cold lips, pressed on mine

a final goodbye

to the human wanting to die.

They travel downwards,


unwilling to do what must be done.

They rest on my neck,

and whisper a word,


before the gentle lips give way

to violent jaws.

Sharp teeth in my neck

let go, with a sigh,

of the human about to die.

Fire engulfs me,

starting with my neck,

my wrists and chest

catch fire too.

The scream

rips out of my mouth.

Cold hands on my face

so the fire won't accost me,

but it's a battle that's lost.

They're relief that lasts

so short a time.

I can't control the raging fire.

I can't control my shouting mouth.

I can't control my twitching muscles.

My dying heart beats




The fading fire in my chest

is doused by frost.

The battle wasn't truly lost.

I have won.