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A Change in Monsters

When Bella comes back from Renee's after Edward leaves in New Moon, she has trouble coping. Will she ever find love again? Sam/Bella

NO EMILY! Just so you know! She's not in this story, never will be...

10. Closer

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When the final bell rang, Alice was waiting for me right outside of my classrooms with a worried look on her face.

“What’s wrong Alice?” I asked, putting an arm around her shoulders as we walked out of the building.

“Nothing,” she said too quickly, plastering a fake smile on her face. I frowned, but let it drop.

We walked over to Rosalie’s red convertible. “Why are you driving Roses car?”

Alice shrugged. “I wanted to; don’t you think it’s a cute car?”

“Yes, Alice, very cute,” I agreed.

I opened the passenger side door and slide in, while Alice sat in the driver’s seat. “I am taking you to Charlie’s, right? Or did you decide that you wanted me to take you to the border again?”

“No, Charlie’s house is where I need to be right now. Y’know I haven’t been there for awhile. He must be dying with all the takeout food.”

Alice laughed sweetly as she pulled into Charlie’s driveway. “Do you want me to come in with you, Bella?”

“Not unless you need to.”

“Well, I was just wondering. I really do have to go to my house to talk with Carlisle.”

“Is something wrong, Alice? Please,” I begged. “If something is, just let me know.”

“When there is, I will be sure to let you know, Bella. I’ll see you tomorrow if it’s not sunny. Do you know what the weather is supposed to be tomorrow?”

“No. ‘Bye, Alice.”

“Goodbye, Bella.” I hopped out of the convertible and ran through the drizzle of rain up to the door. I flew inside, shivering slightly from the cold. I put my raincoat on the hanger by the door and ran up to my room.

I started quickly on my homework, but did not get too far, as I remember that I promised to call Sam when Alice had dropped me off.

“Sam?” I asked when someone picked up the phone on the second ring.

“No, hold on.” It was Jake, and I knew it. “Sam!” I heard him yell. “Bella’s on the phone. He’s on his way to the phone,” Jake told me. “He’s walking really slowly, though. Do you want to call back, because it might take him awhile to get over here?”

“No!” I heard Sam yell, snatching the phone from Jake, I’m guessing. “Hey, Bella, I was getting worried.”

“Yeah, sorry about that. I sort of forgot that I told you I was going to call. I had some homework, so I started that.”

“I am so appalled, Isabella!” Sam said in mock shock.

“I am so appalled, Isabella!” Jake sneered from somewhere close to him.

“So, your home safe now?”

“Yep, just waiting for Charlie to come home. Shoot that reminds me, I should probably make him dinner tonight.”

“Ah, so I can’t see you tonight?”

“Ah, so I can’t make love to you tonight!” I heard Jacob sneer again.

“Will you shut up, Jacob? I won’t let you into my house again if this is how you are going to act!” Sam roared, and I could tell that he was moving the phone away, trying to muffle the fight.

“Sorry about him, Bella.”

“No, it’s all right, Sam. I like his comments. They can be really funny. Maybe I should go now. Don’t get into a big fight, please.”

“…I’ll try not to. ‘Bye, Bella, see you soon.”

“Talk to you later.” I heard the click of the phone when Sam hung up. I sighed and put the phone back into the receiver.

I went over to the refrigerator and got out the steak. I put a couple of pieces in a bag with some sauces to marinade it, and then placed it back into the refrigerator. I sat down at the kitchen table, resting my head on the cool surface.

Then there was a knock at the door. I looked at the clock to see if maybe it was Charlie and he forgot his keys, but Charlie wouldn’t be home for a few hours. I wondered who it could be as I got up and walked to the door.

I swung it open, but was rammed back as someone shot towards me, wrapping me in there arms and kissing me deeply. My hands were stuck in between us and pressed against their chest. I pushed slightly at their chest to see who had busted in like this. Sam!

He pushed my head back to his and kissed me again. He lifted me up and I could feel us moving upstairs. My fingers twined through his hair responsively. A growl escaped one of us, and I laughed softly against his lips when I realized it was me.

I was laid down on something soft, and I was guessing that it was my bed. I felt Sam crawl on top of me and his lips reconnected to mine. Our lips moved against each others. My hands were placed on his chest and I slid my fingers down till I was at the bottom of his shirt. I stuck my tongue into his mouth quickly and then started pulling up the shirt slowly. When I got it off, my hand starting sliding up and down his perfectly structured chest.

I felt the covers being pulled up over us, as Sam’s lips moved down to my neck. My lips reached his head and I started planting kisses there, while he continued to kiss my neck. I felt his hands on the bottom of my sweatshirt, sliding it off. He threw it out from under the covers, and rolled us over so that I was on top of him.

He smiled as he remembered that I was still wearing his clothes. I smiled back quickly, but put my lips back on his. His arms wrapped around my waist. I jumped a little as his hands found the bottom of my shirt and he started to pull it up.

When it was off, I could not help asking, “Why all of a sudden?”

“I just though I saw something today,” he whispered, bringing my lips back to his. I kept wondering what he could have seen, but ignored it as his hands found the zipper of my pants. He got them off, and I could tell that he was inches towards my bra.

“Bells?” My lips broke apart from Sam’s as I heard his voice.

We jumped out of bed and started throwing on our clothes. “Go hide in the closet!” I whispered harshly to Sam.

“No,” he disagreed. “I’ll just go out the window.”

“Well, hurry! I can’t let Charlie catch you up here!” I opened the window as he finished buttoning up his pants. The cool breeze hit me in the face, stinging my eyes. I saw a quick blur run into the forest and tilted my head slowly to one side.

“What’s wrong, Bella?” Sam asked, encircling his arms around my waist.

“My imagination is playing tricks.” I turned in his arms, and kissed him passionately on the lips. “You had better go now.”

“I love you, Bella,” Sam said.

“I l-love you, too Sam.” This was the first time I had said I love you to anyone except my family and Edward.

Sam pecked me on the cheek and then jumped out the window. He blew me a kiss before disappearing in the opposite direction of the forest. I stayed at the window for awhile, think about what I could’ve saw go into the forest.

“Bella,” Charlie said as he walked into the room. “The ph—Whoa! Sweetie, you are going to get sick if you stay like that. Come on back into your room.” I guess that I had moved into a sitting position on the ledge of my window. I climbed back into my room and shut my window.

“What’s up, dad?” I asked.

“The phone’s for you.”

“Who is it?” I asked, perplexed.

“Alice Cullen.”