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And because I love you all for reviewing... Here's the sequel to 'Tears Don't Fall'. I apologize if I take longer to write this, I am plagued with Writer's Block often. Bella awakens from a long sleep, but finds that she does not remember Edward. Will Edward take this chance and leave Bella so to never hurt her again? Or will he spend her last waking moments with her? DISCLAIMER: All characters, real or fake, belong to Stephenie Meyer. This story is a result of my untamed imagination. Please don't sue me.

Ah... This idea hit me like a brick wall. I'm doing this for all the people who want me to continue 'Tears Don't Fall'; but also for myself. I want to know how this will carry on.

4. Chapter 4

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Edward’s cool hands rested on my shoulders as we stared out into the blue abyss. He told me that earlier into my permanent hospital stay; he had taken me out in my wheelchair. It had been fall then. He also told me that it had been almost two months earlier.

As we gazed at the beautiful scenery, my heart cried out to Edward. I relaxed all my muscles under his icy hands, and allowed myself to be drawn closer to him. Then something Edward says tenses my muscles.

“I’m a vampire.” Edward said. The words, as frightening as they were meant to be, did not shock me. It was surprising news, but I loved Edward. I would stay with him as long as I humanly could.

Instead, I reached up and took Edward’s cool hand in mine. I am shocked to find long white scars along his marble skin. Then the memories come rushing back in a shocking array of joy, anger and sorrow.

“Edward…” I whispered, holding his hand to my face. “I remember…”

I find myself being spun around to face Edward. His flawless features only remind me further of what I had forgotten. Every memory of every moment spent with Edward fills my mind. “Thank you, Bella. Thank you for remembering me.” Then I am crushed against his chest. My tears stained the front of his shirt.

“What - happened…” I asked, and Edward’s eyes lit up with the answer. He knew exactly what I was asking about.

“After you found me in the meadow, it wasn’t long before Jasper and Emmett showed up.” He cringed when he said Jasper’s name. Then I remembered Sam or Jacob having mentioned that Jasper had bit a human, breaking the treaty. “They killed those howling dogs, but not before you got hurt.” Remorse filled me for a moment when I thought of Jacob.

“How can that be? How could they harm you?” I asked, referring to his indestructible state.

“Werewolves are vampires’ arch nemesis. They are the only ones who can kill us.” Edward explained, clearly annoyed of this fact. Then he continued with his story. “You received a terrible heard injury, which resulted in your coma. I was so afraid I was going to lose you again, Bella. You don’t know how painful that felt…” Edward trailed off.

“You’re going to lose me again,” I said, confirming the worst of his nightmares. “I’m going to die. And soon.”

“I know.” Edward said irritably. “And that’s what scares me so much…”

“Edward… You don’t have to lose me…” I said, trailing off. I decided that at this moment, when my days were numbered, it would be a perfect reason for Edward to change me. I wanted to be with Edward forever. Considering the amount of pain I had already endured, I decided that the pain of transformation would not be so painful.

It seemed to me, judging from his expression, that he was indeed, considering his options. “If it is the right thing to do…” Edward said.

“It is the right thing to do, Edward. I’m dying.” Now was the first moment that I feared death. But it wasn’t exactly death that I feared. It was the fact that Edward and I would be separated that really had me biting my nails.

“No, don’t say that. You’re not dying. Not yet.” Edward seemed almost desperate to stop my painful words. “Rest assured, Bella. I will change you. Just not yet.” Content with his words, I closed my eyes and let the darkness have me. At that moment, I had never welcomed my deathbed more.

Let me be taken, let me be put to death ;
I am content, so thou wilt have it so.

-Romeo - Romeo and Juliet