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Accidentally in Love

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So she said "What's the problem baby?" What's the problem? I don't know Well, maybe I'm in love I think about it every time I think about it Can't stop thinking 'bout it Hello- My name is Jacob Black. It was Jacob Black, for animals do not own names. I have a story. But you won't like it, for it is sad and I have heard that people are fond of happy stories nowadays. Sometimes I wonder what life would have been life if I had never met her. But I quickly dispel that thought because life without love is not worth living. Technically, I should not have ever loved her. She was a daughter of my Enemy and a child of Once Loved. Yet, I did love her and it is too late to change any of that. I think I am dying. I place my pen to the paper one last time...
Chapter 7 is UP! This story used to be call 'Fire to Ashes'

Okay this story was once called, "Fire to Ashes" Please review! Only 14 people have reviewed yet, It did make me sad:( The plot is this- Jacob meets Bella's Child who he falls in love with. She dosn't love him though:( But when she does fall in love with him some one else come's in. Someone who loves her. Someone who will stop at nothing too get what he wants. Can he survive it all?

6. Virgo

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Chapter 6: Virgo

She was a vampire, a leech, a parasite! Yet I

loved her, love her. She was all I could ever hope for

and more! That one kiss we shared, she might have pushed me away... But there was one

second, just one second, where she froze in my arms.

Was my imagination over active? I just can't

seem to stop thinking about her. Doesn't she love

me? We are made for each other, soul mates! Why can't you see this Ally?

I love you...

So she said "What's the problem baby?"

What's the problem? I don't know

Well, maybe I'm in love

I think about it every time

I think about it

Can't stop thinking 'bout it

He was a werewolf, a dog, a mutt! My father disapproved, my brother might even hate me for it! I was only sixteen! I wasn't old enough to be caught up in this thing. But yet, there was one moment in that kiss when I faltered. I thought about not moving. Did he notice?

I hope not..

How much longer will it take to cure this?

Just to cure it cause I can't ignore it

If it's love

Makes me wanna turn around and face me

But I don't know nothing 'bout love


"Al!" The russet skin boy swung the thin, pale girl in a circular motion.

"Tell me a story," the girl looked up at him with wide eyes. "One about you and Mom."

"Umm.." The boy stopped, then smiled. "Once I told Bella I loved her."


"Hush, do you want me to tell the story or not!"

"Sorry" The girl put a hand over her mouth.

"Well, after saying this I kissed her-"

"Wow! Edward didn't kill you? I'm sure he would have..."

"Umm.. Bella punched me.."

"Did it hurt?"

He bent over a whispered in her ear, "Well if she hadn't have screamed I wouldn't have known."

"Why'd she scream? Apart from the fact you attacked her,"

"It broke her hand."

"You broke her hand!"

"No! She did when she punched me!"

The girl smiled a knowing grin, "Liar..."

Come on, come on

Turn a little faster

Come on, come on

The world will follow after

Come on, come on

Cause everybody's after love

"Aww, Jake! This shirt is brand-new!"

The boy lowered another snowball, "I'm sorry, Al"

"No need." The girl heaved a blizzard of snow, and ice at him.

"Jake?" The girl looked around, but the boy was nowhere to be seen. "Jake you better not have left, I'm not finished with you! Ekk-"

Kicking and screaming the girl was heaved under a snowdrift. "My god! That freezing!" The boy threw more snow at her. "Surrender to my awesome snowman greatness!"


So I said "I'm a snowball running

Running down into the spring that's coming"

All this love

melting under blue skies

Belting out sunlight

Shimmering love

Fire. Ice. Melting together, becoming one,

moving in perfect harmony. Her lips molded

to his, not stopping. He was everywhere, the

heat, the sun! Her cold skin began to melt

beneath his, caressing his cheek.

Well, baby, I surrender

To the strawberry ice cream

Never ever ender

All this love

Well I didn't mean to do it

But there's no escaping your love

He stared at her, legs pumping as she ran across the meadow. He shook his head and tried to focus on the race. Grass swept against his legs, reminding him of Her hair. A breeze blew in his face, making them think of Her breath.

"Woot! You are so slow, Jacob Black!"

"What! No! I was- distracted!"

"Liar! By what?"
"Umm, you?"

"You, Mr. Black lost and you knew it!" Thus she struck up the song, ‘We are the Champions'.

The boy smiled, all was well.

These lines of lightning

Mean we're never alone,

Never alone, no, no

"It's icy out! The girl shivered against the chilly wind. A dog began to slink towards her,

"You're joking-" The dog swept her off her feet and began to run into the woods.

"Jacob Black! Put me down!"

Come on, Come on

Move a little closer

Come on, Come on

I want to hear you whisper

Come on, Come on

Settle down inside my love

She curled up and nuzzled her head inside his

arm. The boy stared wistfully at her face,

eyes closed. She was not doing what we call,

sleep, but rather an imitation of it. He brought his lips down on her forehead,

"I'll always love you," He promised, and she lightly smiled in return.

Come on, come on

Jump a little higher

Come on, come on

If you feel a little lighter

Come on, come on

We were once upon a time in love


"What's wrong, Al?"

"Nothing wrong! I just saying you might have to leave for a while. Alice had a vision that a vamp would be visiting us."

"I'm not leaving unless you come!"

"Jake! Of Corse I'm coming with you! I want to meet the pack-"

We're accidentally in love

Accidentally in love...

I'm In Love, I'm in Love,

I'm in Love, I'm in Love,

I'm in Love, I'm in Love,


"I told you you'd get over Bella! Though her daughter isn't much of an improvement.."

"I heard that!" The girl had shouted, but only jokingly. She had fitted in fine with the pack. Leah and her were already close friends.

Come on, come on

Spin a little tighter

Come on, come on

And the world's a little brighter

She stood poised at the end of a little glade,

"I know this place-"


"This is the meadow! Where my parents fell in love!"

"I only remember this as where we killed a bunch of blood-sucker."


"They were trying to kill Bella!"

"Oh, then call then leeches all you want.."

The boy placed an arm around her shoulder, and kissed her on her forehead,

"If you want me to I'll call them, saints!"

"You're a very good friend, Jacob Black."

"And you are the best imprint a dog could wish for!"

"That's what I wanted to hear-"

And the girl began to kiss him again.

Come on, come on

Just get yourself inside her

"I love you, Ally."

"I know-"

Love!...I'm in love!