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Accidentally in Love

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So she said "What's the problem baby?" What's the problem? I don't know Well, maybe I'm in love I think about it every time I think about it Can't stop thinking 'bout it Hello- My name is Jacob Black. It was Jacob Black, for animals do not own names. I have a story. But you won't like it, for it is sad and I have heard that people are fond of happy stories nowadays. Sometimes I wonder what life would have been life if I had never met her. But I quickly dispel that thought because life without love is not worth living. Technically, I should not have ever loved her. She was a daughter of my Enemy and a child of Once Loved. Yet, I did love her and it is too late to change any of that. I think I am dying. I place my pen to the paper one last time...
Chapter 7 is UP! This story used to be call 'Fire to Ashes'

Okay this story was once called, "Fire to Ashes" Please review! Only 14 people have reviewed yet, It did make me sad:( The plot is this- Jacob meets Bella's Child who he falls in love with. She dosn't love him though:( But when she does fall in love with him some one else come's in. Someone who loves her. Someone who will stop at nothing too get what he wants. Can he survive it all?

3. Gemini

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Chapter 3: Gemini

I waited outside the door, fiddling with my ponytail. I didn't quite know why I was here. Yes, I want to see Bella again, but to walk into a house full of blood-sucker was- well suicidal. I supposed it had something to do with the girl I met. Alice. Sam thought I may have- Crap! I forgot about the mind-reader! Think other thoughts... Fish!!! Fish, fish,fish,fish! Umm, Ice, Ice Baby... The door swung open.


I could have cried. Her voice was different, more musical, more alien. My Bella stood there, more beautiful then before, yet more hideous then I remembered. This wasn't my Bella. Not all the wishing in the world could make it so... This was Edward's Bella.

"Jacob!" Bella looked so happy, so realized I couldn't help but smile back. . "Oh, Jake! I've missed you so much!" She ran forward and grasped me around the middle. I wrinkled my nose,

"Good to see you too, Bella."

She looked up into my face with large eyes, "Oh, Jake! I was afraid you weren't going to come!" Then Bella hugged me again. The rest of the Cullen's stared, revolted by this display. I could almost hear what Edward was thinking, you think she'd get over him as a vampire. He smiled,


The blond male stalked forward, Carlisle.

"We are fine with you visiting Bella, but we must ask that you stay elsewhere. Bella will come to see you, I don't think it would be good for you to come here."

I nodded, Bella smile stretched from ear to ear.

"Jacob, May I speak to you?" Said Edward.

I bit my lip, "Certainly."

"Privately" Everyone walked out. All but Bella.

"Bella," Edward kissed her on the nose, "Must you stay?"

"I must."

He kissed her hand and turned back to me, "Well Jacob-"

"Mom! Dad! I think something may have gotten on our land again! It stinks like-" The young girl then noticed me, "Ahh, Mom? You invited him?"

"Ally, be nice."

"Yes, mother." I sighed internally, it was so hard to be reminded.

"Jake, this is Alice!" Bella thrust her daughter out from behind Edward.


"Ally, okay. Well, um she has a twin somewhere-"

"He's in the garage with Emmet." Ally cut in.

"Oh, well his name is Jacob. We named him after you."

"You named Jake after a dog?!"

"Ally! Have some manners!" Ally huffed.

"Umm, Bella. Did you really bite some poor children? Ally looks only about fifth teen." I asked.

"Sixteen!" Ally yelled.

"No! Jake, I would have never bitten some poor kids!"

"I am here you know." Ally pouted, Edward scooped her up.

"But leec- vampires can't mate."

"I was still human," Bella blushed, then quickly changed the subject. "Have you imprinted yet?"

I stiffed, should I tell her about imprinting on her daughter?

"WHAT!" Crap, I forgot about Edward. He stepped in front of his daughter, slipping into a crouch. "Stay away from my daughter you DOG!"

I snarled at him, "Do you think I wanted too?"

"Oh, is she too Edward for you!"He yelled, spitting the words out. I had to gain control of myself, I could phase any moment now.

"Bella, you and Ally get out of here." Edward voice was low and dangerous.

"Edward! I'm not-"

"Please get her out now."

Bella sighed and lead Ally out of the room.

"Sit down Jacob." I remained standing. "Please sit down now Jacob." I sat down.

"So Jacob, you have imprinted on my Ally."

I felt like I was being instruct by some overprotective father on a date.

"Very close Jacob, very close." He leaned in closer to me, "You're visit is now unwelcome, I ask that you leave this house and stay away from my daughter."

"Edward, listen to me. I imprinted. We were made for each other."

"That's my daughter! Stay away from her and get OUT of my house!" In saying this is stormed away slamming the door behind him.

I slowly walked out behind him. Ally look at me with complete disgust. It tore my heart out. Bella walked over.

"My child? Could you have imprinted on anyone else?"


"Leave Jacob."

So I left.


I stared around my room. Could this day get any worse? I scooped up my skirt and plunked down on the bed. I rolled over and stared at the ceiling. Even dancing pink poodles couldn't cheer me up. A werewolf? Imprinted on me? Impossible! How could it be possible? I was well, a vampire, a leech, a bloodsucker! Only half, my sensible side reminded me. Buffy, my pig ran into the room. It jumped on the bed nuzzling my face.

"Get off you vampire slayer, you!"

It snorted skeptically, I smiled a scratched behind his ears. He rolled on his side like a contented dog.

"Awe, Buffy you sweetie." I grinned, troubles behind me. Book. That would erase my troubles of the day. I turn on my side, reaching for a novel.


I picked up a small, wrinkled note.


Come and talk to me?

The nerve! Sneaking into my room like some sick manic! I grabbed and pen and flipped the paper over.

NO! Drop dead you crazy stalker! Stay out of my room!

I picked up the note and threw it out the window, he would find it. I growled and sat down on a chair. Something flew in my open window.

What light on yonder window-


I tore up the message, throwing shredded paper on the stone floor. Another note sailed in the window. Where was your overprotective father when you needed him? With a we'll be right back! My family had left me all alone. My expression soured as I bend down to read the letter.

Will a lady as such grant me an audience?

I scribbled my reply,

If the lady doth accept will yonder fool of a dog, leave?


I threw on a robe and stepped out onto my balcony.It was a pretty night, with birds and a moon that was large enough to be the sky.

"Who is this fair maiden?" The husky voice came

"This ‘fair' maiden wants to get this over with. Make it quick, mutt."

"Ahh, but is it not you who are the mutt? For I'm am not but a purebred!"

"Could you quit with the Old English accent."

"Sorry" The dog, Jacob, walked out from behind the bushes, palms flattened.

"Look, what the hell do you want?"

"Well, not that I know that your not the Shakespeare type..."


"Sorry, how was I apposed to know!"

"Whatever. Now just answer me, what do you want?"

"Well, do you have a bike?"

"Possibly" I didn't like were this was heading.

"Then how would you love to come riding with me down by Copper River?" Was he trying to make me scream? Was that his idea of being romantic?




"Why not?"

"Because you are the most annoying fellow I've ever known."
"How do you know? If you went with me, then you might think that I'm a very nice sort of fellow."

"You are quite the irritating one, aren't you."

"Please?" Then he looked at me with the cutest eyes. Puppy-dog eyes.

"Do you promise to leave me alone if I come?"

"Yes! But afterwards you'll be begging for me to stay!"

"Modest, aren't you."


"But not on the Copper River."


"On the Filly River." I smiled, knowing there was no way he'd agree. The Filly River was in no doubt the most dangerous river in Alaska.

"I will meet you at the mouth, tomorrow. I let you get some sleep. Goodbye!"

"No! Meet me over at that building."

"The big round one?"


"K, see ya later!"

I stood there. Stunned. It had all happened so fast. Then it dawned on me. I had a date with a werewolf.