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The Outcast

Edward Cullen, your average self-obsessed playboy, who picked up girls faster than you can say his name. Bella Sparrow, an outcast, whose life was plagued by the memories of her past, and the people of her past. All human. R&R


2. Interuptions

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BEEP BEEP BEEP. Go away! BEEP BEEP BEEP. I unwillingly opened my eyes and tried to figure out where the noise was coming from. BEEP BEEP BEEP. Shut up!! I saw an alarm clock on the bedside table and smashed it with my hand. That was not there last night. Charlie, you cheeky buger. At least I didn't dream, well I only have nightmares, one to be exact. I looked at the time, crap, late already. I was used to the first day, I've had so many, so they weren't a problem. They would always stare at you on the first day because you're something new to look at, by the second day, they don't know you exist. I never made any friends, what was the point? They'll just dump you and betray you like Ja-. Just forget about that stupid bastard.

Right, school, what am I wearing? Black jeans, a black As I Lay Dying hoodie, black combat boots, a white t-shirt and black leather gloves. I liked the gloves, they were a clear sign saying "Don't mess with me,". I wonder what car Charlie got me? After I had washed, changed and eaten, I noticed a note stuck behind the front door.


I hope you like your new car. I don't want any trouble, okay? The school is just off the main highway. The keys are on the kitchen counter. Good luck with your first day.


I opened the front door and saw a beautiful black Audi A4. Wow, I liked this bribe.

I grabbed the keys from the kitchen counter and raced to my new car. Wow, this is nice. It purred like a kitten and was amazing to drive. Forks High School was, as Charlie said, just off the main highway. It was only ten minutes away, which sucked as I didn't get enough driving time. The morning was foggy and the grey clouds wouldn't budge. I followed some of the cars to the student parking lot. I parked my car and saw some people staring at it. Great, and so the unwelcomed stares began. I pulled my hood over my head and made my way to the office. Where were the metal detectors? The chain-link fences? Did they really trust their students to not carry knifes or guns? It would appear so. The office was small, cosy and had many green plants spiralling up the walls, this room was Forks all over.

"Can I help you?" a women said. I walked up to the desk that the women was working behind. She gasped slightly as she looked at me. Am I that ugly? She then tried to hide her surprise by coughing, which only made it worse.

"Yes, I'm Bella Sparrow, I'm new here," I said. She began looking quickly through her paperwork, a little too quickly.

"Oh, yes, here is your schedule and a map of the school. Also, get this form signed by each of your teachers and bring it back here at the end of the day. Okay? Good luck," she said stuffing the sheets of paper in my hands.

I wonder who is it today? Few students came to the office, some to say they were ill, some were going to the principal's office for bad behaviour.

"Can I help you?" I said, completing some paperwork before I looked up. I gasped to see a girl dressed in all black with a hood over her head staring at me. She was very pale, had thick black eyeliner on and a black lip ring. I saw a few strands of chestnut hair but they were mainly hidden by the black hood. As I Lay Dying, the text read on her jacket, what a gothic girl she is.

She must be that Isabella Sparrow who got sent to live with the Chief of Police. I heard she would of got sent to juevy if she didn't live with the Chief, she definitely was trouble, and I heard she got arrested several times. I hope he puts some sense into this miscreant, and some sense to her gothic clothing. I began to cough, trying to hide my gasp. It was still rude of me to gasp, especially at a student.

"Yes, I'm Bella Sparrow, I'm new here," she said. I began looking through my paperwork, I knew I put her schedule somewhere around here. I shuffled through my papers quickly, wanting her to leave as quickly as possible. She smelled faintly of alcohol and cigarette smoke, I bet she'll be hard work for Charlie.

I took the sheets that she handed me and headed off. I studied the map, memorizing where the classrooms were so I didn't have the map stuck to my face all day long. I memorized it quickly, I was good at things like that, and headed off to my first class, which was Literature. Everyone turned to stare at me, to gaze at the new student. I hated this part of school, the staring. Why can't they back off? I entered my literature classroom, with all eyes on me. As I began to walk up to the teacher, I heard muttering and whispering.

"Eww, what a goth"
"She has got to be that girl who got sent to live with the Chief"
"I heard she got arrested"
"Black is so not her colour"

See! Typical judgemental high school students. I laughed quietly. What else would I have expected? Nice, caring people, who liked you for you and not your appearance? I handed the teacher the form, who gawked at me when he saw my name. I only rolled my eyes.

"It's nice of you to join us Miss Sparrow. Please take a seat." he said. He gestured to the empty chair at the far back. He probably wants me as far away from him as possible, I don't mind, I like sitting at the back. Sitting at the back usually meant less unwelcomed stares, unfortunately it wasn't the case. Literature dragged on, I had already read all of the books, which included Bronte, Shakespeare, Chaucer and Faulkner. Next, I had Spanish. More unwelcomed stares. But this time, I stared them all down. They all shrank away after a while, to my pleasure. After Spanish, a girl named Jessica attempted a conversation.

"Hey, I'm Jess, it's nice to meet you," she said. What could I say? It wasn't nice to meet her so I didn't reply.

"So, your like Isabella Sparrow, aren't you?" she said. She actually had one of the MOST annoying voices that I have ever heard in my life.

"Bella," I replied.

"Oh right, Bella," she said nervously giggling. "So, where do you like come from?" I sensed a never-ending round of questions, where she would tried to suck out all the information out of me. I knew girls like her, whatever you would say to them, they would twist it just to make gossip.

"Where's the bathroom?" I asked. I needed a smoke.

"Oh, it's right down the hall," as soon as she finished I rushed down the hall. I found the bathroom and locked myself in one of the cubicles. I lit a cigarette and took a long drag. Wow, I needed that. Now, I need some alcohol, but I don't have any. O well, at least I have the smokes.

I heard some quiet sobbing in the cubicle next to me. I better see if they're okay. I took a last drag of my ciggie and flushed it down the toilet. I opened my cubicle and knocked on the door next to mine.

"Hey, are you okay in there?" I asked. I heard a fresh wave of sobs from the girl inside.

"Hey, open up, you want to talk about it?" I asked again. The sobs grew silent and the door began to open. A girl with mousey-brown hair whose eyes were blotchy and red appeared.

"Hi, I'm Bella, what's your name?" I asked.

"Angela," she replied. Her voice was quiet and weak, but I was just able to hear her.

"Are you okay, Angela?" I asked.

"I can't believe he did that to me, I just can't," she said sniffing.

"Who did what?" I said, handing her some tissues.

"Edward Cullen, h-he dumped m-me," she said, sobbing again. I hugged her and reassured her everything will be alright. Sometimes people just need some comfort.

"Tell me what happened,"

"Well, about a week ago, he asked me out on a date. It was amazing of course. I loved every microsecond. He was so lovely, he gave me roses and chocolates and everything. You know, I never believed what everyone said. That he was a player, he just seemed too nice. But, this morning I found him making-out with Lauren Mallory. I guess everyone was right and I was wr-WRONG," she sobbed again. Stupid bastard. I hated guys like Edward Cullen, they make you think you're are special, then within a week, they dump you like no tomorrow. I gave her another hug cursing Edward Cullen.

"It'll be okay, don't worry about it. There are plenty more birds in the sky,"

"B-birds in the sky?"

"Yeah, my parents used to say that to me all the time,"

"Used to? Do you mean they are...?"

"Dead? Yeah, they died a few years ago,"

"Oh, I'm s-sorry,"

"It's okay," I said. It wasn't okay though. How could it ever be okay?

"Well, we better get to class. What have you got next?"


"Me too, I spose this school really is that small, huh"

"Yeah, it is I guess,"

We walked to Math together and we sat next to each other to. Angela seemed like a lovely person, a bit shy perhaps, but nice all the same. Again, I stared down the questioning glares and got down to my work.

I had already done these sorts of quadratic equations, I completed them and took my I-pod from my bag. I chose Killswitch Engage - This Fire Burns. My head started banging to the infectious double-bass drums. I turned it up, nodding my head to the beat. I started to mouth the chorus, "Even through the darkest days, this fire burns, always, this fire burns always". Then the breakdown, and I nodded my head faster in time with the beat. "Even through the darkest days, this fire burns, always, this fire burns, always". I felt someone tap on my arm. I looked to see Angela, the teacher and everyone else staring at me. They probably think I'm retarded, randomly headbanging in the middle of Math class.

At least they didn't see my I-pod, it would of been confiscated most likely. Finally, Math ended and I headed off for my next lesson Philosophy. We had to write a 1000 word essay why God does, or does not exist. Obviously not, I mean look at me for example. Orphan at fifteen, with no friends or family, pregnant at sixteen, drunk, pierced, tatooed, smoking, doing drugs, breaking the law and killing people by seventeen. Look how "God" helped me.

I didn't write that of course, I wrote about how much people need something other than this life. People need something to look up to, something that is always there, always able to help you and the fact that people can't stand to be alone. I, however, love to be alone. I've always been that way. With other people, they can betray you, they can hurt you, so I chose not to have friends.

Afterwards, I headed off to the cafeteria for lunch. The food looked disgusting, like someone had just thrown it up and overcooked it. So I chose a Rome apple and sat on an empty table. Peace at least. I turned on my I-pod and chose Repeating Yesterday by As I Lay Dying, one of my favourite songs. I couldn't help tapping my fingers on the table and banging my head again. "This is what I am, This is what I have become, What is love without sacrifice"

About half way through the song, I felt someone tapping on my shoulder, I looked up to see a pixie-like girl with short black hair.