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A Change in Monsters

When Bella comes back from Renee's after Edward leaves in New Moon, she has trouble coping. Will she ever find love again? Sam/Bella

NO EMILY! Just so you know! She's not in this story, never will be...

6. Shock

Rating 5/5   Word Count 1130   Review this Chapter

We hit the water with a loud CRASH. I looked out my window and saw the water moving up the side. My breath caught in my chest, and I felt like I was choking. I could see Sam’s chest moving up and down rapidly, and it made me panic more than I had been before.

“S-Sam,” I muttered quickly. He turned to face me as if he had just remembered that I was sitting in the car with him. “Sam,” I repeated as water started coming in through the cracks.

Sam unbuckled my seat belt with shaky fingers and then unbuckled his. He pulled me onto his lap silently, trying to stay as calm as he could.

“Take a deep breath, Bella,” he said, wrapping his arms around me. “You’re going to need it!”

I did as I was told sucking in all the air my lungs could hold. Sam nodded quickly and then told me to close my eyes. I heard the glass of the window shatter, and that was when the water started gushing in.

I started to freak out, but Sam was all ready pushing out of the seat and shooting up to the surface of the water. I kept telling myself over again that I would make it to the top, but whenever I looked up to the surface of the ocean it kept looking further and further away.

Soon enough, though, we broke the surface. “Wrap your arms around my neck,” Sam demanded. I did as I was told and buried my face into his shoulder as he started swimming for the shore.

His breathing did not change pattern and was still his usual breathing. That flooded back the memories again. Like the first time I rode on Edward’s back; his breathing was a normal pace, too.

I buried my face deeper into his shoulder and squeezed my arms around his neck tighter. I was not going to make this situation any worse than it all ready was.

I unburied my face from him and noticed that he was carrying me across the beach. There were a few bystanders on the beach giving me and Sam awed looks.

“He he,” I giggled. “I think those girls over there like you.” I gestured my head in the direction of the group of girls about a hundred feet away.

“Well,” Sam started. “Maybe I should let them down easy.” He leaned down and kissed my lips softly at first, then enthusiastic. When he pulled away I was gasping slightly.

“Aw, I think that you made them sad when you kissed me,” I joked.

He pressed his lips to mine once again and then moved them down to my neck, and then to my ear. “I’m sorry for the whole ocean car thing.” I could hear the honest sadness in his voice.

“You did nothing wrong,” I whispered back. “I know that I would have done the same thing if I had been in your position. You were upset; you cannot always hide your emotions.”

“Yeah, your right. Let’s get you home.”

My eyes widened. “But, I don’t want to go back to Charlie’s yet.”

“I meant my house, sorry.” He smiled and I smiled back, kissing his lips once again and then hoping down out of his arms.

We go to Sam’s house in about fifteen minutes. It was even better than Embry’s.

“Wow,” I had murmured when we walked in the door. Sam had wrapped an arm around my waist and kissed my cheek softly.

Sam found a shirt and a pair of boxers of his for me, so I could change out of my wet clothes. He let me take a shower. I let the hot water run over me, but did not stay in too long, not wanting to waste his money.

When I when down stairs, Sam was on the couch looking jittery waiting for me.

“Well, hello beautiful,” he growled deeply when he saw me descending the stairs. I hoped over the back of the couch and cradled into him.

“Hey, Handsome.” He kissed the top of my head and wrapped his warm, strong arms around me, putting me in a protective cage.

“You look gorgeous when your hair is wet,” he muttered into my cheek.

“I could say the same to you,” I said, mussing his hair playfully.

Sam groaned loudly and I gave him a weird look. “You are just so tempting,” she clarified.

I giggled a little. “You are not the first I’ve heard that from.

“Where else would you… oh. I see. But you guys never… you know…”

I could tell what he wanted to know. “No, we never did. We weren’t too far along. I never actually thought about that around him. It was always so formal.”

Sam chuckled as I moved myself to lay my head down in his lap. He started stroking my hair softly. Soon enough I was in his lap and we were kissing.

I had lost track of time, and I could tell that he had lost track, too. We had not stopped kissing since I had come down.

“Sam, where are… WHOA!” I jumped in Sam’s lap and looked over to see Jared, Paul, and Embry walking through the archway into the room we were in.

“Are we interrupting something?” Paul sneered.

“As a matter of fact,” Sam began. “Yes, you are!” He leaned down and starting kissing me again.

“Hey, hey, hey,” Jared started. “Not while we are here.”

“Well,” Sam murmured against my lips. “You can just leave then.”

“Sam! Do not tell me that you forgot!” Embry said, looking appalled.

“Forget what?” he asked warily, turning to look at him.

“We’ve been making these plans for ages, Sam. You cannot bail out on us now.”

“If I knew what these plans were, we could discuss it.”

“Laser tag! I can’t believe that you forgot,” Embry argued.

“As you can see, I am a little busy at the moment. And anyway, Jacob is probably mad at me right now.”

“Oh,” Paul said. “He is mad at you. A lot. But he said that if we wanted you to come, you could come.”

“I’ll go,” Sam said. “But on one condition.”

“All right.”


“What is it?”

“Bella gets to come, too.”

Paul, Embry, and Jared exchanged looks, but turned and nodded to say that I could come.

“Listen,” I started. “If you guys do not want me to come, I don’t have to.”

“No, we want you to come!” Embry said. “And anyways, if you don’t, Sam will not come. Please, Bella?”

“All right.”

“Yes,” Paul said. “Let’s get into Sam’s car!”

I turned my head sharply to Sam’s. “Uh, guys?”

“Yeah?” they asked as they turned back to us.

“My car is kind of non assessable at the current moment.”

“What do you mean?” Jared asked cautiously.

“Well, it’s sort of at the bottom of the ocean at this moment.”

“What?!” Paul screamed. “How?!”

“I got a little upset and I ended up driving it into the ocean.”

Paul shook his head. “Fine, we can take my car, then.”