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The Bet

AU OOC? All Human. Bella meets the magnificent Edward during her first year of University. Bella and her friends are evicted, and Edward and his roomies decide to take them in. Despite the girl’s no-sex policy, the boys are desperate. ExB, EmxR, JxA.


2. Pickers Can't Be Choosers

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 1618   Review this Chapter


The consistent blaring of my alarm clock was starting to get really annoying. I swung my arm out hoping to catch it, and flung it off of the bedside table. A smile played at my lips as I finally had some peace and quiet. I was again, on the verge of sleep, when I could hear my cell phone ringing. The ringtone was muffled so I knew it was still in my pocket.

I pulled it out and glared at the caller ID ‘Emmett.’ I just noticed that my phone was playing ‘Barbie Girl.’ What the hell?

I pressed talk and put the phone to my ear, “Dude, what the hell is with my ringtone?”

Emmett laughed. “I just thought it’d remind you of me.”

“Well I’m changing it the first chance I get,” I yawned. I wasn’t truly awake yet.

“Are you still in bed, man?” I could hear Emmett rustling papers in the background.

“Well we usually do sleep in on Sundays. What are you doing up so early? Or better yet, why the hell are you calling me?” I made it known that I was truly annoyed.

Emmett laughed loudly and I could hear Jasper talking in the background. A couple of girls must have walked past them because I could hear very feminine laughter. “It’s Monday, Ed. Classes start in ten.”

I snapped my phone shut and ran for my closet. I knew my alarm was going off for a reason.


I savored the taste of my coffee as is it hit my tongue. I’d been waiting for this moment all morning. It was like an orgasm in the form of a Starbucks cup. I smiled happily and lifted my bag off of the counter. I had three minutes to get to class. I began to walk hurriedly, being sure to watch my feet so I didn’t trip and fall like I usually did.

I turned the corner towards the South building, knowing that I’d be just in time for class. I picked up the pace a little. I was now nearly running, still being sure to watch my footing. The last thing I need is to fall. I spoke too soon as seconds later something hard hit me head on, causing me to lose my footing. I fell backwards on my ass. Great.

“This always happens to me!” I scrambled to my feet, ignoring the hand that was being held down to me. My face fell when I saw my coffee cup lying on the ground with coffee all over the place.

“And all I wanted was a damn coffee,” I grumbled to myself as I bent down to grab the cup. I threw it in the garbage and finally looked up to the source of my fall.

“Masen,” I said formally, as I looked into the bright green eyes of Edward Masen. I only knew him from my English Lit class.

“Bella,” he said, with a little nod of his head. “I’m sorry about your coffee.”

“It’s okay,” I started walking towards the South building, knowing he was going the same way. “Late again?”

Edward and I were both late often, resulting in us walking to class together a few times over the months. “My alarm clock didn’t go off.”

I nodded my head in understanding. This was the usual story he gave me. “Hey, I really am sorry. How about I buy you a coffee after class to make up for it?” He was giving me his famous toothy grin. God, he was gorgeous.

“No it’s okay, I—,“ I began my usual refusal.

“No, really,” he began sincerely. “I insist.”

I nodded my head as a blush crept into my cheeks. It wasn’t often that I accepted things from people without becoming embarrassed. He smiled and held the front door to the building open for me. I smiled thanks and went ahead of him towards our classroom.

“Bella!” I heard two sets of heals clacking towards me. I gave Edward a little wave and walked towards Alice and Rose. Our whole class was waiting outside the door. Apparently the professor hadn’t made it yet.

“What were you just doing with Edward Masen?” Alice hissed at me, but smiling an approval.

I blushed instantly. “He ran into me on the way here,” I started. “He knocked down my coffee.”

Rosalie looked at my pouting face. “Running into him is way better then coffee.”

Alice nodded in agreement. “What did you guys talk about?” She was beginning to squeal again. It was way too early for this.

“We barely even talked, he just said sorry.” I lowered my voice, “And maybe offered to buy me a coffee after class.”

I looked away from them, knowing they were about to make a big fuss. “Oh my god! I can’t believe it!” They were both yipping at me like a bunch of pigs.

“Edward Masen asked you out on a date!” I covered Rosalie’s mouth to shut her up.

“He did not ask me out on a date!” I was growing increasing annoyed. “He just spilt my coffee and offered to buy me a new one.”

I shrugged my shoulders indifferently. It wasn’t a big deal. Alice and Rose both rolled their eyes at me.

“So the hottest guy on campus asks you out, and you’re not even excited about it?” Alice asked me.

“He didn’t ask me out, and no I’m not excited about it. He’s only buying me a coffee. That’s it!” I tried to prove my point but I knew it was useless.

The professor had finally made it and I was led into the classroom by my two best friends. I sat down in our usual seats at the back with Rosalie whispering, “Edward and Bella, sitting in a tree,” in my ear. I shot her an annoyed look, intending to ignore her.

“Guys, look,” Alice said nudging her head towards three guys making their way towards us.

I looked over and saw Edward along with his two friends whose names I couldn’t recall, heading directly towards. The scary thing was that the tall, one with muscles was looking directly at me. They sat in front of us and the brute with muscles turned in his seat and looked directly at me.

“Hey pretty lady.” He shot me what I imagined to be one of his best smiles.

I sighed and put my head in my hands, ignoring the giggles from Alice and Rosalie. I had a feeling this was going to be a long, long day.


“Hey man,” I was greeted by Emmett outside of our classroom. The professor didn’t show yet. “What were you doing with that dorky girl?”

I gave him a look, “She’s not dorky.” I glanced back towards the Swan girl. I only knew her from the few times we walked into class late together. I turned back to Jasper and Emmett giving me odd looks.

“You like her!” Jasper yelled. I punched him in the arm to shut him up in case someone heard.

“I don’t like her,” I said calmly.

“Yeah you do,” Emmett replied. “You got mad when I called her dorky.”

I rolled my eyes at him. “I didn’t get mad, she’s just not dorky. I barely even know her anyway.”

I tried to shrug off their accusations. I obviously didn’t like her. I hardly even know the girl for god’s sake. Jasper and Emmett had started a conversation of their own and I leaned against the wall casually. I remembered back to our bet the night before and a smile crept onto my face.

“Hey Em,” I said hitting Emmett to get his attention. “I have the perfect girl for you for the bet.”

He followed my line of vision, “You mean that Hale chick? I wouldn’t mind that…” I saw his eyes light up at the thought of it.

I started laughing at his mistake. “Not her Emmett. The dork. I nominate Bella as your girl for the bet.”

Jasper joined in with my laughter, nearly out of breath “I agree.”

Emmett’s face was one of shock. He knew he couldn’t get out of this one. It was part of the bet. He got a smug look on his face and turned to Jasper who was holding the wall for support. “Then I nominate the Hale chick for Jazz.”

Jasper stopped laughing immediately and shot Emmett an evil glare, “She’s taller than I am!”

Between my laughter I managed to say, “I second that nomination.”

Jasper lifted his eyebrows, “Oh really? Then by default you get the only one left.”

I glared at them both as they laughed uncontrollably. They both knew Alice Brandon was the total opposite of my type.

“What’s the matter, Eddie? The jokes not so funny anymore is it?”

I gave Emmett a shove. “Good luck with the dork Em.”

He gave a hurtful look, “How dare you call my girlfriend that!”

Me and Jasper laughed and rolled our eyes. This was going to be fun.

We noticed that the professor had finally made it so we filed into the classroom when he unlocked the door. Jasper and I intended to find seats where we usually sat but Emmett had a change of plans.

“Over here,” he said, nudging his head in the direction of out bet girls.

With a blush from Jasper we followed Emmett over to the seats directly in front of the girls. We sat down and Emmett turned around to face Bella.

“Hey pretty lady,” he said, causing Jasper and I to nearly have a fit of laughter. He gave her one of his stupid grins.

She sighed and dropped her head into her hands, causing us to laugh even harder. Her two friends giggled at her reaction. I had a feeling this was going to be a long, long day.