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bonne nuit mon ange.



1. Chapter 1

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She stirred gently in her bed, moving her head to the side. Her face involuntary glancing towards his, a smile etched across her face. She buries her hair in the pillow, still grinning, "Edward?"

He looks at her surprisingly, expecting her to be awake, but she's not. He smiles as she continues to dream-talk, "Edward? I love you, so, so much," she says. He can't resist and begins to trace her jawline with the tip of his cold finger. She shakes from the coldness and her eyes flicker open, still dreaming.

"Edward?" This time, though, she's fully awake. She reaches with her fingers to his, entwining them together. She looks up at him, her brown eyes dazed and full of sleep.

"Go back to sleep, my love," he murmurs as he lets go of her hands and tucks her sheets back in. She pulls them away, pouting. Edward chuckles, "Please, Bella." She keeps on pouting as she shifts her body closer to his, removing any space between her warm body and his cold one.

He chuckles pleasantly as he places her on his lap, her blanket still covering most of her body. She buries her head in his chest, feeling her cheek cool down with his ice-hard chest, "How can I sleep knowing you might leave?" she asks, her words muffled by his chest. He sighs and lifts her head up towards his, her eyes moistening with glistening tears.

"Bella, I'm never ever going to leave you again, believe me. I'll never in a thousand years manage to forgive myself for that pain I caused you," he reassures her, kissing her lightly on the forehead, "Never."

Bella kisses him on the lips, longing to feel his love pulsating through her body. Edward reluctantly gives in, stopping her before things get carried away. "Sorry," she whispers, barely audidble, her cheeks growing red by her intensity.

Edward laughs, "Don't be sorry, my angel." He removes her from his lap, rests her gently on her bed and, once again, tucks her in.

"Edward?" She asks as he makes his way to the other side of the bed.

"Yes?" he responds, laying on top of the sheets. Bella turns her head from him, facing the pillow.

"Do you love me?" she hesitatingly asks, though knowing the answer beforehand.

"No, Bella, I don't," he says slowly before continuing, her body stiffening, "I'm in love with you. Loving you seems to belittle our relationship; there is no word created by mankind that can possibly define the love I hold for you, the love I feel for you," he says, pouring his nonexistent heart out with his words.

She, though, is not yet satisfied, "Why do you love me?" she asks. She needs to know, she's petrified of thinking that one day he will be gone again, leaving her to battle with her own demons, her own despair.

Edward sighs inwardly, he knows that she is still not sure of his faithfulness to her. He plays with her hair, "I love you because there is nothing else I desire or am capable of doing as beautifully, flawlessly and justly as loving you. I love you because it 's unexpected, a completely natural act which I see as something more of a blessing. I love you because you are worth it. Although sometimes it has brought me pain and tears, I love you because it's right. I wish I could give you reasons more concrete than actions I could provide, but any proof that I can give you would still not be enough to encompass what I truly feel for you. I could give you an endless list of reasons and yet still be unable to show you what I truly want you to see."

He continues, "I love you more and more each day. Whatever challenges I am faced with, call it whatever you may, do not change a single bit of how much my heart feels for you. Nobody else comes close to you, nobody can take your place. You have given truth to my being, you have given me all the reasons to look forward to each day. I do not love you because of your beauty, nor for any other reason, I love you for simply being you. There may be at, some occasion some bumps on the road, that may bring in such doubts and insecurities, yet I also know that there is nothing more that I am as certain of as what I feel each morning that I wake up to. I wish that you could always fall asleep and wake up in my arms, knowing that I truly have everything. Everything that I do not have, tangible or no, you more than make up for."

Bella's heart beats faster and his voice runbles, "I love you because you have made all the difference in my life. Everything fell into place the moment I knew you had felt the same way about me. I love you, Bella, because no one else can ever compare to you. You're the most beautiful being that ever managed to catch my attention. You're my soulmate, my life, my existence," he continues, his words becoming louder.

"I cannot live without you for you are my light, my destiny. I would do anything for you. I'm completely wrapped around your finger. I love you because, " he says, his voice breaking. She feels tears stinging her eyes, "because you're what I've been waiting for my whole life. I love you so much and this is the only ultimate truth I know of. I will live everyday of my life loving you."

He ends and she turns to him, her face wet with tears, she cups his face in her delicate hands and kisses him gently on the lips, "I love you, too, Edward, much more than you can ever imagine. It's just sometimes I get scared because I'm afraid of losing you. It's not that I don't trust you when you say you'll never leave me, it's just that I'm afraid that maybe one day you'll see right through me and leave me for someone better, but now I know you won't." Edward smiles, and they both lay on the bed together.

Before Bella closes her eyes, she looks back at him. His eyes are closed, his hair tousled by the wind blowing in through the window. His chest visible through the first few buttons of his shirt. His skin is radiating in the pale moonlit sky. She smiles as sleep envelopes her.

Once he's sure she's asleep, her breaths coming in steady rhythyms, he whispers, "Most importantly, I love you because you make me believe I have a soul." With that said, he kisses her forehead and sleeps through the night.