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The Bet

AU OOC? All Human. Bella meets the magnificent Edward during her first year of University. Bella and her friends are evicted, and Edward and his roomies decide to take them in. Despite the girl’s no-sex policy, the boys are desperate. ExB, EmxR, JxA.


1. House Rules

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House Rules


For the third time in the past four months I found myself peeling a bright pink eviction notice off of the front door to our apartment. I knew it was going to happen eventually, but I was always shocked every time I saw it either taped to the door, or slid into our mailbox.

With the constant partying that usually went on in our apartment, we’d often found ourselves out of a place to stay. This first year of university was really proving to be tough for us.

I sighed heavily and dug my keys out of my purse. Where are we going to stay this time? I thought to myself, finally unlocking the door. As I made my way inside, I made note of the quietness. So they were still asleep…and it was nearly noon! I made my way into the kitchen and dropped my stuff on the floor. I couldn’t wait for a cup of coffee.

I started the coffee maker and decided to take a quick shower while it brewed. We had classes in an hour and getting ready at the same time as the other two was nearly impossible. At least I get all the hot water for once. I snickered at the thought, knowing they’d be pissed.

I grabbed my clothes and toiletries from my room and made a dash for the washroom. After a hot shower, I applied the littlest amount of makeup to my face and brushed my teeth. I decided I’d just let my hair go naturally curly today and felt satisfied with my appearance. I smiled at the thought of a huge pot of coffee waiting for me and rushed into the kitchen.

I stopped short when I looked on the counter to see an empty pot of coffee, “Where is it?” My best friends Alice and Rosalie were seated comfortably at the dining table, picking at the muffins I’d brought from the bakery.

Alice laughed, “We thought you made the coffee for us Bella.” Apparently they thought some kind of miracle happened. “When do I ever make coffee for you guys?”

I shook my head in disbelief at them and scoffed. “I was so excited for that pot of coffee.” I felt a pout coming on.

“Cheer up, Bella,” Rosalie smiled. “At least we left you a muffin.”

She held a banana muffin out to be and I rolled my eyes at her. Banana muffins always made my mood a little brighter. I snatched the muffin from her hands and feigned a dirty look as I took a seat beside Alice.

“Oh my god,” Rosalie squealed, causing me to jump a foot out of my chair. I’d been waiting for this moment, and was dreading it. “Tell us what happened Bella!”

I sighed dramatically, putting on a show. I always hated telling them about my dates. I had Alice yanking on my arm, pulling me towards the couch where Rosalie had already snuggled into the corner. This was our usual meeting place. Every date is always discussed. It’s one of our house rules.

Alice shoved me down on the couch and I prepared myself for the interrogation. “Where did he take you?” She said it in such a serious tone, but I knew she was holding back a squeal.

“First off, before I answer your questions, I’d just like to say that I appreciate how you guys ditched me when clearly, I needed saving!” I gave them a death stare and they smiled sheepishly. “And secondly, if you guys were my best friends, you would not have left me with pimply-faced Eric!”

“Come on, he wasn’t that bad.” Rosalie was lying between her teeth, offering me a hint of a smile.

“I’m not buying any of that bull! You and Alice totally used up your Bella Barbie Doll rights for the next two months!”

“Aw, Bella,” Alice groaned. I knew this was torture for her. “You’re going to start looking like a slob again.” She harrumphed and leaned back into the couch when she realized I meant business.

“If you two weren’t the only reason I wake up in the morning, I’d totally move out and leave you guys behind. Leaving me alone last night was torture.” I sighed, waiting for the questions to start again. It was silently agreed that they were forgiven.

“So, where did you guys go after Danny’s?” Rosalie asked happily, wishing to get the dirty details. I scrunched my nose up in disgust. “Back to his house.”

Rosalie and Alice assumed this could only mean one thing. “You slept with him!” They both said in unison, bouncing up and down happily. They should have known better.

“Of course I didn’t sleep with him,” they stopped their giddiness immediately and frowned a little. “I’m not losing to you guys and that’s final. No matter how many times you guys set me up, I’m not going to cave.”

“You totally are! We saw you with Chris last week and you practically had to beat him off of you! I know how you really felt.” Rosalie gave me a wink that caused my face to blush a million shades of red.

I remembered back to last weekend at Alice’s mothers wedding. Her cousin Chris was hitting on me, and he was totally hot. It took all I had in me to not strip down to nothing in front of everyone and jump on top of him. I knew Alice had put him up to it.

“We need to stop this. I’m adding a new house rule guys!” I smiled at their obvious discomfort. They weren’t prepared to incorporate more rules on top of all the others.

I went to the fridge and took the magnetic whiteboard back to the couch. I grabbed the black marker off the coffee table and wrote down the fourth rule. No Blind dates and all possible candidates must be approved of. I smiled, knowing this would be a hard rule for them. They were constantly setting me up.

“You know we’re just going to find a way around this, right?” I didn’t like the mischievous look on Alice’s face. She was always up to something.

“You suck!” I pouted, feigning sadness.

“We do it for your benefit!” Rosalie argued. “You suck at picking your own dates! I really don’t agree with this new rule.”

I smirked at her. We both knew that as soon as a rule was written on the board, it wasn’t erased until we all agreed. And I wasn’t agreeing any time soon.

“You guys need to start letting me choose my own dates. When was the last time I even did that?” I wracked my brain for the answer…and I couldn’t come up with one.

I saw Rosalie and Alice with confused looks on their faces that matched mine. They obviously couldn’t find an answer either. I knew they gave in to my new rule when Alice took the board of rules from me and scanned it quickly.

“I guess we can let you go on a few dates with some total dorks.” Alice and Rosalie were convinced that I was only interested in chess clubs geeks. They just didn’t understand the concept of intelligence.

“Okay, since Bella so kindly added a new rule, let’s review and revise.” This happened about twice a month, when one of them felt they were going to break a rule. They insisted it needed to be changed.

“Rule number one,” Alice began, “No sex until our twenty-first birthdays.”

None of us would argue with this rule. This rule was put in place due to all of our horrible or in my case, embarrassing first times. We’d all lost our virginity on the same night and agreed that we would wait until we were older to do it again. It proved hard at times, but there were major consequences to be paid if you didn’t follow the house rules.

“Rule number two,” Alice continued, “All dates or escorts must be approved by all of us.”

Alice and Rosalie looked directly at me. This rule had been put in to place about a month ago to show they disapproved. Apparently I had no taste in men.

“And rule number three. If you kiss, you tell.”

This was the only rule that hadn’t changed since the beginning. It was probably the only one that neither of us totally objected to.

When we realized the rules didn’t need revision (although Alice and Rosalie wanted to erase number four), Alice stuck the board back on the fridge. I’d guessed that while she was up she caught a glance at the clock because she ran into the bathroom and turned on the shower.

“What’s her problem?” Rosalie asked, questioning Alice’s hurried behavior.

“Class starts in twenty minutes.”

The look on Rosalie’s face was priceless as she scrambled off the couch and ran into her room, slamming the door shut behind her. I chuckled as I stood up from the couch and got my school books, preparing for another long day of classes.

I noticed the pink eviction slip still on the kitchen table, left untouched. I slid it into my back pocket, deciding to tell the girls later.


I tightened the red tie of my uniform, and tucked in my shirt, preparing myself for another long night at work. I looked in my mirror and finally decided I looked presentable. I grabbed the black apron off of my sofa and rushed to the door. If I rushed I could manage to be fashionably late.

I pulled open my bedroom door, intending to go across the hall to Emmett’s room. My actions were cut short when something came flying my way and caught me off guard.

“What the hell!” I yelled, catching a glance of Emmett and Jasper snickering from down the hall.

I untangled myself from the blow up doll and threw it on the ground. “I swear to god if that thing comes near me once more I’m ripping it to shreds.”

I glared at Emmett in particular as it was usually him that was behind these sorts of things. “You would never do such a thing to Jackie!” He had a hurt look on his face.

“Too bad Jackie here is the only chick you’ve been able to get with lately.” I smirked when Emmett’s expression turned to one of anger.

I remembered back to the nasty rumor I’d spread about Emmett two weeks earlier. Word on campus was that sleeping around often gave you some kind of infection or another. And luckily for me, Emmett slept around.

“I can’t believe you spread that shit about me man,” Emmett said. He was obviously still pissed.

“Well that’s what you get for setting me up with Edna.” Emmett and Jasper broke out into hysterical laughter.

Edna was the third triplet of the ‘smoking hot’ sisters Em and Jazz picked up at the restaurant. Apparently, since Edna and I were the only ones who had not yet met, we were dates by default. When I first saw her I thought it was a mistake, until I saw my friends shaking with laughter. They set me up with a drag queen. The third sister was a brother. Emmett deserved a little payback.

“Hey man, at least we were trying to get you a lil’ some some.” I ignored his wagging eyebrows.

“And how many times have I told you I don’t need your help?” I questioned.

“That’s a lie and you know it.” This time it was Jasper arguing with me.

“Yeah, okay there Jasper. Like you’ve had so much luck with the ladies.” I rolled my eyes.

Jaspers face unexpectedly burned red and he mumbled some incoherent words.

“Emmett, I bet you couldn’t even get a girl to sleep with you after the rumors I spread.” I laughed at the thought of him being turned down by every girl at school.

“Is that a challenge?” he retorted.

“You know it is.” I gave him an evil smirk.

“Jazz, you’re in this too. First one of us to get asked out by a girl wins.” Emmett proposed.

“What do we get if we win?” I questioned. This better be good.

“Losers pay for your date, and have laundry duty for a month.” Jasper suggested when we couldn’t come up with an idea.

“Done!” Emmett and I said in unison, and we all shook on it.

“One more thing,” I started as we walked down to the kitchen. “I get to pick your girl, Jasper picks mine, and you pick Jaspers.”

He almost looked like he wouldn’t agree, “Deal.”