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Accidentally in Love

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So she said "What's the problem baby?" What's the problem? I don't know Well, maybe I'm in love I think about it every time I think about it Can't stop thinking 'bout it Hello- My name is Jacob Black. It was Jacob Black, for animals do not own names. I have a story. But you won't like it, for it is sad and I have heard that people are fond of happy stories nowadays. Sometimes I wonder what life would have been life if I had never met her. But I quickly dispel that thought because life without love is not worth living. Technically, I should not have ever loved her. She was a daughter of my Enemy and a child of Once Loved. Yet, I did love her and it is too late to change any of that. I think I am dying. I place my pen to the paper one last time...
Chapter 7 is UP! This story used to be call 'Fire to Ashes'

Okay this story was once called, "Fire to Ashes" Please review! Only 14 people have reviewed yet, It did make me sad:( The plot is this- Jacob meets Bella's Child who he falls in love with. She dosn't love him though:( But when she does fall in love with him some one else come's in. Someone who loves her. Someone who will stop at nothing too get what he wants. Can he survive it all?

2. Taurus

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Jacob ,

You may have imprinted, you may hate me with all my heart but I need to see you. Edward agrees that you should come and visit, I have sent this letter with my children, Alice and Jacob. We named Jacob after you. Please try not to attack them, they are only half-vampire. I am a vampire now, but please come! You will always be my best friend, no matter how you stink,


Chapter Two: Taurus

"Hell-o!" The echoes bounced back at the young girl, "Anybody home?" A small, pixie like woman slid down the banister,

"Ally! You're back!"

"Hey Alice! Where's Jake?"

"I think he and Emmet are repainting the bikes, where have you been? We looked all over for you."

"Oh, Jake and I went to Forks."

"Forks? Sweet town, no shops sadly... Why did you go?"

"Mom didn't tell you?"

Alice grinned, "What did Bella do this time?"

"Oh, she wanted me to take her werewolf friend a note...."

"What!" Alice's eye widen in surprise, "She sent you to go on dog territory, where there is a very good chance of you being killed!"

"Ummm, well, she told me to give it to Grandpa Charlie, and well umm..."

"What..?" Alice positioned her hands on her hips, looking sternly down at her stuttering niece.

"I-wanted-to-see-what-a-werewolf-was-so-I-went-to-La-Push." Ally grimaced waiting for the blow.

"WHAT!" Ally shirked farther down, Edward had returned.

"Daddy!" Ally ran forward, leaping into her father arms. "I've missed you!"

"Why, hello there!" Edward smiled, momentary distracted. He kissed his daughter on the forehead ruffling her hair. Bella walked into the room, Edward sat Ally down.

"Honestly, there are children this room!" Edward and Bella broke apart, embarrassed.


"Bella! How could you!" Alice crossed her arms sternly, "She could have been killed!"

Edwards eyes widened as his read Alice's mind. He bent down and ran over to his only daughter. "Ally, why did you go to see the mut-" Bella glared at him,

"Werewolf." He planted a kiss on Bella's hand. They both turned to Ally. All of them staring at each other, waiting. Watching. Bella suddenly broke the silence,

"By god, Ally! I said only too go to Charlie's!"

"Mom! I had to! The cuts healing anyway,"

"What!" Edward was fuming now. "He attacked you!"

"He may have attack me, and I may found back. And we may have almost killed each other..."


"Hush Edward! I want to hear what happened!" Alice smiled encouraging at me, "So, what happened?"

"Well, umm..." Ally glanced over at Edward,

"He won't kill you!"

"Well, I might have encouraged Jake to go with me, and then I might have been attacked." She paused at Edwards widening eyes. "Well I fought back!"


"Well, your best friend was about to kill me-"

Edward snarled, "That mangy mutt!"

Ally snorted, "And those meddling kids!"

"What? That was random." Edward said.

"Cough, *Rip-off* Cough." But Edward simply blinked at her.

"Gesundheit, A nd now-" Edward paused, inerrupted. The two Alice's had bust out laughing. "Honesty, what's so funny?" But they laughed all the harder...

Edward froze, sneer forming on his lip.

Ding-Dong Ding-Dong

Alice frowned, "Who invited the wolf?"

Bella grimaced, sheepishly lifted up one hand. "Here."