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The Bet

AU OOC? All Human. Bella meets the magnificent Edward during her first year of University. Bella and her friends are evicted, and Edward and his roomies decide to take them in. Despite the girl’s no-sex policy, the boys are desperate. ExB, EmxR, JxA.


3. Evicted

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“Guys, we need to move.”

We were now at our favorite 50’s themed restaurant, waiting for our burgers and milkshakes to arrive. At least once a week we found ourselves sitting in the familiar booth, enjoying the food we loved since we were kids. Rosalie and Alice looked at me.

“What do you mean, Bells? You love our apartment.” Rosalie fidgeted with her napkin as if she knew something was up.

I took the crumpled pink eviction notice out of my back pocket and threw it on the table. Alice flattened the paper and read it, her expression never changing. When she looked up at me her face was solemn. She looked at Rosalie. “I didn’t think they’d actually do it.”

My brow furrowed in confusion. What were they talking about? When they noticed how confused I was, they started to explain. “Remember when you went back home a couple weeks ago to help your mom out?” Alice asked me.

I remembered. My mom had broken her collarbone, and while my dad was at a police convention in New York, I had to go home for a few days to help her. “Yeah, but what does that have to do with anything?”

“Well, we may have thrown a party while you were gone,” Rosalie began. I didn’t like the sounds of this. “You know the landlords son? That Mike Newton freak? Yeah, well he was a little upset that he didn’t get invited so he kind of crashed the party. He threatened he’d tell his dad to evict us if we didn’t let him in. We didn’t take him too seriously at the time, but obviously we should have.”

Rosalie finished her story in a rush. I looked at them both like they had a million heads, then burst out laughing. “That is the most stupid story I’ve ever heard!” I said between laughter. Rosalie and Alice smiled. They were glad I wasn’t upset.

“Mike is such a freak,” Alice began. “I can’t believe he was immature to actually do this. Like does he not realize that this is our life we’re dealing with? Where are we supposed to live?”

Alice was always the first of us to get upset over our evictions. She took everything so personally. I’d tried to tell them that all of the parties they threw weren’t worth it, but I guess in their eyes they were.

“I have enough saved up for us to stay at the Westin for a few days,” I told them, referring to the hotel down the street from our current apartment.

“We can start looking for a new place tonight after work,” Rosalie groaned. We really hated hunting for apartments.

“We need to make a deal guys,” I began in my serious voice. “This will be the last place. No more evictions after this, okay?”

They both nodded their agreement. They must have been sick of this too, especially Alice. Packing all of her things was always the hardest. Our food then finally arrived and we thanked our waiter. Booming laughter was heard as new customers walked in and the girls eyes immediately lit up. I shrugged it off as nothing, knowing it probably wasn’t worth it to turn around. When they started adjusting their hair and applying lip gloss I knew something was up.

“What gives?” I asked, questioning the eyeliner Alice was now pulling out of her purse. She looked directly past me.

I turned around to follow her line of vision and my eyes were met with those of Jasper Whitlock, that oaf Emmett’s friend. His blond hair fell directly into his blue eyes and he was smiling seductively. I rolled my eyes and turned back to Alice.

“I swear, they’re stalking us.” This was the third time since our first class of the day that we’d bumped into them.

“I don’t mind,” Alice said, matching Jaspers seductive smile.

“Me either,” Rosalie put in. I looked at her, noticing that she had an identical look to Alice’s on her face. She must have spotted Emmett.

“Rose, what the hell?” She never acted head over heels with anybody. She usually played hard to get.

“He’s just so—so…muscular.”

I rolled my eyes at the both of them. Ever since our recent ‘run in’ with the boys in our English Lit class this morning, they seemed to be the hot gossip topic.

“I wonder if he wears boxers or briefs.” Alice wondered aloud.

“Or if he goes commando,” Rosalie winked at me.

“Ew! That was a mental image I did not need!” I closed my eyes tightly, attempting to erase the picture from my mind. It didn’t help.

I bit into my burger, ignoring the girl’s silliness. They were acting like childish school girls over a couple of cute boys. Pathetic. I took a huge bite of my burger, savoring the taste. It was delicious

“I believe I owe you this?” My eyes widened to the size of golf balls. Why on earth was I always put in embarrassing situations?

Edward Masen slid into the booth beside me, setting a Starbucks coffee onto the table. I looked at him, my mouth full of hamburger. I blushed profusely as I chewed and swallowed.

“Thanks,” I said sheepishly, offering a slight smile. I was glad he remembered. I seriously needed some caffeine.

Alice and Rosalie were hiding their grins. They thought I had a thing for Edward, when I clearly didn’t. They were picking at their fries, still watching Edward’s friends at the other end of the room. It was all very embarrassing.

“So,” Edward began. Rosalie and Alice looked away from their eye candy to listen to Edward. “The guys and I were wondering. Would you ladies like to accompany us for a few drinks later this evening?”

Naturally, we all had different answers.

“Sorry, we’re busy.” This was from me of course. I was the only one of us capable of rational thought.

“I don’t have anything to wear,” Alice said, with a pout forming on her lips. Rosalie and I rolled our eyes at her.

“We need to find a new apartment. And besides, we have to work.” Of course Rosalie would mention we don’t have an apartment.

“Right.” He obviously thought we were lying. He thought we were making up excuses so we didn’t have to go. The truth was they weren’t.

He got up and walked away from us back towards his smiling friends, whose smiles dropped when Edward shook his head no. They obviously put him up to this. They looked at us and frowned, and neither of us were surprised when they stood and walked towards us.

“Shit!” Alice squealed.

“Oh my god, how do I look?” They were obviously worried for no reason.

I buried my head in my hands as I had in class earlier when Emmett slipped into the booth beside me. Jasper shoved Rosalie over and sat next to her. Alice was obviously ruffled that he didn’t sit on her side and Rosalie was shooting me daggers. Edward stood beside Alice and leaned against the booth beside her. I betrayed myself as I felt a pang in my chest. Was that jealousy?

“Ladies,” Emmett began. Rosalie nearly fainted at the sound of his voice. “My friend Edward here isn’t very experienced with asking out the ladies. So I came over personally to do it right. How would you three like to come out with us tonight, our treat?”

Emmett shot me what he must of thought was a dazzling smile. Rosalie scowled.

“We’re busy.” I gave the same answer as did Alice. Jasper gave her a sympathetic smile as she complained about being outfit-less.

Rosalie looked troubled for words. It seemed like it was actually hurting her to say no. She finally caved, “We have to work tonight.” She was whining. She had it bad for Emmett.

Their faces fell. They really thought we were lying. “So the three of you just happen to work at the same time, on the same night?” Jasper asked.

We all nodded. I can’t believe they didn’t believe us! Rosalie chose to speak up, to my dismay. “If you don’t believe us, come check us out.” She was giving Emmett her alluring smile. He had to tear his eyes away from her to look at me. What was up with these guys?

“Well, where do you work?” Jasper was addressing Rosalie. Edward was still standing beside Alice with a smug look on his face. He was obviously glad that we had turned down Emmett’s offer as well.

We all shared a look. I shrugged my shoulders and Rosalie looked to Alice, who spoke up. “We’re waitresses over at Jaggerbar on 5th Ave.”

I was surprised to hear Edward burst out into laughter. What was his problem?

“You mean to say that Bella can manage to stand on two feet long enough to actually be a waitress?” I scowled at him. How dare he insult me when I barely even know him! My face turned as red as a tomato.

Jasper and Emmett began laughing along with him, receiving death glares from Alice and Rose. I threw some money on the table and got up to leave. Alice and Rosalie followed suit and were walking closely behind me. In the background we could hear Emmett bellowing at Edward, followed by a smack.

Serves him right…

“Bella, are you okay?” Alice asked me while slipping her arm into mine and Rosalie hooked onto her.

“Yeah,” I nodded to emphasis, “They’re the rudest little boys ever!”

They both nodded. “Emmett sure is sexy though.” Rose gave a girly giggle, totally unlike her.

“And did you see Jasper’s eyes? I could totally get lost in them!” Alice was speaking in her high-pitched baby voice.

“I can’t believe they know where we work.” Of course I had to add in some negativity to bring the conversation down a notch.

“Oh no! I have to start getting ready!” Alice tried to turn us in the direction of our apartment, but Rose and I stopped her.

“We have afternoon classes.” I said. Alice frowned.

“We can totally hurry home after classes and spend time getting ready before work.” Rosalie tried to brighten her mood.

Alice just smiled and then continued walking towards Seattle U. If I wasn’t excited for work earlier, I definitely wasn’t now.

“Bella! Please?” Alice was pouting and whining at me as I pulled my hair into a tight ponytail.

“For the last time Alice, no!” She’d been bugging me for the past twenty minutes to let her do my make-up. But there was no way I was giving in to my ban on Barbie Doll Bella rights. I could put up with her whining…I’ve been doing it for years!

“But they are going to be there. Don’t you want to look pretty?” She was attempting to give me puppy dog eyes, but I saw right through her.

“Alice I don’t care if God himself was going to be there. You aren’t doing my makeup!”

She crossed her arms and stormed out of my room. Rosalie and Alice had practically dragged me home after school. They pretty much ran the entire way. When we stepped foot in the door, Alice already had her makeup out and was reapplying. Rosalie had her flat iron plugged in within seconds and was ready to re-do her hair. They were taking this way too far.

I sat down on the sofa in the living room and read a book. They both looked at me like I was a complete idiot. I barely even noticed. When we had a half an hour before work, I pulled on my uniform and began brushing my hair, when Alice decided to start bothering me. So now we had ten minutes to get to work.

I tightened the red tie around my neck and adjusted my black nylons. This had to be the most uncomfortable uniform ever. When I met the girls at the front door I rolled my eyes at them. They were done up as if we were getting ready for a night of clubbing. They had even made slight adjustments to their already skimpy uniforms to make them even more revealing. And like I’d thought earlier, they were being pathetic.

We all pulled on our jackets and made our way to the bar down the street. We worked at a bar, although we weren’t of legal drinking age. Alice’s godfather, Carlisle, hooked us up with the job because we were desperate. Carlisle was a good friend to our mothers back home in Forks and we were very grateful for his hook ups.

We finally made it to the bar and went in through the employee entrance. It was still early so we were guaranteed to be slow for a couple of more hours. There was no need for us to hurry. We placed our jackets in lockers and hurried into the kitchen.

“Hey Carlisle!” We always greeted him the same way every time we saw him. We all stood on our tiptoes and placed a kiss on his cheek.

“Hello girls! How are my three beautiful girls?”

“We’re good. What sections are we doing today?” Alice replied.

“Alice, you have the whole upper level. It’s Monday so it won’t be too busy.”

Alice nodded and walked off to get her tray and notepad. Then she disappeared through the doors leading to the bar and was lost in the music.

“Rosalie, you’ll have sections A-D tonight, and Bella E-G. Good luck girls!”

We thanked him and followed Alice out into the bar. The waitresses we were replacing smiled in relief and quickly explained to us which tables were waiting on what.

“Talk to you in a bit, Bells,” Rosalie said as she smiled and walked over towards a couple that took a booth in her section.

I looked around my side of the bar to see if anyone new had arrived and they hadn’t. I patiently waited at the bar for the bartender to finish mixing the drinks a table was waiting on. When they were finally mixed I placed them on a tray and walked them over to the waiting table. After quickly giving them my name and explaining that I would be their waiter for the remainder of the evening, I went to a newly occupied table in my section.

I went up to the table, occupied by four guys I noticed. One was Eric, the boy Rosalie and Alice left me with yesterday. I ignored his gaze as I walked towards the table. When I got to the table I noticed the other three with him. They were from my old high school back in Forks, one of them being our landlord’s son. They were all three years older than me, except Mike.

“Hey guys,” I greeted nervously. “I’m your waiter tonight and you all know who I am so I don’t think I need to introduce myself. What can I get you to drink?”

They all ordered a beer and I promised to be back with their order quickly. I didn’t even bother questioning how Mike got into the bar in the first place. I poured their beers at the bar and balanced them carefully on my tray, quickly bringing them back to them.

“Anything else for tonight?” I asked politely, ignoring the hateful looks from Eric.

“An order of onion rings and two pounds of hot wings, please.” The guy I knew as Nate said.

“Sure,” I smiled. “Coming right up!”

I took their order into the kitchen and bumped into Alice and Rosalie, who were also bringing orders in. “Hey, guys.”

“Hey Bella,” Rosalie said. “I saw Eric over there. He really doesn’t like you very much, does he?”

I laughed. “No, I don’t think so.”

“I’m so sorry for leaving you with him,” Alice began. “He didn’t look half as bad in different lighting.”

I smiled to let her know they were forgiven. “Order up!” Rosalie smiled and thanked the chef as she grabbed the food off of the counter. She was heading back out into the bar to deliver the food when a crash could be heard from the back of the kitchens, in Carlisle’s office.

“What the hell?” Alice asked and walked towards the back. Rose and I followed. When we made it to the door of his office, our jaws dropped. We were met with the most ridiculous scene ever.

Carlisle was toppled over onto his back, on the floor, laughing his ass off. Emmett was standing by his desk hold his stomach in laughter. Jasper peeked from behind the doorway, and we saw Edward reveal himself from inside the closet. They were all laughing hysterically. Alice, Rose and I all shared the same confused expression.

“Uncle Carlisle?” Alice questioned, calling him uncle as we often did when we were younger.

“WHAT?!” Emmett, Jasper and Edward shouted, stopping their laughter and giving Carlisle a very seriously look. He was the only one still laughing.