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Rock Band with The Cullen's

Ever wonder what would happen if Emmett got a hold of Rock Band?

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3. Emmett in a pink tutu

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I was still half asleep when I felt something soft brush across my forehead. I opened one eye and saw that it was Edward’s lips which made my heart rate speed up.

“I love it when you do that,” he laughed, as he kissed me again. Unfortunately we were interrupted when I heard Edward’s door bang into the wall. I almost had a heart attack; my poor heart, it has gone through so much ever since I met Edward. Running inside the room was Alice, wearing a pair of jeans and a very cute red tank top. She ran and jumped onto the bed and yelled, “Good morning, sunshine! We’ll I guess not sunshine because if it was sunny then we couldn’t do the funniest thing ever today!” I moaned and stuck my head underneath my pillow; she is probably the worst alarm clock ever.

“Oh, c’mon; Do you know what today is?” she practically screamed, as I covered my ears. Edward gave her a look and pulled the pillow off my face.

“I just woke up, Alice. I can’t think right now and if you say shopping I’m going to kill you…or I’ll have Edward do it.”

“Ha…please! Edward wouldn’t kill me,” said Alice, rolling her eyes.

“Well actually…” said Edward, deep in thought.

“Oh, shut up. Today, Emmett gets to do his bet! And that happens to be at the mall, which means shopping!”

“Is there ever a time where you don’t need to shop?” asked Edward.

“No Edward, because I have needs in my everlasting life; blood, shelter, love and shopping. I’m sorry, but it’s what I do. And you know what; it’s insulting that you even asked me that.” I had to laugh at that because I’ve never heard anyone say that shopping was a need in life.

“Okay, I’m sorry Alice. But she’s right; this is going to be good. Maybe Alice can buy you a digital camera so you can take these pictures and have them for the rest of your life,” laughed Edward. I looked at them both like they were crazy and buried my head back underneath the pillow. Within five seconds, I felt someone on the end of the bed and the next thing I know, the covers are gone. Literally, Alice ripped all of the sheets off the bed at once and they were lying at the foot of the bed.

With a sigh, I got up and walked towards the bathroom. Realizing that I forgot my clothes, I opened the door to go get them when I almost bumped into a smiling Alice holding up an outfit for me to wear. I took the clothes and went back into the bathroom.

When I came out, I smiled when I saw that Edward was waiting for me. I went up to him and kissed him softly; he picked me up and carried me downstairs. Esme fixed me a bowl of cereal, Lucky Charms; my favorite. I sat down at the table with the rest of the Cullen’s and ate. Alice was whispering to Jasper, Rosalie was playing with her hair while Emmett had his head down on the table. Every now and then, I’d hear him mumble, “Why? Stupid Rock Band!” Carlisle was reading the paper while Esme was reading a home designing magazine; and Edward was just watching me.

I took my last bite of Lucky Charms and when I looked down to get my bowl, it was gone. Alice had swiped it and already took it to the sink. She ran over to me and hoisted me on her shoulder, ran upstairs, and let me brush my teeth. As soon as I got out of the bathroom, she grabbed me and within ten seconds, I was sitting in Edward’s Volvo.

“Bella are you alright?” asked Edward.

“Yeah, I’m just a little dizzy from being carried around like that.” He smiled that half smile I love so much and we were off. Instead of turning left out of the drive way, we went right.

“Where are we going? Aren’t we going to the mall in Port Angeles?”

“Are you kidding? I won this bet fair and square, so I get to pick which mall he has to do it in. And embarrassing Emmett is a life long dream of mine, besides marrying you of course. So were off to Minnesota.”

“Minnesota? Why are we going there?” I asked confused.

“It’s the home to the largest mall in the United States, Mall of America. And if I’m embarrassing Emmett, I want everyone to see it,” laughed Edward. I joined in because the thought of Emmett having to sing and wear a tutu in the biggest mall of the United States is hilarious.

“The trip will only take exactly an hour; Alice saw it already.” I leaned in to give him a kiss.

“You’re amazing. Thank you.”

“For what?” he asked, confused.

“For picking such an awesome wage for the bet.” We both laughed together as we held each others hand in the seat. By the time we got there, it was about noon; it took exactly an hour. We parked and when I got out of the car, everyone had a grin on their face…except for Emmett. He looked like he just lost a puppy.

Edward grabbed my hand and we headed off towards the mall. The mall was four stories tall, had an AMC movie theater, a wedding chapel, an amusement park and a miniature golf course. The only bad part was that Alice told me it had 520 stores…at least she picked me out comfortable walking shoes.

The food court was huge! And it was so crowded. I suddenly started to feel really bad for Emmett. If I had to do this, I might have died from embarrassment; from all the blood in my body rushing to my cheeks at once! Thank goodness this isn’t my bet. Alice turned to Emmett and gave him a shopping bag full of what I’m guessing was his outfit and his guitar. He sighed, took the bag, and headed for the bathroom. As soon as he was gone we all burst out laughing.

We headed to the very center of the food court and waited for Emmett’s grand appearance. Sure enough, only gone for 2 minutes, I could see him from way across the room. His head was peeking out of the bathroom door and he was looking around. That just sent us all into another fit of giggles.

He took a sigh and he ran towards us. And yes, this was probably the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. He was wearing his trademark outfit; the boxers, a tank top, a tie around his head and a cowboy hat. But the best part of all was the pale pink tutu he had on; it even had glitter and jewels on it. He jumped up on top of the table and shouted, “Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m about to rock your socks off!”

He took the unplugged Rock Band guitar and started to shout the song:

I spotted you dancing'
You made all the girls stare
Those lips and your brown eyes
And the sexy hair.
I shake shake my thing
I make the world want you
Tell your boys you'll be back
I want to see what you can do.

The whole family was laughing so hard that we almost fell over. I had to lean my weight on Edward for support. I could tell he was even having trouble standing up. I looked around at the food court to see everybody else’s reactions. They were all frozen with their mouth’s wide open. That made me laugh even harder.

As I looked back up at Emmett, I thought I saw a trace of happiness in him. I think he actually was enjoying himself. He amazed me; he couldn’t be embarrassed even if he tried. He was hopping all over the table and playing the guitar.

What would it take for you to just leave with me
Not trying to sound conceited but me and you were meant to be
You're a sexy guy, I'm a nice girl.
Let’s turn this dance floor into our own little nasty world.

After this chorus, we all actually fell down laughing. Jasper and Edward were lying on the floor, I sunk down into a chair with Rosalie and Alice, and Esme and Carlisle were lying on another table.

Sometimes a girl just needs one
To love her and to hold
When a girl is with one
Then she's in control

As Emmett finished up our song, I noticed that everyone in the food court was laughing too. I had to admit, Emmett had a star quality about him. He sang out the last note and he pumped his fist and guitar into the air. The room was roaring with laughter and applause. Emmett got a little carried away and took the guitar and started smashing it against the table. He hopped off the table, grabbed the bag, and ran back to the bathroom.

When he came back, we all were still laughing but eventually we stopped. When I stood up Alice was gone, but she returned with a black box in her hand. It wasn’t a box, it was a video camera.

“You’re such a star, Emmy. Maybe this can be your first music video!” laughed Alice. S

he suddenly stopped laughing when she saw Emmett’s expression and ran. They were running around the food court until Carlisle made them stop.

“Man, I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to wet my pants…but I can’t!” laughed Jasper.

“Emmett, you were amazing. But I have to ask; how did you know the words so well?” I asked. And with that, we all started into our laughing fit again while Emmett just stood there glaring at Edward.

“Hey, maybe you’ll know better next time. You know, I would have maybe gone easier on you if you didn’t call me Eddie,” chuckled Edward.

“This has been the best bet ever! But now that it’s over…let’s shop!” yelled Alice. Here we go.

We went to at least 500 out of 520 stores. We rode all the amusement rides at least three times each. We even walked by the Wedding Chapel and Alice was trying to get me to marry Edward right then and there!

We also played three rounds of golf, Emmett won twice and I actually won one. I was as surprised as everybody else. We all decided to let Emmett win because we thought he deserved to win something. So I suspected that maybe they did the same for me.

Actually, when Emmett won, he was so excited that when he pumped his fist in the air, the club flew out of his hands and into the air. When he tried to go catch it, he ran forward and stepped on his golf ball and fell backwards. And to top it all off, the club fell and hit him right in the head.

I laughed so hard that I had to go use the bathroom. “What goes up must go down!” was all Edward was able to choke out during his laughing fit. It was getting dark so we decided it was time to leave and go home.

When we got back to the house, Emmett jumped onto the couch and immediately flipped on the television. What we heard next caught all of our attention:

“Breaking News: Today in the “Mall of America” in Minnesota, there was a mild disturbance in the food court. This man *shows a picture of Emmett in his tutu with the guitar* appeared to be in his underwear singing Boys by Britney Spears. When the security was called in to take care of it, they couldn’t because they were just in shock of what they saw. Instead of the next commercial, were going to show you the whole footage of what happened. Enjoy, and let me just say this; he is one brave man. And just to let this man know, this broadcast will be viewed by millions of viewers. That’s definitely one way to come out of the closet. Thank you, and good night.”

I looked around at the Cullen’s and noticed that every one of us had frozen into place. I looked at Emmett sitting on the couch and his mouth was wide open and he had a face full of shock and horror.

“Hey Emmett, are you catching any flies over there?” I asked, and that’s when we all lost it.