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A Change in Monsters

When Bella comes back from Renee's after Edward leaves in New Moon, she has trouble coping. Will she ever find love again? Sam/Bella

NO EMILY! Just so you know! She's not in this story, never will be...

16. Sleepover Part Uno

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We all headed to Alice’s car. My arms were aching badly, I mean, how many bags could Alice and Angela force upon me. Just because I didn’t want to buy anything does not mean that I should be forced to carry all of the bags they kept getting.

“Finally,” I sighed as I placed the last of the bags into the trunk of Alice’s car.

“Wasn’t that fun?” Alice squealed.

“Yeah,” Angela agreed.

“If you count carrying around about fifty bags for the two of you fun, then yes, it was.”

“Oh, Bella,” Alice said.

“Don’t be such a party-pooper,” Angela finished.

“Thank you so much for ganging up on me. I really appreciate it. Can we just head off to Alice’s now?”


We pulled into the Cullen’s driveway. I could see Angela’s eyes bugging out of her sockets. Then, I remembered that she had never been here before. She would be interested, wouldn’t she? I didn’t see anything interesting in it any longer. It looked the same as it had always looked. It did seem a little different though, on account that whenever I came here I was with Edward.

I shook my head to get the thoughts out, and then followed Alice and Angela up the steps of the porch. I paused just outside of the door and took a deep breath.

I can’t do this, I thought. There is no way that they will ever forgive me. Especially, after what they were going to find out about me.

“Bella?” Alice was at the door beckoning me into the house. I nodded quickly and followed her into the house. When I stepped in Alice took my hand in hers, obviously sensing what was wrong.

“They love you, Bella,” Alice whispered. “They know that it was not your fault. I made them promise that they would act like nothing ever happened, okay? That means that you have to pretend, too. All right?”


She gave my hand a tight squeeze and then led me into the living room, where Angela was rolling out a sleeping bag for herself. Alice’s was all ready rolled out. Alice dropped my hand, and then let me unroll mine, too.

Alice ended up making two bowls of popcorn and brought over two 2-liters of Coke. I smiled when I realized that she would not be eating or drinking any of this.

“So…?” I began, “are we going to watch a movie or what?”

The only people in the family that I had seen were Esme, Carlisle, and Jasper. Rosalie was staying clear of me I knew, and I guessed that Emmett was with Rosalie. I didn’t bring it up to Alice, though; I did not want to make her upset. I was supposed to be having fun and that’s what I was going to try and have.

We watched two movies one romantic comedy and one horror film. Angela and I were trying to hide behind Alice for the duration of the movie. The part that hit me the most though, was when the pregnant lady got killed off.

Alice noticed my discomfort and asked Angela if it would be all right if she turned the movie off. Angela nodded willingly and Alice pressed the power button.

“Now what?” I asked hesitantly.

“Truth or dare?” Alice suggested, with a noticeable squeal in her voice.

“Sure,” Angela and I agreed. Me more reluctant than Angela.

“All right, who wants to go first?”

Neither Angela nor I said anything; we just looked at Alice who finally gave in. “All right, Angela truth or dare?”

“T—Dare,” Angela had started to say truth, but I could tell that she didn’t want to seem too childish.

“Okay,” Alice started, “I dare you to…hmm… this has to be good. Bella what do you think?”

“Huh? Oh.” I leaned over to Alice. “What are you thinking?”

“Err… I don’t think that Jasper would enjoy our little joke.”

“Well, I’m terrible at coming up with dares,” I admitted. “Just do whatever you had in mind.”

“Okay,” she said, as she turned back towards Angela. “I dare you to call up Ben and pretend that you’re really, really drunk.”

Angela laughed, but proceeded to take out her cell phone to complete the dare. Angela put it on speaker phone so we could hear what Ben was saying. I had to walk into the kitchen so I could laugh. It made me a little sad, listening to what Ben was saying and the deep concern in his voice.

When Angela hung up, I walked back into the living room.

“Alice,” Angela began, “truth or dare?”

“Dare.” Alice’s voice was calm and she was ready for anything Angela through at her.

Angela smiled quickly. “I dare you to go up to Jasper’s room and slap his butt.” I couldn’t help but laugh, thinking that Alice had most likely done this numerous times.

“Sure,” Alice said, accepting Angela’s dare.

Angela and I crept upstairs behind Alice, stifling our giggles behind our hands. We were acting so childish, I thought. It was so much fun, though. We followed Alice over to her and Jasper’s room and stopped so Jasper would not see us as Alice walked it.

He was lying on the bed, and immediately got up when she entered. She walked over to him and gave him a quick peck on his cheek.

“Aren’t you having a sleepover with Angela and Bella?” he asked.

“Yup,” she said. “I should probably go back down there. I had to tell you something, but now I forgot. See ya later, sweet cakes.” She slapped his butt playfully and a stunned look crossed Jasper’s face. Alice ran out of their room and grabbed Angela’s hand and mine.

When we got down to the living room once again, and started giggling like little children, unable to help ourselves.

Alice calmed down the quickest, and asked, “Bella, truth or dare?”

I thought for a second, weighing my options. Then, I said, “Truth,” very slowly.

“Aww, Bella, can’t you just do dare?” Alice pleaded.

“No,” I answered quickly.

“No,” I repeated as she opened her mouth again. “I said truth, Alice.”

“Okay,” she huffed. “Let me think for a second then.”

After a couple of seconds, Alice looked back toward me. “Just so you know, whatever question I ask you, you must answer it truthfully. Agreed?”

I hesitated, wondering why Alice would say that. It must be a big question. “Y-Yes,” I stuttered.


“Alice,” I said through clenched teeth. “Just ask me the damn question.”

“Okay, I know that something is going on with you. What is it?”

“No, Alice, no. I am not answering that question.”

“You said that you would answer whatever I asked you,” Alice muttered. “You have to answer it, Bella.”

“Too many ears listening.”

“I can leave,” Angela said.

“No,” I said. “I wasn’t talking about you…” I hinted up the stairs for Alice to know what I was talking about.

“They can’t hear you,” Alice muttered.

“Alice,” I begged. “Please.”

“Bella!” Alice whined. “You promised.”

“Fine, fine,” I said, giving in. I beckoned Angela and Alice closer toward me. They leaned in toward me, and I took a deep breath.

I still wasn’t sure that I was ready to tell anyone. I didn’t want anyone else to find out. Not yet, anyway. If I told them, there was no way that I could keep it from Sam. I should have told him first.

“You two have to promise,” I started, “Not to tell anyone else what I’m going to tell you.”

“We promise,” they said at the same time.

I took another deep breath, it was shaky, and I hoped that I would be able to speak.

I heard their shocked gasps as I told them.