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And because I love you all for reviewing... Here's the sequel to 'Tears Don't Fall'. I apologize if I take longer to write this, I am plagued with Writer's Block often. Bella awakens from a long sleep, but finds that she does not remember Edward. Will Edward take this chance and leave Bella so to never hurt her again? Or will he spend her last waking moments with her? DISCLAIMER: All characters, real or fake, belong to Stephenie Meyer. This story is a result of my untamed imagination. Please don't sue me.

Ah... This idea hit me like a brick wall. I'm doing this for all the people who want me to continue 'Tears Don't Fall'; but also for myself. I want to know how this will carry on.

5. Chapter 5

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Edward lifted me off the wheelchair and onto a bed. It was unlike the lumpy hospital beds, without a smell or the feeling that someone had died in it. The pillows are soft to the touch, and Edward’s presence is a plus. A very, very big plus. I had recovered my memory just a week ago, and Edward insisted that I live with him. His reason being that he wanted to be with me during my last waking moments. Last waking moments as a human, I hoped.

My condition grew all the more fragile with time. It was only a matter of time, and again, not very much of it, when my heart would stop. Hopefully, at that time, I would open my eyes afterward and feel the pain that comes in a transformation. I could tell that Edward clung onto the slight chance that a miraculous heart donor would suddenly pop up and he would not have to ‘condemn me to an eternity of night’.

The heart monitor that sat on the end table next to the bed made its annoying little sounds, signifying that I was still alive. Edward seemed relieved of this fact as he bent over me to kiss my forehead before tucking the snow-white sheets under my chin. My heartbeat went rapid right before his lips made contact with my skin. Edward pulled back, smiled, and then settled down in the rocking chair in the corner, a nice new attachment brought from my father’s house.

Then it happened. My heart stopped. There was no telling when it would happen, and now it was. Edward sat up in alarm. He ran over to me, and in my last moments of consciousness, I could tell he was debating with himself. To bite, or not to bite. I knew he had made up his mind when he leaned closer to me, pressing his icy cool lips to my throat. I anticipated the moment I would feel his razor sharp teeth as well.

Farewell, farewell! one kiss, and I'll descend.

-Romeo - Romeo and Juliet