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The Awakening

When something threatens to tear you a part how do you fight it? With words or actions? Through problems with their own relationship Bella and Edward learn the valuable lesson that love--and marriage is a two way street.


2. Chapter 2

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There was a certain cloud that hung over the house when Emmett and me arrived late Saturday. Emmett went off to find Rosalie, while I wandered around looking for Bella. I didn’t find Bella, but I did find Alice sitting in the living room folding clothes. If I had been unsure about the mood of the house before, I now had all the proof I needed. For Alice never does house hold chores, except when she’s very upset. Jasper had informed me that when I left Bella when she was still human, Alice scrubbed the house daily. However, she wasn’t letting me into her mind; I wasn’t going to pry. But by the look in her eyes, it was going to be me and not the clothes that went through the wringer.

“Is Bella down here?” I asked eager to get out before her rage erupted.


“Is she upstairs?”


“Is she here?”

“Wrong again.” That’s when she exploded, the barriers went up and her anger flooded my mind.

She left you idiot, her voice hissed in my head, and it’s all your fault. I was lucky that Jasper walked in, spreading a calm feeling over the room. My head ached from Alice’s attack and it was clear by the lines of stress on her face that she was attempting to fight Jasper’s hold.

“Alice,” he whispered.

“NO,” she screamed, “I will not calm down, so stop trying to make me. Bella left, left and it’s Edward’s fault.” Hearing the words echo in the open-ness of the living room finally made the connection with my brain.

“She left?” I asked in shear disbelief.

Yes, her voice croon in my head, she went to….but I never did get from Alice where she went.

It was Rosalie who supplied that bit of information. “Alaska.” She was leaning against the wall Emmett standing behind her. “And it would be nice if you two would take this outside it’s making Esme even more upset.”

“Gee Rose I didn’t know you cared about anyone but yourself,” Alice still fighting Jasper’s power snapped.

“Alice,” Rosalie warned standing straight, “I am going to forgive you for that only because you’re severely unhinged at the moment, but make another comment like that and not even your husband will be able to stop me.”

Before Alice could react to Rosealie’s threat Jasper spoke up, “Perhaps, darling you should give Edward his letter and he can figure out for himself what he needs to do.”

“He can go jump off a cliff,” Alice muttered, begrudgingly handing me the letter. I couldn’t stay here, tuning out the outraged thoughts of my family were becoming more to block. I need to see Carlisle, I ran from the room, only remembering to take a car when I was two miles from the house. It wouldn’t help if I ruined our image in the town because I ran the ten miles from our house to the hospital.

Dear Edward,

Goodbye, not forever just for now. I am sorry for leaving like this, but I think if I tried any other way you would have talked me out of it, you would have admit it, you always were good at that. Talking me out of things or into things. I just—I think with some time a part will help, I know you don’t like to talk about it, but I can’t keep quiet anymore. Each night I wonder if it will tonight that I find the perfect way to breach the subject, maybe you’ll listen for once and maybe you’ll accept, and not second guess me, not check people’s minds because you don’t think I’m telling you the truth.The hallways of the hospital were clean, the smell of antiseptic mingled with the scent of dead blood. However, even the scent of fresh blood that emanated from several rooms couldn’t tempt the blood lust. I stopped reading; I ripped the paper in two without finishing and shoved the remnants into my pocket. My reaction to her leaving was settling in, I was angry and hurt, angry that she’d left, hurt that she left without telling me in person. Carlisle was in his office, I didn’t even bother to knock, just threw that door open listening to it crash into the wall with a dull thud. He sat there completely calm, and that made something inside me snap.

“Why,” I hissed, I sincerely felt like flinging Carlisle’s desk across the room were it not for the threat of human discovery I would have shredded it.

“Edward,” Carlisle responded quite coolly. “Please take a seat.”

“Do not try and placate me, why the hell did you help her?”

“I do not treat my children any different; when you wanted to leave did I confront you? Ask you why? Demand to know the specifics?” His topaz eyes fixed on me, and I hated him because he was telling me the truth. He never questioned, just gave, he understood and aided in anyway that he could, that was his way. Through all of this he was calm, always calm, perhaps if he wasn’t I could stand to be mad at him, hate him, but I couldn’t.

I refused to answer and simply sank into the chair. Though his words put the truth into my head, they did nothing to curb the pure sense of anger that Bella had left without even discussing it with me, nothing just—just a letter. “She shouldn’t be out there alone, what if she kills someone?”

“What if she does? Will that change your relationship? Will it make you love her any less?” I had not considered it; I didn’t want to consider it. I saw what Alice went through everyday worrying over what would happen if Jasper lost control—again. Feeling horrible about what Bella would go through and on top of that, there would be nothing that I could do for her. At least Alice had me to tell her how Jasper was doing, I would have nothing.

“Why,” I couldn’t get over that, why would Carlisle help her and not tell me. Why would she leave and not tell me.

“The answer you are looking for Edward is not one that I am qualified to give.” He studied me, “The ticket I bought her was to—”

“Alaska, yeah I know, Rose told me.”

“I did make one request of her when she asked to leave,” he said.

I looked at him curious. “I asked that she take the cell phone from her bike and keep it with her. Just in case—” His voice drifted off into the air. “Now you have all of the information that you need.” But I didn’t feel like I did, in fact I felt even more confused now then, when I had walked into the room. I left there was nothing else to do; Carlisle had rounds to do though he offered to take the rest of the afternoon off if I still wanted to talk. I didn’t want to talk, not with him anyway, Bella maybe, but not my father.

I refused to go home, the gloom that hung over the house had been enough to drive me to the hospital in the first place. I went back to the car, stupid really, while cars may have been Rosalie’s plaything, all I really wanted to do right now was to run. Run clear my head, and if I admitted it to myself run toward Bella. I thought about what Carlisle said, and then it clicked cell phone. Each car had one, I dug around in the glove box tossing CD cases and other junk that had been stuffed in there until I cam up with the ting silver phone.

I dialed her number and waited, I doubted she would pick up but I still prayed she would. But it was her voice mail “Hey it’s Bella I’m not available right now but leave a message and I may return your call.” It was pointless to have the message but Bella had insisted on recording one. The happiness in her voice struck me, she hardly ever sounded like that anymore. What had been natural, was now forced. I waited for the beep, but was lost for words. What should I say? Part of my wanted to yell, another wanted me to ask her to come back, and yet another wanted to just to remain silent if she wasn’t going to talk to me I wasn’t going to talk to her. I clicked the phone shut and drove at top speed out of the parking lot.